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How to Jump Start a Car - Step-By-Step Guide to Using Jumper Cables

How to make a set of high quality jumper cables

Your car battery is an essential piece of your vehicle, providing one of the most important functionalities: starting the car. In most traditional vehicle types - that is, cars that run on gasoline - the battery is an SLI, a starting, lighting, and ignition battery. Once the engine is running, the majority of the energy used to power your car is generated by its alternator. But turning the car on is an essential function of the car battery, a function without which the car is rendered pretty useless. When you turn the key and hear some sputtering, or maybe nothing at all, but the engine fails to start, a dead battery is probably the culprit. A variety of things can cause your battery to die: cold weather, leaving your lights on for too long, or of course, an old or dysfunctional battery. Jump starting your battery yourself requires some special tools and a little bit of knowledge - but never fear, this guide will tell you everything you need to know!

But does your teen driver know how to use jumper cables safely? If you turn the key and your car does absolutely nothing, then there's a good chance the battery is dead. But if you turn the key and you hear the engine cranking, then your problem is most likely something else. It's an added security measure with a dedicated power bank to give you the boost instead of relying on another car. Also, depending on where you battery is located, you may need a screwdriver it's a good idea to keep that in your stash as well.

How to Jump Start a Car Battery

Complete details on jump-starting a car vary from car to car, so be sure to check your owner's manual for accurate information about your make and model, but here are the general instructions:. Step 1: Before you attempt to jump start the car, make sure both batteries are of similar voltage or you risk damaging electrical components.

Step 2: Get the cars as close together as possible but do not allow the cars to touch one another.

Step 3: With both cars off and in "park," connect the jumper cables in the following order:. Step 4: Start the working car and run it at idling speed for a few minutes.

After letting it run, start the "dead" car. Once your "dead" car has started and is running, immediately disconnect the jumper cables in the reverse order.

A set of jumper cables should have one red cable, and one black. The colors are important indicators of where to attach the cables. But do you know how to use jumper cables safely to jumpstart your car? Connect one red clamp to the positive (+) battery post of the "dead" battery. out on the road, it might be worth it to sign up for roadside assistance. How to Hook up Jumper Cables. Your battery can be too weak to start your car for a number of reasons, including a loss of charge from cold.

Once you get your car running again, make sure to let it run idle for at least 30 minutes or drive it around for a little while to recharge the battery. After that, take it in to a garage. If jumping the car yourself still seems overwhelming, or you really want the ultimate peace of mind with your teen driver out on the road, it might be worth it to sign up for roadside assistance.

Sometimes, it comes as an add-on with your car insurance. It might be worth it just so you don't have to worry about your teen being stuck somewhere with a dead battery. This will immediately start charging the dead battery. In some cases, the car with the dead battery will be able to be started immediately, but in others it will need some time to charge. Allow the engine to run for a couple of minutes in order to allow electrical current to flow from the working battery to the dead one.

Then, attempt to start the car with the dead battery.

How ro hook up jumper cables

Turn the key to start and hold for a few seconds, but no longer than that. You may want to try this a couple of times.

If your jump start was successful, the engine should spring to life. Depending on the cause of your dead battery, you may want to have the car immediately looked at. In other circumstances, your car may be okay after the jump start. Driving the car for a while will help to recharge the battery. The last step is to disconnect the jumper cables.

This ought to be performed in the reverse order that they were connected. Be sure to thank the good samaritan, friend, family member, or neighbor who helped you out by letting you use their live battery!

If your battery has died, you may be able to use jumper cables to jump start it from As long as you hook up the cables properly, it doesn't matter whether your. Learning all the details about how to hook up jumper cables is of crucial importance when your battery dies or if it's in need of a boost. Your car. If you are prepared, you already have a good set of jumper cables in your car. Now all you . This will allow the battery to build up a charge.

Be sure to read their instructions, however, as not all are suitable to be stored in the high temperatures that cars can reach in summertime heat. As with using another car to administer your jump start, the jump starter should be off when you begin the process.

Many portable jump start devices and chargers come with two clamps that are permanently connected to the tool. There should be one positive red clamp and one negative black clamp. Keep them separate, to help avoid the possibility of a spark. If the cables are not connected, you will connect them to the jump starter, while both jump starter and car are still off, ensuring the positive red cable is connected to the positive terminal and the negative black cable is connected to the negative terminal of the portable jump starter.

It is important to connect the cables in that order, and it is safest to connect the negative black clamp as far from the battery as possible, in order to reduce the risk of sparking that could cause a fire or explosion.

Once the cables are properly connected, power on the jump starter. Then, attempt to start the vehicle. Turn the key in the ignition to start, and hold for a couple of seconds if necessary. This increases the amount of energy that will be given to your battery in an attempt to start the vehicle. You can now disconnect the jump starter cables.

First remove the negative black cable from the car, then remove the positive red cable from the battery terminal. Hopefully this guide was helpful in showing what to do and what NOT to do when attempting to jump start a car. Click here to find out more about Urgent.

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How to Jump Start A Car With Jumper Cables

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