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Modafinil Review - My experience with Modafinil (Modalert)

I spent nearly 15 months preparing this piece. I do my best to stay up-to-date with all things health and wellness and I kept coming across the term nootropics. It turns out that the term was coined nearly 50 years ago and comes from the Greek words for mind bending nous and trepein. Simply put, nootropics are smart drugs concocted from naturally occurring compounds that purportedly improve cognitive function with minimal side effects. Does it sound too good to be true? However, my accountant father began using one of the more popular smart drugs to help him get through tax season and had nothing but good things to say about it.

Location independent. From the Midwest, but often based in Latin America. Big on beaches, rumba, and rum.

Addicted to the gym. Committed to showing a different style of travel - one that involves actually interacting with locals and exploring different cultures.

Modafinil isn't the biggest gain I've made towards peak experiences -- that'd be just basic exercise. It's not the largest gain towards general.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I agree with everything you said about Mod and sex. From drinking to sex Mod increases my stamina and I find myself being in the moment more. Any guy who likes sex and is over 18 should give Mod a try. I prefer to use the smart drug to improve cognition, but there are other uses. I found this post really interesting. Thanks for sharing Jake.

To each their own though! I certainly use them for that reason mainly. Just wanted to share perspective from a different point of view. Thanks for checking it out.

Nice article. Jumped my hubby the next evening of an armoda day, and the amazingness was back in full force.

Sorry guys. It seems women may benefit from the greater concentration and focus smart drugs provide while in the bedroom — while men struggle with them in bed. However, others have found the opposite to be true.

Just make sure to take modafinil in the mornings if sleep is on the docket. Also, avoid modafinil and sex […]. Then I bounced out to meet up with the cutie. Modafinil and Sex She showed up looking kind of sexy. The sexual side effects of Modafinil were the last thing on my mind as we arrived at my place. So enough of my fluff for now. Thus, one round of sex may seem marginally entertaining, but going again and again will likely sound awful.

Enhanced Experience: Due to the extra focus Modafinil offers, many find the sexual experience heightened while on this smart drug.

Many find themselves more in the moment and focused on the pleasures of sex — rather than distracted. I can confirm the added focus on the task at hand does offer a more pleasurable experience, but only on certain occasions.

Safety Not Coming First: While this may be personal, protection is easy to throw to the wind after taking this smart drug. Condoms often are a distant afterthought when having sex on Modafinil.

Modafinil increases focus and often, that focus ends up on getting rid of the condom during sex on Modafinil. When the time comes, you may find the stamina boosting benefits of Modafinil consumption removed from your fantasizing. Overall, the drug is not beneficial for men from a sexual standpoint.

A fifth of students have taken the so-called smart modafinil dating Modafinil Drug. Study Start Date: Febru Estimated Primary. May Forget Red Bull, Ritalin. However, hypersexuality as a side effect of modafinil overuse is not commonly Till date, only one such similar case have been reported.3). I had a date around 9 in the evening. I had no idea about the sexual side effects of Modafinil, but I wasn't exactly focused on getting laid, either.

Will Modafinil Show up on a drug test? Jake D Travel junkie turned blogger. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. Leave a reply: Cancel Reply. Modafinil Vs. Calm and Collected - June 21, I agree with everything you said about Mod and sex.

Cameron Chardukian - June 22, I found this post really interesting. I won't take modafinil any more without doing intense physical exercise. That's the most important thing for consistent good feelings and production on modafinil -- the post-workout hormones with dopamine, etc, seem to dull the pain from injuries and potential headache, make me relax a little more which helps me knock off the task-switching which can ruin productivity.

I try to have a few problems I'd like to work out on already laid out, so I can just dive in. It's best if they're organized in such a way that there's no desire to switch between them. For instance, maybe I have three pieces of writing I'd like to do -- I'll just work on one of them, in that case.

Modafinil dating

Having problems that are related a sales campaign and a marketing campaign that have lots of feedback between them is particularly problematic, since I'll get ideas for both of them that are worth capturing, but it'll take me out of the intense flow. After the gym, I eat the salad and drink a huge pitcher of ice water. Probably 30 minutes after that, I force myself to eat another plate of chicken or a pack of nuts I don't want toand order a coffee. While I'm eating, I'm very open to doing random things.

