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18 things you probably didnít know about Senegal


Discussion in ' Romance Alley ' started by theslandress , Jul 12, Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Has any American women dated a Senegalese Man?

Jul 12, 4. Why or why not? Jul 12, 5. You're right on the money. But what's negative about them that you know of? Jul 12, 6. I know somebody's in law can hook me up! Jul 12, 7. Jul 12, 8. Is that some type of dog breed? Jul 12, 9. Jul 12, I almost got broken down by one over the years. He was the best friend of my Kenyan exchange student.

He was Mamodou. Wow, 6'3 broke and living in the dorms of the local HBCU here in TN I had never seen a person so black but his eyes were mesmerizing and his teeth flawless. He was an engineering major. His game was steady and continuous and conversation deep. I was just scared I guess because I never gave him a chance. I'm African with an American woman, and we don't have any problems. I don't know if that helps you. I'm a lucky bitch.

Thanks x 1. Do you plan on officially marrying this American woman over your own? Are you lonely? Really now? I have no qualms about blackness I would tell you the QB and point guard brother teams that were black and fine but you'd figure too much out!! I have a BIL from Senegal. He even had the cheek to tell me I didn't respect him when I was more than nice to him. My family kept telling me to get rid of him because his sole interest in living in Europe was to provide for his mother and family back in senegal while living with me scott free.

When I asked him to leave he refused saying it was me who brought him to this country My advise they don't lover us women They only love our money and may I say use our finances to support their family back in senegal It's really sad and I'm still trying to come to terms with the deceit.

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We started dating and did everything together sound familiar? So far everything is great the only thing I cant get past is he never wants to do anything fun!!

Nothinggo fishing, swimming, an amusement park, nothing I can get this man to do Yet when I go out and do something fun with a friend he throws a fit, like I'm not gonna sit and waste the rest of my life sitting on the couch watching tv all the time, noI'm a summer baby and at first he was tonow he don't like spnding any money on fun lol, its either save it for Africa trip or were not doing anything lol drives me nuts. My story is long, and I won't bore everyone with the details.

But I too was charmed by a Senegalese man. I had known him prior to our relationship, and in fact was not attracted to him.

A few years passed and we ran into each other and exchanged phone numbers. He called the next night. It was my birthday and he offered to come by and bring some Senegalese food. We had a good time, and since then he was calling me every night. In one of those conversations he said he wanted to talk with me in person about something very serious.

I invited him over. He told me that he had to leave where he was and needed a place to stay. I let him stay with me even though I had a really small place. A relationship ensued. We talked a lot, and when I asked the general questions about marriage, children to told me that he was separated from an American woman who he has a son with. And he also said he had a daughter from a past relationship with a Senegalese woman. Turned out that in total 6 children she was married before marrying him and had 3 children through that marriage.

The husband died and he took responsibility for all the children, plus he had a young one with her The American woman was not an issue because they really didn't get along at all.

I witnessed that myself. And his son was so sweet.

Many question the wisdom of interracial dating, but actually, we seem to have an equally big problem with dating between one African culture. Answer 1 of 8: Hello, i would like to learn about the culture of males from Senegal . I have a good friend here in Italy from Dakar, but he speaks no English and i. Cheating is hard to keep personal ad, if someone wrongs them. senegal dating culture In some of you would give me exact same issues never seen him down.

The wife is now deceased since 2 years. This guy lived with me for one year before I was able to get him a job. When he started getting steady money I told him he had to help with the rent. He claimed he had to send it home to his wife. When his wife got wind he was living with me, she started working roots to destroy me and split us up. In the interium, he won a case and stood to collect one-hundred thousand.

But the lawyer had other plans. He was trying to get all the money by having him sign power of attorney. He was smart enough to get me involved and I made sure that he was given his money. As soon as he got it he made moves to go to Senegal. He promised to return in a few months. He didn't return until 8 mos later and he only called me once in all that while.

He bought and furnished a beautiful home for his wife and children. I'm not mad about that at all. But he came back to NY penniless asking if he could live with me. After a few months of working on me I finally said yes, but let him know it was only temporary. After about 6 mos he got up enough money to go to Senegal again. He did the same. When he came back I didn't let him stay with me again. He has epilepsy and I was able to get him disability, medicaid, and still helped him with all his administrative needs.

He went to Senegal again, and this time it's been 18 mos. I really don't care anymore what he does, but don't you know he had the gall to call and ask if he could stay with me, and I said NO! He even promised to pay rent. I don't want it. He's still in Senegal and still collecting disability.

