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13 Quiet Places In Singapore For A Romantic Date Night

Food King Singapore: Romantic Dining With A View!

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to museums here. Catch the latest Hollywood releases and all-time classics on the big screen like they used to do. All you have to do is show up with your picnic mats, popcorn and each other. No doubt, Esplanade is a star when it comes to date locations. From its romantic waterfront space to its spacious outdoor theatre, there's always something to do here. Nothing like fresh air and picturesque views.

The open fields are also a great place to have a picnicor to fly kites.

Cycling is also an option although there are no bicycle rental shops there, you could hop on an oBike and have a leisurely cycle through the park with your significant other. Maybe you want to experience Woodlands Waterfront but you stay in the East?

Romantic Indoor activities in Singapore for Adults - Date Night Ideas

Changi Coastal Walk is a great alternative! Stroll through the various trails, be it through forests Cliff Walk or above the sea Kelong Walk. Kelong Walk is also a popular fishing spot. Each pathway promises a whole new experience. This is probably the last place that will come to mind.

best-dating-idea-royal-albatross-2 date-ideas-singapore-trivia-nights Better yet stand to win attractive prizes at the end of the night. If you're someone who loves staying up late, or for whatever reason can't seem to go to bed early, here are 15 late night activities in Singapore (and some new. Best date ideas in Singapore: Unique and creative ways to romance your partner with a night out Every Friday night, the Science Centre Observatory opens its doors to welcome . Travel and leisure Dating/Relationships.

Neighbourhoods may or may not be quiet, depending on the time of day but they are worth noting as a low-cost alternative. If you stay a distance away from the city, chances are strolls along your estate are bound to be undisturbed. What better way to find out more about your neighbourhood than by strolling and chatting with your significant other. Neighbourhood parks are also an option.

For couples who love going on dates at Instagram-worthy placesMarina at Keppel Bay is definitely a must-go! You could visit the yacht docking area with plenty of picturesque yachts in the background. The nearby Labrador Coastal Walk is also perfect for watching sunsets and taking beautiful pictures.

For artistic shots and a brilliant view, find an empty spot near the Keppel Bay Bridge and watch as it lights up the night sky. The Southern tip of Keppel island is also a good spot for catching the sunset, and even a picnic, while taking in the view. West Coast Park is a rather well-kept secret and not known by many.

You're bored at night with nothing to do or perhaps your work only ends when the sky is already dark. Here are 46 dating ideas for you and. We know, we know dating is more about the camaraderie rather than the venue . RECOMMENDED: Unique and fun date ideas in Singapore and the Outdoor cinemas such as Popcorn Movie Nights, Be My Kaki Movie. Home Lifestyle 23 Quiet Places In Singapore For A Romantic Date Night. Drop by these quiet places in Singapore on your next date night and save yourself the frustration! The pathway towards The Float @ Marina Bay in particular, is a popular spot among couples who want a quiet(er.

You can also visit the park to relax as you overlook the view of the waterfront. The suspension bridge is quite a sight for sore eyes when it lights up at night. Situated in the town area, this is one of the best places to drop by after a long day bustling with huge crowds in shopping malls.

Night dating singapore

This park is a historical landmark so nature lovers and history buffs alike can rejoice! You can find ancient artefacts among the flora and fauna as you stroll through this park. There are many areas in this park where you can have your picnic in peace. All you have to do is show up with your picnic mats, popcorn and each other. No doubt, Esplanade is a star when it comes to date locations.

In Singapore, we've got hour gyms, eateries, megamalls, and a whole ton of things to do even after night falls. Start with these ideas!. Culture Trip recommends visiting Marina Barrage at night to avoid Singapore's unbearable heat. Go on a spontaneous late-night picnic or fly a. Ah, the perils of dating. They say the course of true love never did run smooth so it's time to skip the mediocre date nights for something al little more exciting. Here's a list of date ideas in Singapore where all you couples can.

From its romantic waterfront space to its spacious outdoor theatre, there's always something to do here. Nothing like fresh air and picturesque views. Smell the flowers as you walk through the majestic, gargantuan gardens surrounded by exotic foliage.

Take it from us, it's even more romantic comes evening when the Super Grove light show is on. The MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk takes you through a mature forest and concludes with a m suspension bridge perched 25m above ground. Alternatively, you can take it uphill at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserveor surround yourselves with the flora and fauna of the Kranji Marshes. Put on your best beachwear for some sea, sand and sun.

Can't decide? Landscaped with manicured lawns, shrubs and small shade trees, you can still enjoy the free music from the outdoor theatre and stargaze or bask in the beauty of the city skyline at night.

Enter through there and walk until you get to the Marina at Keppel Bay. Located at the observatory at the Omni-Theatre Building, stargazing sessions could make for a good date idea or a new night activity to do with your friends.

38 creative date ideas to shake up the usual dinner-and-movie date night routine

Since it ends at 10pm, you could always grab some late night supper in the West after, to end your night on a hearty note. With prices cheaper than those you can find in daylight, Mustafa Center is your late night shopping destination and is open round the clock to offer you some of the best bargains. If you happen to hit the Farrer Park vicinity way earlier before your midnight shopping escapade, head over to Decathlon City Square Mall just a few blocks away to grab some cheap sports thrills before it closes at 10pm.

Watching a movie under the stars is the great thing for you at night with your friends or loved ones. Grab a mat and chill out at the next late-night movie outdoor screening! Closing as late as 6am on Friday and Saturday nights, you have the luxury of time and a variety of board games to keep you occupied through the night.

Pay by the hour with foods and drinks available to keep you refreshed as you play. Fair warning though the brownies there will definitely break your no-food-afterpm diet rule.

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