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It was him. Travis Stoll. Why wouldn't he leave me alone? I'm just minding my own business, but he just has to come and interrupt me and my gardening. At least none of my siblings were in the strawberry fields. They would give me so much crap about him being here. Even if your back is turned towards me, I know you can hear me.

He felt his phone vibrate and picked it up.

It was Travis. One afternoon I leave you to go with my girl and you tell me this. Okay Let's think She was a hottie though. Percy frowned as a beep cut in.

Call you back," he said. He attended the call. Annabeth squeaked. And she face palmed herself. This is Annabeth Chase.

You know, the girl you met at the cafe? Like, a few hours back! Yeah, it's me," she babbled nervously. A few seconds passed and Annabeth heard only silence. Really, I need the money. But don't get me wrong, I'm not a slut or anything. There there whirlwind! Want to talk negotiations? Before Annabeth could reply the line went dead. She stuffed her phone away and took a deep breath. She couldn't believe it. Holy shit, she was actually doing it?

For money? She was a shitty person. Annabeth shook her blonde curls in despair.

No, it will be fine. She wasn't doing anything illegal! So yeah! That was just the preface or whatever! Next chapter will be loaded with fun! Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. True Love! Percy is the ultimate chocolate boy, with a dark secret. Annabeth is the sweet adorable blonde who has refused to have a real love life. But when their worlds collide, Annabeth has to pose as Percy's girlfriend fake and they have to pretend that they are a happy couple.

But fate has cooked up a new plan that will change their lives forever. Love, laugh, live! Posiedon replied, "Yes now. I'm putting your mother on speaker! Please, what are you saying?

"Accidents and Apologies" – A Percabeth AU Dramatic Reading

And I have mom She's the woman I need,"Percy said trying flattery. That's wonderful. We want to meet her this friday," Posiedon answered. Percy squeezed his eyes shut. She blinked rapidly.

Tratie fake dating fanfiction

I need caffeine," Percy replied tersely. Annabeth, there's another customer. Wassup, man? Just saw your texts," Travis said. Percy quickly recounted his conversation with Posiedon and Sally and waited for Travis to reply. Annabeth waited with bated breath as she waited for Percy to pick up the call. Ten in the morning. Coffee Shack," Percy said. Was she? Chapter 1 How it all started 2. Chapter 2 Just the Beginning 3. Chapter 3 An interesting Development 4.

Chapter 4 Coldstone and happenings 5. What I'd been fighting for.

Travis helped me get this far, I can't back out and tell Travis 'hey sorry about all that but I've kind of gotten over Matt', no that'd be terrible! He worked so hard and gave up so much….

My stomach knotted up as I awaited what would happen next. Matt smiled and kissed me for a minute then was gone. I couldn't help feel that his lips weren't right with mine.

They were like… not in sync. I opened it and got out slowly. Before I could barely close the door he was speeding off. After all that we've been through she still goes back to him? Travis I'm almost positive you love her. You sure as hell spend more time with her then pranking with me.

It's bee lonely, hombre. She's been inviting me to hang out with her at her dad's house. That wasn't exactly public. I thought she would be over Matthew Welch! Gods, she's irritating! I've been asked by two girls but said yes to the hottest. It's prom night and I look like crap. I've lost sleep all week thinking about Travis. I haven't seen much of him lately. I'd try to catch him at his locker of in the parking lot but he came to school in just enough time and left five right after his last class.

I put a note in his locker since we gave each other our combinations and the fake dating pictures from our fake dating still fake decorated his locker. That made me feel happy and sad at the same time. Now it's prom night and I have bags bags under my eyes.

I'm actually putting on foundation which is unlike me. I even put on eye liner, mascara, eye shimmer, blush, and lip gloss. I'm wearing a long emerald dress with light green sequins fanning out on the bottom. The dress hugs to my curves the style Travis would make me dress to make Matt jealous. M long hair was styled in a half up, half down hair style with curls falling to my shoulders.

Tratie! Rated: Fiction K - English - Romance/Humor - [Katie G., . Hers were resting gently on top of his and Travis couldn't even pretend and say he didn't like it. He didn't want to die without asking Katie out on a date first. Read Fake Date #1 from the story Travis and Katie- a love story by Fanfiction. Heyyyy everyone:) so I've begun a new love for Tratie soooo here I am, writing a . "There is no way in Hades I would ever be your 'fake' girlfriend!" I said using finger . "My bad. I didn't know I was 'fake' dating a girl," I giggled.

