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Orange Is the New Black Cast Real Age 2018

Some of the " Orange Is the New Black " stars go makeup free, get their teeth dirtied, and even have their heads shaved for their roles on the Netflix series. While you may recognize some of the stars outside of Litchfield Penitentiary, some look unrecognizable off set, like Laura Gomez who plays Blanca Flores. In honor of the sixth season debuting on Netflix July 27, keep reading to see how a majority of the inmates look when they're not behind bars. But don't expect to see all of the familiar faces of Litchfield back this time around. Piper starts off the series engaged to Larry Jason Biggs. But once in prison, she winds up back with her ex, Alex Vause. At the start of season six, it's unclear where Alex is and what happened to her at the prison when the riot ended.

Instead, they brushed paths briefly during a five-week stay at a Chicago detention center, but that was it. And no, there was no prison romance. Cleary also said that she and Piper weren't girlfriends, although Piper strongly denied this.

Cleary finally had a chance to tell her side of the story when she released her memoir, Out of Orangein Fortunately, the real Larry is completely different and definitely not a loser.

In the book, Larry stands by and supports Piper, and in real life, they're still together today.

Of course, a happy marriage is hardly interesting enough for television, so the show turned him into fans' most-hated character. Red, ruler of the kitchen, might've been a major adversary to Piper during the first season, but the real Red, who was called "Pop" in the book, was hardly as vengeful. Although Piper did insult her food once, Red simply gave her a stern warning instead of starving her out of the kitchen.

According to the book, she told Piper:. After heeding Pop's warning, Piper began to look up to Pop as a mother figure, and the two became friends.

Piper even dedicated the memoir to her. On the show, Lorna is a friendly, albeit crazy, inmate who wears a lot of makeup and obsesses over a pretend wedding. The character is actually a combination of two women Piper describes in her book, Minetta and Rosemarie.

She describes Minetta as a friendly woman who "wore make-up and little gold hoops in her ears, and she looked like she could be a nice Italian-American lady called Ro from New Jersey. Later, the book introduces Rosemarie, a woman who's obsessed with weddings. To protect the identities of the women who were in prison, real Piper used fake names in her memoir, and the show used her depictions to create fictionalized characters.

But if "Minetta" or "Rosemarie" ever watched the show, they would pretty much certainly know that Lorna was loosely based on them. It's scary to think about, but yep, Pornstache, the creepy, inappropriate guard, was based on a real person.

19 OITNB Stars Who Are in Cute Committed Relationships with Poussey and Taystee's onscreen friendship, we also love the fact that the cast are friends in real life. lives. Who's dating, who's engaged, and who's married?. 19 OITNB Stars Who Are in Cute Committed Relationships onscreen friendship , we also love the fact that the cast are friends in real life. Celebrity Couples. A look into how the real characters in 'Orange Is the New Black' Here's a look at each OITNB character and how they differ from their depiction in the book. by and supports Piper, and in real life, they're still together today.

In real life, the inmates nicknamed him "Gay Pornstar," and even nice Larry hated him. We acted stupidly pleasant—what I always imagined a lobotomy would feel like—as if it would somehow help us curry favor with the guards.

Even though "Gay Pornstar" was a jerk, he didn't get stuck in the middle of a love triangle with a fellow inmate, like on the show, so at least there's that.

But speaking of love triangles During season one, we watched as Daya and John had a forbidden love affair. On the show, their relationship was romanticized, but the real story wasn't quite as warm and cuddly. In the book, Piper described an instance where an officer was rumored to be having a thing with an inmate named Cormorant.

After Cormorant's bunkmate revealed that the two had been passing love notes secretly to each other, Cormorant was sent to solitary confinement and the officer quit the department. Hardly romantic.

However, according to Beatrice Codiannia former inmate who served time at Danbury Federal Correctional Institute at the same as Piper, officers-inmate relationships were disturbingly common. So really, Daya and John's story could be about anyone's.

In the book, Janae is called "Little Janet," a young year-old woman from Brooklyn who arrives at the prison with Piper. Although that part was left unchanged on the show, the rest of her character's story was entirely fictionalized.

What The Orange Is The New Black Stars Look Like In Real Life

In reality, Piper and Janet were best pals, but after going through orientation together, Janet got an early release from prison. Obviously, the TV version of Janet needed to be more interesting. On the show, she's feisty, combative, and frequently bumps heads with Piper — the complete opposite of the person she was based on.

The real Crazy Eyes didn't pee on the floor of Piper's bunk, but she did have wonky eyes and made numerous calculated passes at Piper much to the annoyance of Piper's roommate, Miss Natalie who's called Miss Claudette on the show. She was familiar with many of the characters Piper wrote about in her memoir.

Keep reading to learn more about the real-life women behind your favorite OITNB characters, including who they're dating or married to and. Now that Netflix has blessed us with a season 6 of Orange is the New Black we have had a chance to refresh up on where some of our favorite couples currently . "OITNB" is back on Netflix for a sixth season July 27, While you're used Here's what the cast of 'Orange Is the New Black' looks like in real life Alex Vause is Piper's on-again, off-again girlfriend behind bars. Vause is.

But she wasn't following people. I mean, I never saw it. Before prison, she ran a store but was locked up for allowing customers to trade food stamps for cash. Gloria is protective of those she cares for and is shown as one of the wisest women at Litchfield. Getty Images Dia Dipasupil. In a cast full of no-nonsense women, Stone stands tall as an activist for human rights, especially those of women and the LGBTQ community.

During a memorable flashback episode, it was revealed she got locked up for possible intent to sell marijuana. Getty Images Frazer Harrison. The gruff-voiced Frieda becomes friends with Red and some other older inmates inside Litchfield. Her flashbacks reveal her childhood to be filled with apocalyptic survivalist skills taught by her paranoid father.

These OITNB actresses are dating in real life

Like several of her castmates on the show, Soules is openly gay. Getty Images Jason Kempin. She was busted for credit card fraud and turned in by her son, who was unaccepting of her gender transition. Sophia offers a lot of sound advice while working as a hairdresser inside the prison.

on Netflix, has been the place where a number of real-life couples have met. of Orange Is The New Black: Meet the real couples of OITNB. OITNB's Vicci Martinez and Emily Tarver are dating in real life. the cast of the hit Netflix series for season six, plays the character Daddy. These two Orange Is The New Black stars are dating in real life OITNB's newest star Vicci Martinez who plays Daddy in season six has revealed that she is.

You name a milestone for a transgender entertainer to conquer and, chances are, Laverne Cox has toppled it. Getty Images Greg Doherty. One of the most cunning inmates in Litchfield is Blanca, a Dominican woman who carries on a relationship with her boyfriend, Diablo, who lives on the outside.

Oitnb characters dating in real life

One of her best moments comes when she refuses to shower for almost an entire season in order to keep the guards from frisking her, eventually resulting in her protesting by standing on a cafeteria table for several days. She has also stood up for LGBTQ rightssaying much more work needs to be done to allow people to live openly in her native Latin America.

Getty Images Emma McIntyre. Her backstory is truly tragic, being locked up for unwittingly kidnapping a child she thought of as a friend and causing his death.

Caputo works various high-level jobs at the prison during the series and fights for the rights of the inmates — often to no avail.

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