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10 Idol Couples Now Confirmed To Be Dating In

List Of Secretly Dating Couples Might Be Revealed By Dispatch in 2019

Minho waiting for Changmin to get in the car so they can go on a date and have a second dating scandal. Lay is a two timer yesterday it was revealed that He's dating Baek's grandmother but then it was revealed the left one is Lee Soo Man of SM. They had never even met! At the time, Sooyoung was already dating Jung Kyung Ho. In fact, he was happy about being mistaken for someone as attractive as Won Bin!

SailorMarsfires Rookie. O dick sucker and sailor scout Location: In mars. Taeri Worldwide Star. I hope all of it is true. Because they all deserve love and happiness and I hope that if any of the rumours turn out to be true, fans will welcome the couple with open arms and continue to support the idol.

I feel sad for whoever this ends up affecting, if true. I can't fathom it and wouldn't guess it to be them. I don't want them to get hurt. I'm legit nervous. SM gg idols can't date until they're twenty, so I don't think it's Yeri. Shoutout to the Adam Couple! I still watch old highlights sometimes because I'm a softie for stuff like this even though I know it's not real :x And yeah it was on til like mid iirc.

Had folks like Eric Nam and Solar in it, last I was following it. Yeah Victoria and Nichkhun still get Khuntoria gifts and fans mentioning the ship.

In fact fans of both groups want them to be together so bad theres literally theories of Nichkhun dating Tiffany being fake or Nichkhun going back to Victoria after breaking up with Tiffany or Victoria being jealous of Tiffany, etc. Also Wooyoung 2PM had to deal with really persistent fans of him from when he was on the show I don't remember who his female partner was and that was basically the reason he quit using social media for a long time AFAIK.

People got really crazy over WGM. The majority of dating scandals blow up the first couple days and then eventually die down as the crazy entitled fans either eventually need time to get over it or just leave the fandom. The ones that end really badly - as in ending with the idol being put on hiatus or leaving the company - always have some behind the scenes reason for why the fans are so angry that isn't just because they're dating.

I really wish people would realize by now there's no one way or reason for how fans react to dating scandals but instead now there's always going to be the same hand wringing and grandstanding every time the topic comes up. I can't imagine they'd actually take it well lol. I think one of the popular members of NCT dating someone would solicit a pretty negative, mostly because their fanbase are growing and still very young.

However its hard to gauge who from which group because each unit targets a different audience. But my bets are on WayV because once they become popular and get those fans the reaction would pretty much be like the TFBoys dating or the crazy that occurred with Luhan and his girlfriend.

As an EXO-L, I think Kai getting support is great but I can't necessarily see that some support translating over for some of the other members. Chen, Minseok and Suho will weather any scandals just fine imo but I can see Chanyeol and Sehun's stans going batshit if they're ever confirmed to be dating anyone. I will add baekhyun I know he dated in the past, but he still seems to have crazy fans that will go mad again, and tons of antis who would use this as an opportunity to attack him.

Baekhyun Chanyeol Sehun and Suho would all have issues. Suho namely because his sasaengs seem to be super intense and will make his life even more hell. And Chen's previous relationship was already revealed right? His fans seemed super mature then so I'm sure he won't be affected too. Minseok is but he also has a fandom that skews much older lots of noonas so they're pretty mature.

He's notoriously private and his fans tend to respect that so I can see them getting angry more at a relationship being exposed by Dispatch than him actually dating. He's also the oldest so it's pretty much expected of him.

Tencent Entertainment Denies Cai XuKun & KyulKyung Dating Rumors. 2, 6 Top 3 Most Bizarre K-Pop Dating Rumors To Have Ever Existed. 3, 3. While unsubstantiated dating rumors are already kind of awkward for the parties involved, these overreaching rumors were beyond awkward.

Perhaps most importantly, he doesnt have any big ships involving him Not since XiuHan died and considerably the least amount of antis of any member so I dont see people digging much to shit on him. I was actually really heartened in the aftermath of Jenkai to see a lot of ARMY being like "let's not be mad if BTS starts dating they deserve happiness and our support! I was kind of impressed So, uh, BTS maknae line is screwed.

Much as I want to hope they won't be pilloried, they will probably cause international incidents if they come out with a partner. Can that be said for any other kpop boy group?

I know it may seem like a weird thing for me as an army to wish for, but I really hope at least one of the members start publicly dating in All the entitled, possessive stans and the delusional shippers need to get gone. Yup, definitely needed. I think they are just really careful with their relationship rather then not having it. Despite being as open as they are about themselves, they still keep a lot of things out of the public eye like their family and stuff, we still don't know what most of their family look like and the ones we do know were posted by BTS or the family member themselves.

And as much as I would like the spring cleaning to happen, I wouldn't want it to cause too much harm to their beloved so I hope the mature part of the fandom defends them through this.

Let's be honest, up until latethey could have dated and not made a blip on the greater kpop scene. Only now, when they are this big, would it matter. Rookie boy groups tend to suffer the most when it comes to dating scandals, and BTS was already in a tough spot at the time. This is why I hope it's Jungkook. You deal with the two most delusional groups of shippers and one of the biggest solo stan factions - it's just, so much winning.

