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Why is it important to do all steps of the analyses in one laboratory?

The company has been the world leader in radiocarbon dating services since Murry Tamers, Ph. Yale University , D. They have both been instrumental in the development of radiocarbon dating as a method since and have published more than papers on radiocarbon dating, geochronology, and hydrology. They formed Beta Analytic as a dedicated professional radiocarbon dating lab able to routinely provide accurate radiocarbon dates within a timely manner. Today Beta Analytic is headed by directors Ronald Hatfield and Chris Patrick, who joined the company in and respectively. With their extensive experience in all aspects of radiocarbon dating , they supervise a team of professional technicians and ensure that quality control is maintained at all levels.
Beta Analytic Inc. (BETA) is the world's largest radiocarbon dating laboratory, headquartered in Miami. BETA was founded in with a commitment to meeting. When inquiring for radiocarbon dating costs, please indicate the currency and. ISO accredited Beta Analytic is a dedicated radiocarbon dating laboratory with standard turnaround time of 14 business days for its AMS Dating service.

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Contact us for?? shipping ?instructions for your region ??before sending. Miami Radiocarbon Dating Lab Beta Analytic has launched its mobile app, which allows users to consult with the lab, access results, and price. Beta Analytic's radiocarbon dating cost varies by material type and service.

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Offline Reports: Clients can take their Carbon results to the field Beta Analytic clients can log into their secure portal when connected to the internet and download technical, quality and calibration reports onto the BETA app and consult them in offline mode wherever they may be.

Sending samples for radiocarbon dating is easier than ever With the simple step-by-step guide, Beta App users can consult sample size requirements, access customs and shipping information, and find a local forwarding address in minutes, even in offline mode. Radiocarbon Miami Lab Beta Analytic Beta Analytic is the world leader in radiocarbon dating with more than 30 years in business.

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Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Beta Analytic provides biobased content / renewable carbon measurements to top commercial organizations, government. For the latest company news, visit Radiocarbon dating laboratory Beta Analytic has transferred its Taiwan forwarding office to another. How to Send Samples for Radiocarbon Dating. Step 1. Contact us for Prices.

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