Of senior year. This is supposed to be the night of our lives…. Is it Travis? See you there. I sat up and pulled the creased and withered paper that had been read and reread so many times. Travis, I'm sorry. I'm not sure what I did to you but I know what I did to me. This is not how I want things to be. At prom, come find me. I'm saving a dance for you. Her note made me want to be sensitive and emotional like in the movies but I couldn't do it. She rubbed me numb. I know I have the power to make us go back to how we were before all this fake dating mess.

I also have the power to make us friends. I learned so much about Katie that I could be her best friend. I just don't know what changed. I left the paper on my bed and went to get dressed. I got a slightly wrinkled dress shirt and black jeans. I loosely put on a black tie and some sneakers and left. I'd meet Conner there earlier than planned.

I walked into the gym and it was full of color. It was a fairytale theme. Most girls had the huge poofy ball gowns and gloves but I saw her not looking like that. Katie had an emerald green dress that hugged her curves.

I guess she's grown accustomed to the style I gave her. She was looking around for someone while Matt was trying to get her onto the dance floor. I walked over and Matt's face grew dark. It hurt knowing that she was wanting me to be here so badly. I owe Travis a dance. She grabbed onto my arm and walked with me to the dance floor. Demigods already have judgement placed on them by mortals. It feels weird.

Kind of like you dumped me for Matt. She fell silent once more and rested her head on my chest. Oh no. He's the one you've been trying to keep all along. I went to the school's auditorium and went back state where the detonator was. I punched in the code without hesitation and a rumbled was heard throughout the building. I decided to not stick around to see Conner's face when he realizes he's been hit by our own prank.

School has been hell. Katie and I don't even look at each. Well I sneak glances at her every once in a while but we haven't spoken expect for when she slapped me right after I got hom from ruining the prom.

She slapped me hard and yelled. Conner griped a bit but not too much. He wouldn't be on probation because they couldn't find out who did it. Katie didn't even rat me out. Matt tried but she told the principal Matt and her were together all night and there was no sign of me.

TRATIE my first one too. . I care that much I'm willing to fake date you." "Katie Bomb, will you fake date me for your own personal gain?. Yup you guessed it, Travis Stoll! TRATIE! Just read it! You know you wanna! . " So I was wondering if maybe you wanted to fake date. "How about renaming it, 'A Fake Holiday Travis Made Up'," Katie said, One step closer to completing his ultimate goal of dating every girl in.

Conner said I was at home and they found me there, so no one's in trouble. When they were calling names. My heart stopped when they called Katie's. I still hadn't talk to her but I was feeling brave. I stood on my chair and clapped real hard for her. Then when it was my turn I took the opportunity of being near a microphone. Chillax peeps this will only take a second.

Katie Bake where are you? Katie your annoying. I mean so what if I'll mess with yours and your siblings stuff? Doesn't mean you have to go on and on about it. I know I'm cool okay?

Katie why did you trim your hair? Yeah I noticed.

camphalfblood. fake-relationships-are-stupid. fanfiction. hiddenwithlyrics. https. katiegardener. net. rickriordan. tratie. travisstoll It's not what it seems. Travis no longer has feelings for Myra and is dating Katie--but what about something else?. Tratie Capture the Flag by RainpathlovesArtemis the biggest crush on him, but what would the hottest, most popular guy in school date me?. So, how do we go on a "fake date"? She said, with actual air quotes. She smiled at him, thinking about how silly he looked at the moment.

I like it long. Katie why would you let me be stupid? The one time in my life your not nagging me to do the right and I do the stupidest thing mortally possible! I let you go. Sure we weren't an actual thing but we weren't one yet. Katie Bomb you drive me crazy in all the right ways and I want you to keep doing that.

Can we get passed this whole load of sh- crap? Yeah I know. At least none of my siblings were in the strawberry fields. They would give me so much crap about him being here. Even if your back is turned towards me, I know you can hear me. Stop ignoring me. I'm not here to annoy you. As if, I thought to myself. He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows. We all know what you really think of my amazing-o presence.

Is that your Spanish version of amazing or something? Travis could be so stupid sometimes. Enough of this chit-chat. I need to ask you a life or death question! Ask away," I answered.

Okay worst possible scenario is him asking me for money or a favor. I think I can handle that. He chuckled running a hand through his curly brown hair. He wanted me to be his 'fake' girlfriend? Oh Hades no! I turned around signally my denial.

Then I crouched down to continue gardening. What in the world was he talking about? I stood up and held my hand out for the photo. He quickly gave it to me and grinned. I quickly glanced at the picture. It was of some girl and Chris Rodriguez making out.

What does this have to do with me though? I studied the girl's dark hair and green top. Oh my gods. That girl was me. When the Hades did this happen? Wait, it never did. All I want is for you to be my 'fake' girlfriend. Is that too much to ask for?

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