Have your bias - we all do - but don't diss the other members!! As for 2VXQ, neither of them have been in a public relationship so far, 15 years into their debut. Everyone wants them to date and get married lol. Man has been single for too long.

I mean, those are just rumours lmao, even BTS have had rumours Suga, Suranbut they haven't been in a public relationship so far. V openly hangs out with women all the time though, takes selfies with them, appears on their insta, so I think he has fewer fans who are as possessive as for example the ones of Jungkook or Jimin who have that "doesn't even know any girls" lol image.

That list didn't gain any traction on the Korean side at all, so idk about those fans, but a lot of ifans were like 'I refuse to believe V's rumours' so yeah. It depends, honestly.

Now if Tzuyu or Sana were to date, that might cause an uprising from Hell. I think, in general, it also depends on the timing.

If Twice starts dating before the new GG or after the new GG, as well as if they go public themselves or if they get outed. Not to mention, it depends on who they date as well Same with the JenKai situation. Also, yea, she had a few crazy fans leave her but she remained relatively uneffected and it was mainly her male Japanese fanbase that left.

She has since had a massive growth in female fans since. My point still stands. Even Mina caused a firestorm just from one innocuous picture of her and BamBam together, while JYP emphasised that they were not dating. He also had to sue an Ilbe user who threatened to kill her in a post while holding a knife, and her mother had to close her Instagram because she was being constantly harassed.

I can't imagine what would happen to her in a real dating scandal. Sadly, or happily, I agree Jihyo and Chaeyoung wouldn't suffer much though.

I really disagree about Mina. She has a lot of fanboys who like her because she is quiet and seems innocent. Those type of fanboys feel betrayed when their bias starts dating and turns against them see IU and Taeyeon.

IMO if Nayeon and Sana dated it would cause the apocalypse. Tzuyu and Mina dating would be really bad as well. Dahyun I have no idea because whenever I ask what the demographic of her fans are people give me a different answer every time. I have no clue lol. Just curious, why do you say it's the worst possible should Nayeon or Sana is discovered or announced that they're in a relationship? Is it cos they're the more famous members or they have higher proportion of fanboys?

They'll be safe bcuz normally girls more likely be their fans n male just see them as cool unnie. The more Cutesy n fan-service type would get more hate as their nature attracted more opposite gender. With JYP writting a press release saying the girls are aloud to date I assume it will quench their fans fury a bit.

Even so there will be hellfire and brimstone. Its like a spectrum. If Sunmi started was seen to be in a relationship I think she's be basically completely fine since she's been in the industry for going on 12 years now. I think once a group or artist is very established already then they're more safe. I'm sure some exist somewhere but yea I think most of her fans are relatively older and would be supportive as long as she's happy.

I don't know why people would be so concerned over other peoples lives whom they have no chance of dating whatsoever. Let them be. If they're happy then that's what should matter. It's their life. Anyone who thinks that 2nd Gen groups are totally safe, needs to take a look at Super Junior's Sungmin. He got married indid military service, came back and he still hasn't done anything with the group since.

He was supposed to take part in the Black Suit comeback but a fansite threatened a boycott and he withdrew to not make things worse. Some parts of Elf fandom still are angry at him about it. So angry that he and his wife deactivated their Instagrams for a bit and now actively pretend they aren't married. No couple pictures, except for one.


Now to contrast, we have Taeyang, who also got married last year in fact and then did service, but the VIPs didn't lose their damn kinda about it I feel like I've said this a million times on this sub, and idk why this narrative keeps on spreading around, but the Sungmin issue was more than just "fans getting mad that their fave is getting married". It was definitely a more complex issue, with other stuff happening that caused such a shit storm.

I've heard about fifty different explainatuins and it all ended up as everyone being mad about how it happened, which I still find ridiculous. And Sungmin still pretends he's not actually married.

Amidst the Jennie/Kai controversy, which surprisingly got positive reactions, what Kpop Star/Group will endure the backlash if they ever date?. Here are all of the idols who are currently dating (not married to) one another in 14 Idol Couples Who Are Now Confirmed To Be Dating In is the year of love . People Claim That These 9 K-Pop Idols Are Human Vitamins. Shinhwa's Eric is Dating Model Na HyeMi With No Plans of Marriage. 1, 1. sandara park, gd, g dragon, g-dragon, kpop, dating rumors. NEWS.

I know, but that was before he became super popular. Now, if he were to date, I don't think he would receive a positive reaction. Fans went crazy when he supported Jessi on his Instagram. I can only imagine what it will be like if he were to date openly.

9 Most Shocking Dating Rumors in Recent Memory!

I think it's a case by case situation for each group and even each member. Overall Exo-Ls have matured overtime since the whole Kaistal debacle, and honestly Kai stans these days are pretty chill. Hell there's a running joke within the fandom that Xiumin secretly has a wife and 3 kids. However I think the backlash would be greater with people like Chanyeol or Sehun because stans can get kind of possessive of them. It also depends on the image the group is promoting and how old the group is.

I think if someone from Twice would be revealed to be dating, it would be huge and controversial Same with a group like Wanna One. Groups like Blackpink can get away with it because they promote a different image than Twice.

