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Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation , search. This is the list of comics from 1 to For comics to , see List of all comics For comics , see List of all comics For comics to , see List of all comics.

The two different styles of X support this theory. Reverse boggle might be a cool type of puzzle. Someone should look into whether or not it is a hard problem to turn a list of words into a boggle grid. It reminds me of those product keys that are made up of words. Most of those are of uniform length, though. Same for the Cowboy, and later the Ninja. An X atop of another X. Everyone has these things, apparently. I suggest screwing around with the formatting of the words, scattering them around a word document, or making them multicoloured, and passing it off as a brilliant post-modern poem.

If people can make thousands of dollars but cutting up a red canvas, you, sir, can make thousands of dollars off of foxhounds and bunting. It seems that the most likely explanation is that your past self decided to play a cruel prank on its then future self with some meaningless words which were then buried for later discovery. Perhaps it was meant to distract you from something?

I was looking at the binary representations associated with assigning 0 to vowels and 1 to consonants, and noticed some interesting patterns. The shorter patterns have lots of common words that match the pattern. I sorted the list by binary value:.

There are some interesting repeating sequences, e.

Might be an idea though random unconnected words, related only by the property, that they feature in a crossword. You know it to be true. Each player gives a word, the words must form the prefix of a legit English sentence, and whoever finishes a sentence is the loser. If anyone feels that two words are related no matter how tenuously they can challenge and score a point. This list appears to be two games like that. Unauthorized access attempts - Page 3 - xkcd.

If people are logged in via one domain and click the link of the other, this logs them out? The question is more an excuse to post both links, as I've been using. Completely free Initiate Media Leaders in Christian media.

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Every Damn Morning create. Fantasy create. Starwatching create. Bad Timing create. Geohashing create. Fortune Cookies create. Security Holes create. Finish Line create. A Better Idea create. Making Hash Browns create. Jealousy create. Forks and Spoons create. Stove Ownership create. The Man Who Fell Sideways create. Zealous Autoconfig create.

Restraining Order create. Mistranslations create. New Pet create. Startled create. Techno create. Math Paper create. Electric Skateboard Double Comic create. Overqualified create.

Cheap GPS create. Venting create. Journal 3 create. Not Found create.

Convincing Pickup Line create. Large Hadron Collider create. Important Life Lesson create. Travelling Salesman Problem create.

Tap That Ass create. Unscientific create. The Ring create. Morning create. Kilobyte create.

Dating Pools. | >| > >|. Permanent link to this comic: Image URL (for hotlinking/embedding):

Ultimate Game create. Making Rules create.

Anti-Mindvirus create. Nightmares create. Keeping Time create. Fuck Grapefruit create. Advanced Technology create. Duty Calls create. How it Works create. The Drake Equation create. Helping create.

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Xkcd captcha dating

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George Hotz - Programming - sending a transaction with BITCOIN CASH from SCRATCH - Part1

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Fixed Width create. Thoughts create. With Apologies to The Who create. Electromagnetic Spectrum create. Linux User at Best Buy create. Powers of One create. Merlin create. TCMP create. Choices: Part 5 create.

Choices: Part 4 create. Choices: Part 3 create. Choices: Part 2 create.

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