I'll skim my list of projects and campaigns, go through my email, listen to audiobooks or music, read a little, or whatever. Right after the gym I'm kind of in a blissful mood and not quite ready to put my head down, so I just enjoy it and take in some good inputs. About 30 minutes after the gym hours after taking morning supplements, 1. I try to be solo at the this time, and work on difficult problems I couldn't normally solve. It's a great time for writing, in particular, and all sorts of other abstract problemsolving.

This time will run for a couple hours, and around hours I like to start working on something collaborative with someone. It's good for collaborating.

It's lightly controlled in the USA, so you do your own research and get a prescription if you're interested in it. I've had good experiences with MyModafinil. For further reading, Gwern's article on Modafinil is quite scientific. Daniel Tenner's " Modafinil and Startups " is insightful -- he used it to combat sleep deprivation, so that's where you can get a take on that. He had some similar experiences as me if you don't have a focused thing or two to do, it's easy to go all over the place but some were different his periperal vision declined; mine improved almost to the point of it being distracting.

The Hacker News discussion on Tenner's piece is good too. Research thoroughly if you get into any new medicinal or pharmaceutical routine.

It's just a smart practice. It's your life and health, so it's worth spending time to learn. Try to talk to a few people directly who have used whatever you're considering. The internet makes this really easy, there's no really good reason not to. Find a good health professional with similar philosophy to you that understands your goals, and get professional advice.

The right professional can do wonders for helping you make good decisions and avoid bad decisions. On a personal note, I'd recommend Piracetam as a better starting point than Modafinil for someone who has never done nootropics It doesn't lead to such huge gains, but it has a lower half-life, less side effects, and overall doesn't change your day and life as much as Modafinil.

Make sure you bookmark or subscribe via RSS -- sometime in the next week I'll cover evaluating addictiveness, side effects, etc. It'll be quite relevant if it's a topic you're interested in, so stick around. Marshall is pleased to announce The Strategic Reviewwhich is for action-oriented, scientific-minded, life-improving type people.

Like you, perhaps?

You'll learn from rising leaders on the best tactics and operations from their field, and historical figures who did great. If you enjoyed this piece, you're going to love TSR -- it was made for someone like you.

Get your copy for free today at thestrategicreview. Note, November Please don't link or recommend companies in the comments if I don't know you personally. There's been a medium large volume of spam and it's not clear what's a comment from a legitimate buyer and what's spam from a company. There's plenty of places online with comprehensive reviews and discussion; the comments here can't adequately fill that function.

After taking it for the past 3 days, I am really confused by the many, many glowing reviews of Modafinil. As an academic book editor, I purchased it to help me get through the grunt work of footnotes, indexing etc which requires a narrow focus for extended periods while fighting back boredom.

I thought Modafinil would be just the thing. Took mg when it arrived, around 3pm, which in hindsight was a bad idea, but I didn't feel any different. I couldn't eat dinner, and then after doing chores, putting the kids to bed etc I thought I'd get some work done. Started by checking emails first, and that was when the trouble began. I responded to a group school email from my son's teacher with an insanely long and inappropriate manifesto about education and my expectations of the school, hopes for my son, blah blah blah, cc the Principal.

I could drill down into ideas I was attracted to and articulate them clearly, but my sense of what is appropriate was lost somewhere. Why can't somebody please come up with a "delete sent email" function!? I sent another couple of long emails to colleagues, nothing too bad, then got caught up doing something on the internet.

Research on the effects of modafinil on cognitive function have yielded was conducted in PubMed data reviewing articles dating between and Modafinil has emerged as the crown prince of smart drugs, that seductive group of pharmaceutical friends that promise enhanced memory. Privacy and cookiesJobsDatingOffersShopPuzzlesInvestor SubscribeRegister Log in It's called modafinil, and as of this week it is officially the first “smart by students in need of a boost), modafinil has minimal side effects.

I then realised it was after midnight and I thought the clock must be broken. It appeared that around 3 hours had gone by in about 5 mins. But I couldn't really remember what I had been doing. Went to bed and lay there all night. Awake, watching the clock, feeling my heart race, until dawn.

Take another Moda, of course. After dropping kids at school, I decided to walk to work late? I have an interest in history, so I was kind of imagining the city evolving since settlement and how awesome it is that all the decisions made by people in the past affect the way we live today, how certain past events may have turned out differently, and that we may be living quite differently today.

It was a cool Autumn morning on Sydney Harbour and I was feeling very lucky to be alive, and right there at that time. Got to the office and my great mood was immediately replaced by a sense of dread, and I knew I couldn't stay there. I tried. I looked at the index and could barely remember the alphabet.