I really want to contact the disability office and let them know he is no longer in the country. I'm so angry. Yes, charming, selfish, liar, cheater, and user. All of the above.

I also went through a similar experience. I'm Dutch American and lived with a Senegalese man for 7 years. All the same issues: never introduced me to friends; never wanted to go out. And lied to me for 7 years about everything. I felt guilty for not trusting him more.

In January of this year I had enough and asked him to move out. It turns out he had been dating another woman while he was with me. And moved from my place to hers almost immediately. This is the 3rd financially independent woman he's hooking up with.

We have and now she is paying his way I contacted his first wife who told me exact same story. We're all conned. The man is simply a pathological liar, charming as can be, gentle and yoga teacher. But manipulating and calculating as can be. He's getting married later this year. I wish I could warn her, but she wouldn't believe me.

How Modern Dating Culture Stops Him from Taking You Seriously (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

I was married with a Senegalese woman for 13 years. I had always been faithful and never cheated. I learned to cook, braid hair, polish nails etc to make her feel loved and happy. We were the perfect role model couple within the community. Many people were envious: women were jealous of she was treated with love, care, attention and faithfulness, and never an opportunity trying to seduce me: men were jealous but were hiding behind ego, selfishnesscultural and social pressure to say that I was "weak", "my wife was wearing the trousers" and that "I was scared of her".

We were always together, except when I was at work. We were going out together, traveling together, doing everything together to such extend everybody was calling her my name and me by her name. You may thing I might be a foreigner but I am not.

18 amazing things you probably didnít know about Senegal

I was hard working and had means to look after my family but this isn't about money but decent character and ability to treat anybody the way you would like to be treated. She cheated on me and got pregnant while telling every single day that she "loves" and "misses" me. The community took revenge on my behalf, insulting and bullying her whenever she stepped outside. She could no longer live around. I never felt such pain in my heart but what goes around, always comes around. For the past 10 years, she has dearly paying the consequences of her betrayal.

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Senegal dating culture

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(Different cultures/ values and all. Not sure how likely Highly recommend for dating If you have a Senegalese man, you will understand :). Often overlooked as a holiday destination, sun-kissed Senegal has a few surprises up its sleeve for those intrepid enough to visit. No matter where you live or what culture you were raised in, the are in a relationship it means that you are dating one person unless agreed.

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However, despite how much these cultural elements are embraced in Senegal, the overwhelmingly Muslim population will very clearly and. While studying abroad in Senegal, I've gotten my fair share of of Turkish Guys ∑ Moroccan Culture and Somewhat Secret Love Affairs ∑ 4 Tips. They've been dating for three months and plan to marry next year. Mashing up two people from two so different cultures, you'll always have.

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I have not had regular access to the internet and have been unable to post. I will be putting them up in the next couple of weeks.

Enjoy No matter where you live or what culture you were raised in, the majority of human beings deal with relationships, heartbreaks and love. Being here and having the opportunity to live in a local community and date a host national has given me a different perspective on relationships, standards, gender roles, and love. It has also brought to awareness a particular sense of gratitude for my own upbringing and freedom. I want to apologize for writing so much about the oppression of women.

I never planned to revolve my blog around this subject, but lately the stories I feel most inspired to share are just that. The words relationship, boyfriend, and girlfriend have a very different connotation here than they do in America.

Most will agree that in America when you are in a relationship it means that you are dating one person unless agreed upon otherwise. Communication is essential and trust is even a bigger. Cheating is looked down upon by society and is a likely cause to end a relationship.

Here it is very much the opposite. Cheating is a common practice and though people do not necessarily like it, they accept it. I have spent a lot of time talking about this subject to both men and women teenagers and adults. The chance that your Senegalese boyfriend muslim or catholic is having or has had sex with another person while dating you in pretty darn high.

Some of my male volunteer friends have had some interesting conversations with Senegalese men. You just tell me whom you want and I will help you.

He explained how he was also in a relationship. This type of thinking is not uncommon. In trying to understand why this is so accepted I talked with a good friend of mine.

Senegal/Dakar - Dakar Forum

She was born and raised in Sierra Leone, yet had the opportunity to live in America for much of her adult life. She explained that African men love their girlfriends and want to marry them however they commonly sleep with other people.

It is something she told me that she has learned to accept. She also talked about the lack of effort made by a man once he has your commitment sexual or not And romantic gestures such as giving flowers or love letters are very unlikely.

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