There are just so many factors that go into it I think, such as age, group image, popularity, and just how chill you're stans are as a group. Rookies would suffer a lot since they're only starting to build their fame, while established acts won't get hurt. Also acts with high loyalty but low numbers would also hurt by dating scandal. If you are talented enough to have an established solo career all this scenarios don't matter since people would seek for your product rather than your personal life.

About moonsun, they do have crazy fans, but as a person who ships them, i wouldn't care less if they were in a relationship with someone else, and from what I've seen rest of the fandom feels the same. I think they can still date tbh. EXO in were so busy everyone was worried, members were getting sick left and right, but they still found time to date.

When there's a will, there's a way lol. I'm bad at predicting these. I just hope that whoever an idol decides to date will treat them with respect and care for them. I'm a very big BTS fan, and I pray they find love in the right places. They deserve someone special. That goes for all idols. We have no time for crazy fans. From the comments left on their Instagrams and Vlives, Stray Kids have a lot of girl fans between who would be pretty crushed.

Not sure if that would translate to them stopping being fans though. I think Twice will be safe.

Sana has also implied as much. Mina didn't get a ton of hate when that Bambam picture surfaced. I think majority of uncle fans will understand, the younger ones probably will be crushed, but male fans overall don't respond with the same level of vitriol as female fans do.

Yeah I think thats the point alot of people here who are saying Twice in this thread are missing. Twice have a pretty even fanbase now of male fans and female fans. Female fans won't care about this stuff and male fans reacting pretty differently to these types of things compared to male groups who depend on female fans, they're alot less possessive.

I can't think of a dating scandal where the fanbase of the female group reacted negatively, the negativity usually comes if the partner is popular male idol or theres some kind of controversy with the partner ex. Hyeri and Tony Ahn. In fact Jihyo has even explicitly said that she will probably be the first to date someone and bring it to light, because shes spent so much of her life training.

Twice don't really feed the sasaeng fans like some other idols who constantly proclaim that the fanbase are their girlfriend or boyfriends. If anything it would the shippers who are mad, the ones who actually believe some of the members were legitimately in love with eachother like I saw with Taeny and Baekyeol.

If we're to use the data for concert attendees, it's been quite predominantly male. I refer to concert goers cos it reflects the extent of commitment the fanboys have when it comes financially supporting Twice. I guess it's safe to say concert goers are more than casual fans and so would provide more 'value' for JYPE.

More likely to buy albums, merchs, yada yada, I'm sure you know what I mean. So I honestly don't know if Mingyu would have it really bad or not. He also has been chosen for idol you'd introduce to your parents a lot so he has that good neighborhood kid image which may work against him. I don't think S.

Rumors dating kpop

Tbqh Seventeen is confusing because the boyfriend type members have gotten different reactions around females some positive some negative but I honestly don't know if it can be predicted. A lot of his fans like him due to this and his fans are known to be very realistic.

Other members like Woozi not 'boyfriend' type seems more distant like he keeps his private life super private, has the artist title to protect himJoshua Sister-zoned carats, also more private like Woozi, American and Vernon has female friends who don't get hate afaik, has more of a friend than a boyfriend vibe, his fans aren't super possessive except maybe casual fans, American [though that may make it worse in some ways ].

The only 2 I'd be super conflicted on is Jun and Seungkwan as they're not as private but not as flirty, they've never openly distanced themselves from the fan-fantasy but also don't advocate it. Their stans coddle them a lot and see themselves as protectors more that partners so I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

Seungkwan has Verkwan shippers but Verkwan shippers aren't very aggressive Seungkwan is also shipped with Jooe [Momoland] and Seunghee [Oh My Girl] quite a bit while Jun has Junhao shippers who aren't super aggressive and doesn't usually get shipped with female idols cause he's so flippin awkward but he's started having new ships with Cheng Xiao [WJSN] and Kyulkyung [Pristin] pop up recently mostly due to Weibo and the Chinese ISAC which haven't had bad reactions so far.

So, for the ones who don't know, every January 1st Dispatch reveals to the public a korean celebrity couple (unauthorized tho) With this in mind. Yes Tae and JK especially JK with his friendship with Bambam would definitely have a shot with lisa. Also there is also EXO members to think. This is why we decided to put together 9 of the most shocking dating rumors in K- Pop over the last few years. Please remember all of these rumors were proven.

This entire list though would probably change based on whether a member was dating a celebrity or a normal person, if that person was much older, what kind of concept they have, how popular they are and any scandals that person previously had.

There's also a strong Twiceteen ship fanbase amongst carats so weirdly enough I'd actually imagine that if a Seventeen member dated a Twice member they'd be less hated than if they were to date another girl group member.

I think so - especially since Jennie had a lot of heat due to her performance lately. But I really like how this turned out!

The strongest idol dating rumors right now in korean forums/sites

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Trot sensation Hong Jin Young never imagined that commuting with her father would cause a scandal. Your browser does not support video. When other students saw them together, they assumed Hong Jin Young and her father were in a forbidden professor-student relationship! Luckily, Hong Jin Young has a great sense of humor.

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