My brain was off, running free somewhere else and I didn't know how to put it back on a leash. It just felt too good to think. It was like I had been allowed into a world of ideas and, like a greedy kid being let into a lolly shop, I just wanted to sample them all, "oh - but there are too many, I can't possibly get to them all but don't know which one to choose".

Then I felt an overwhelming urge to talk. I knew I was rambling but I couldn't help myself. My words were running together and I was talking over people. I was being loud and obnoxious and I didn't care. I felt anxious that the conversation would end. I could sense my colleague trying to wind up the conversation and get back to work but I was deliberately ignoring these social cues to continue talking about food security, or whatever one way conversation I was having that had nothing to do with work.

This is SO unlike me. While I am usually pleasant and friendly at work, I am generally quiet and involved in my own tasks. I was overcome by a complete crash around lunch time. Suddenly I felt horrendous.

I couldn't eat, was having aching pains, all the while I am sucking my mouth like crazy every since taking the first pill and the insides of my cheeks and tongue are very painful. Ordered a strong coffee but couldn't drink more than half. You know where this is going don't you? I had to be able to function for my kids so inevitably, I took a taxi home I was so tired I couldn't even walk to the bus stop I tried to have a nap but I knew sleep was still not going to happen.

I decided that I would have to take more, so it would be better to do it sooner rather than later, I took half at around 2pm and by 3pm I still felt like shit but knew I need to go and buy food for dinner, and be alert to cook etc, so I took the other half.

Evening went fine but I was feeling racy and worried I wouldn't sleep so decided to have some wine. Oh, the wine was wonderful! I can't remember anything after that. When I woke up the next morning I found 2 empty wine bottles! I had put the kids to be in their pajamas etc but have no recollection of doing so. Going through my mobile phone calls list tortureI discovered that I had called one friend 5 times! She said I kept calling and forgetting that we had just spoken, so called again!

She was really worried about me. I am due to meet a friend for drinks and dinner. She is out from the UK and this is the only time we can find that is convenient for both of us so I really don't want to cancel. Firstly, I really want to see her, she is such fun, and also I don't want to be rude and let her down, or turn up feeling so tired and grumpy that I am rotten company. So, using the same logic, I come to the conclusion that yes, I am going to take another pill to perk me up, so with that decision made, I then thought, sooner rather than later or I'll be up all night.

Modafinil is a long-lasting prescription and one of a number of cognition enhancing drugs called 'nootropics'. It was originally developed to treat narcolepsy (a. Our new research reviewing the cognitive effects of the “smart pill” modafinil has found that it can improve the performance of healthy people on. I do my best to stay up-to-date with all things health and wellness and I kept This smart drug was notably less available that Modafinil and is.

So I took one pill around 3pm. I called the school principal to continue our 'conversation' about the education of my children, and can barely remember the evening.

Modafinil Review - Real-Life Limitless Pill? - Modafinil Effects & Improvements

I don't know why but I took another pill at around 6 I think. We went to dinner, I ordered soup and said I just want to smell it, and sat there with it in front of me inhaling the aroma in an exaggerated way.

I was behaving like a fucking idiot! She asked me if I was on drugs, but I said "if I'm acting weird it's pms". Yeah right. I woke up this morning in my clothes, including high heel shoes, see blood on my pillow and freak out. Turns out I've had a nose bleed. My mouth, nose and lips are intensely dry and the constant sucking has left white blisters inside my lips and cheeks, and deep ridges in my tongue that look like bruising. At first I think my lips are bleeding but I think that's just red wine stains in the cracks.

I have no idea how I got home, don't remember anything except a few flashes. I feel like I've just come out of a 3 day drug bender. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed of my behaviour. What started out as a desire to be more productive, has left a trail of destruction in it's wake. I have insulted both my son's teacher and the Principal, possibly lost a friendship, and failed to complete my work.

Modafinil Dependence and Hypersexuality: A Case Report and Review of the Evidence

In fact the little I did do will have to be redone, and I am left to face the author on Monday to explain why the book is not going to meet production schedule. Obviously, in hindsight, I should not have taken the first mg pill on the first afternoon.

It created a cycle that I couldn't get out of. So, my advice to anyone thinking of taking it would be to please, start at a much smaller dose. Sorry, but this is the funniest shit I have ever read. I can't believe you're serious. You take this thing that doesn't work at all with you, and all you do is take some more. I would say you deserved it.

