Stefan & Caroline Kiss On ‘The Vampire Diaries,' So Where Does This Relationship Go From Here?

Stefan & Caroline - 6x19 #4 (So take my mind off it)

In Yellow Ledbetter , Caroline and Alaric are seen in a diner together. Caroline angrily rants about how Stefan remained distant and not in contact with her all summer. However, Alaric informs him that Caroline was out with the girls for the day. Stefan and Alaric then ally together to help Damon with his Bonnie Bennett situation, which ends with Stefan and Alaric getting into a party his cal for fight about Caroline's affections. Later on, Stefan shows up at Alaric and Caroline's doorstep again and sees Caroline for the first time in three years.

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Jenna Fischer Reveals The Real Reason Why Jim And Pam Worked On 'The Office' . HuffPost

John Krasinski Clears Up Real Life Love Rumors Between Jim and Pam

The Office actress reflects on her deep connection with John Krasinski. You never forget your first kiss … or in the case of The Office star Jenna Fischer, you never forget your first on-camera kiss with John Krasinski. It was if lightning struck through the center of the room. When she got the role, she was ecstatic to learn that Krasinski was playing Jim. It also happened to be her first on-camera kiss. Suddenly, Jim walked in the door.

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Will Kortni & Gus Hook Up On 'Floribama Shore'? There Could Be A Love Triangle This Season

Nilsa Marks Gus As Her Territory - MTV Floribama Shore - MTV

Gus and Nilsa are like the Ross and Rachel of Floribama Shore , except with less page post-breakup letters and the ongoing gag that one of them may or may not have cheated while on a break from their relationship. As far as an actual relationship goes, however, that remains uncertain. Neither confirmed the rumors and since then, there hasn't really been any concrete evidence. So if Gus and Nilsa took their relationship outside of the beach house , there's no way to really prove it right now. Early in December, Nilsa did tease to Entertainment Tonight that there would be more to come of the Gus and Nilsa saga before it even began to come to an end. Nilsa finally accepted that Gus wanted his space and she gave it to him.

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