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The Ness of Brodgar - Current Archaeology

OAS Ness of Brodgar Lecture 2019

During the summer months in Orkney, an amazing archaeological dig takes place at The Ness of Brodgar Ness means headland and Brodgar is bridge farm. The Ness of Brodgar was found when, in , the owner of the nearby house wanted a wildflower meadow and hired a ploughman to prepare the field. The ploughman uncovered what looked like the slab of a Bronze Age burial kist, and on inspection, a vast complex of buildings dating as far back as BC were discovered. Needless to say, the wildflower meadow never materialised! The Ness of Brodgar is located between the Standing Stones of Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar on a narrow finger of land, flanked on one side by the Loch of Stenness and on the other by the Loch of Harray.

The timeline of the Ness of Brodgar is that the buildings here were constructed first, followed by the Standing Stones of Stenness and then the Ring of Brodgar.

It is unclear if the Ness of Brodgar was occupied continuously, or if people visited at special times to feast, trade, perform rituals or celebrate celestial events. The Ness of Brodgar was in use for 75 generations!

The official dates for the excavations at the incredible Ness of Brodgar archaeological dig have been confirmed. Plan your trip to Orkney. Dig Dates The dig runs from Monday, July 1, , until Friday, August 23, Guided tours are Monday to Friday at 11am, 1pm and 3pm, and on. Date of experience: August Ask selkie about Ness of Brodgar. Thank selkie This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and.

Only ten per cent of the site has been uncovered so far. Newer buildings were also created out of the shell of older ones.

Amazingly, the Ness of Brodgar has Neolithic drains which run underneath and keep the site dry to this day! Over 40, shards of pottery burnt black with food were found at the Ness of Brodgar, including some of the earliest examples of grooved ware evidence that grooved ware was originated in Orkney and spread south.

Ness of Brodgar Orkney Scotland New Excavations & New Theory 2017 Jj Ainsworth

Other precious artefacts found include a carved stone ball pictured abovevolcanic glass found in the Western Isles and stone only found in Cumbria evidence that the people of the Ness had ties to the wider world. Over decorated stones have been found at the Ness of Brodgar, some with a butterfly motif pictured above and some with diamond shapes.

These were possibly linked to the identity of the artist.

The largest building found at the Ness of Brodgar is Structure 10 pictured above. It is 25m long and 19m across, with 4m thick walls.

The dig dates at the incredible Ness of Brodgar archaeological excavation have been announced, with free tours of the Neolithic site.

The dig forms a centrepiece of studies for The Archaeology Institute UHI archaelogy students, both undergraduate and postgraduate affording a unique opportunity to work on a site of major international significance within a World Heritage Site. The dig also attracts Universities from across the globe to bring students and volunteers to the site each summer for field trips.

Here, the Ness of Brodgar at dusk. Share this: Tweet.

Read on for a beginner's guide to the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney, with ten a vast complex of buildings dating as far back as BC were discovered. The dates for next year's eight-week excavation season have been confirmed. Provided our funding plans come together, diggers will be back. 3D view of the excavation of the Ness of Brodgar created by Dr Hugo The archaeologists are employing a variety of methods including radiocarbon dating.

Although there were hints of its existence from geophysical survey, the remains at Ness of Brodgar have provided one of the greatest archaeological surprises of recent years.

No one expected the complexity of the fine monuments that lay, undiscovered at the heart of the Brodgar Peninsula for nearly five millennia.

The Ness of Brodgar is an archaeological site covering hectares ( acres) between the . Unusually fine for their early date, and with a remarkably rich survival of evidence, these sites stand as a visible symbol of the achievements of early. Ness of Brodgar excavations, led by Nick Card senior project manager for ORCA, were visited by photographer Tim Winterburn to shoot. For over a decade, archaeological research at the Ness of Brodgar has that we are currently exploring (dating from c BC), the Ness was.

Discovery and Excavation In a large stone slab with notches along one side was pulled to the surface of the field during ploughing at Ness of Brodgar. This lead to a rescue excavation which suggested that a Neolithic building similar to House Two at Barnhouse Village might lie here.

Further excavation in revealed well-preserved remains, the extent and sophistication of which continue to astound. The Monument at the heart of Neolithic Orkney The Ness of Brodgar comprises a complex of at least fourteen buildings enclosed by a massive stone wall.

The wall is four metres thick and it is thought to have stood at least two metres high.

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