Learn from experience Hey there, I'm a trainee doctor with a background in Neuroscience and I've just wrote an article on modafinil that would have saved you a lot of pain. If you take it at 9am, it will still be quite active in your system at midnight.

This is the most hilarious thing i've read in ages!!! I couldn't believe it everytime u kept repeating the same mistake ie taking yet another pill. I am day three into this medicine, took mg today and feeling rather exhausted from all the alertness! Now according to the nurse i'm too small for this doseshe didn't say i overdosed but i don't need to be a genius to conclude so.

I will skip tomorrow and restart the day after hoping for better results. Wow, this is utter lunacy! Surely a part of you knew you were making your own bed here with these crazy doses and patterns For Piracetam "Piracetam works by stimulating the Acetylcholine receptors which in turn is going to cause the ACh transmitters to need to be replenished.

This is why taking a Choline source such as Choline Bitartrate, Choline CDP, and Alpha GPC is not only helps to enhance the effects of the piracetam but will also eliminate any side effects one feels from taking piracetam alone i.

Anthony M. Like I was saying before my post got deleted - I've taken Choline alongside Modiodal and Modalert with differing effects bought from www. As always I recommend people that if they're going to stack, do it after conducting lots and lots of independent research.

We know Modafinil isn't super dangerous but I never trust stacking enough to just take a punt without knowing the precise science behind the mixture. You should do an article on Piracetam alone too.

Have you tried Asprey's Bulletproof Coffee? Great post. I'm a trainee-doctor with an additional degree in neuroscience and I've written an article about my experience with Mod as well as my simplified interpretation of the scientific literature and my safety considerations for using mod too. Please take a look if you're interested:. I'm curious.

It's Dave Asprey's biggest recommendation in the diet. You don't subscribe to that advice? Excessive chicken can also elevate omega-6 above optimal levels relative to omega 3, though if the rest of your diet is clean, I'm not sure how important just that part is.

Alpha-GPC makes a world of a difference when taken with Piracetam which improves ACh receptor function or acetylcholinesterase inhibitors such as Caffeine. It's not cheap but is the only choline source shown to permeate the blood brain barrier. It makes caffeine feel like modafinil. Modafinil helped me to overcome a difficult period of my life. And i found a lot of information on this Website and this article. I haven't read the 9 billion comments here so I don't know if this was already brought up, but why don't you assume this is just run of the mill inflammation?

My mind would go to that much faster than some strange "Enhanced Kinesthetic Sense". I'd simply say if my old injury is flaring up, inflammation is increasing in my body. I'm actually living in India right now and I use the Modalert brand you're talking about. However, I think you're paying too much. It costs me INR for 10 x mg tablets. That's less than 3 dollars for mg of Modafinil. I think you should change suppliers.

I'd be happy to send you some, tbh. I'm quite grateful for this article you've written. Updated my daily tracking template since v5. The basic idea is, I fill this out every day - it doesn't take that much time, and I get a heck of a lot out of it. This post will mostly look at the differences between this one and my last version, so start with Evolution or those videos if you're new to this. Gym today? My job and just about everything I do is reliant on having a well-oiled machine of a brain, so among the most important things that I do like eating healthy, exercising, and meditation, I also consume legal nootropics or "smart drugs" to give me the final edge I need to keep up with the work I demand of myself.

My modus operandi with performance-enhancing substances is to drop everything I'm on for a week when I first start taking a new substance. This is so that I can focus on the new substance and understand how it works on my body in isolation. Through this process I've weeded out a powerful synergistic mix that works very well for me. Keep in mind, a few of these chemicals are research chemicals, and PRL in specific is very untested.

You might find experimentation like this reckless, and I'd agree with you, but by carefully adding new substances to my "stack" one at a time, I've been able to so far safely avoid any perceivable negative side-effects. One thing I've experimented with and found to just not work for me is phenyl-piracetam.

Regular piracetam is awesome, but the additional phenyl group is just too much stimulation for me. I always crash at the end of the day and get really moody, to put it lightly. Another rule of thumb I follow is to never touch anything that messes too much with my dopamine system. My will-power and reward system is something I try to delicately craft to do precisely what I want.

I won't take amphetamines, coke, or anything with addictive properties The only exception of which is caffeine, which only acts on dopamine as a side effect of working on blocking the adenosine receptors. I also only get my caffeine from green tea in low doses. Dopaminergics usually aren't nootropics anyways, so that's a subject all its own. What I usually do is cap my low-dose compounds in a pill so that I don't have to spend 10 minutes every morning mixing powders.

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