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Kroger employees approve new contract

At Kroger is a head of a department allowed to date a backup of the same department? I heard you can be fired for it. The grocery lead and backup at have dated for years. Yea, I would think that they would have to be in separate depts. As I know at my store there are two ladies that are dating and the one that became a lead had to be switched over to another department. But they are like right across the way from each other still. So it's not much of a hardship for them to "see" each other so to speak.

And she isn't holding it against him. I think she also might have told him to just keep it on the DL about that. As we need far more help in the deli at the moment with some of the other employees putting in their notices.

And I don't thinks he wants any sort of bias affecting a potentially good worker solely cause he has a relative in the same department.

Kroger sucks

Relatives can work in the same department as long as one of them isn't a supervisor over the other. Personally though I don't think I could work in the same department or even the same store for that matter as my mom. Take no concern. No rules against this. The only time they might is if they marry and work in the same department.

At my prior store we had about four family members working in the same store. Several of them ended up in positions of management while the other family member was on duty. Started becoming favorites.

Started becoming an issue. Legally family members can not even work in the same store That's interesting to know. As one lady I work with, I believe her daughter and son were working at Kroger and then she came along after a while. But she is in Deli. The son is a bagger and the daughter is working Starbucks. But yea, I can see how playing favorites would be an issue like in your example.

I'm surprised they even let all 3 of the fam members get into management at the same place.

Kroger employee dating policy

I've been told plenty of times that if I were to move up the ladder I'd have to change stores and I don't even work with anybody I'm related to. I totally agree. Even though it's been 2 years since my mom passed. And we had our own kind of rapport.

Kroger dating policy?

Other times we butt heads left and right cause she was always a very much "My way or the highway" kind of person in so many things. I mean I'm the youngest grand kid and my fam is so stuck in seeing me as being the youngest in that regard.

That I doubt they would ever really listen to me if I said how to do something better. Soooo don't have time for none of that. I once had a couple manager from another store come to mine to help out for a short while. Asked for my number, wanted to date me. He told me to keep it a secret. Needless to say that went absolutely nowhere. So I do think it is frowned upon.

Contracts are supposedly different. Would be awesome to work with a relative. So if you have a family member that is higher up than you in your department, you would have to transfer?

This policy does not preclude or interfere with the rights of employees protected by the National Labor Relations Act or any other applicable statute concerning.

If that's the case, then atthere are 2 sisters who essentially run front end. Both are supervisors. At one point, there where all 3 sisters working in the same department at different levels. One was a cashier, one a courtesy clerk, and one a supervisor.

Wouldn't that be a violation? Main Page. List All Users. Search Advanced Search.

Start A New Topic Reply. Even if you're not in a boss-employee relationship, you'll still want to be sure to keep your relationship a private matter at work.

Reader Scott Oldfield originally met his wife at work 14 years ago and explains how he went on to date and eventually marry her, all while they both continued to work for the same employer:. Our employer is totally fine with relationships in the workplace as long as those involved keep things professional in the workplace. My wife and I pretty much treat each other just like coworkers at work.

Link: Kroger employee dating policy. As indicated in the last few pages of the Ethics Handbook, "All associates have a responsibility to maintain the workplace . Managers and supervisors cannot date direct reports. "All associates have a responsibility to maintain the workplace free of harassment and. Download Statements & Policies. Click on the links below to download PDFs of our latest Statements & Policies. Vendor Code of Conduct · Policy on Business.

There's no physical affection, no "I love you's" at work. It's almost like we're different people at work, which is a good thing and has only gotten easier the longer we've done it. We'll occasionally talk about home-related things one of the dogs did such and such last nightbut again it's never anything that I'd be embarrassed if anyone else at work heard.

Statements & Policies

Obviously, this depends a great deal on the environment at your office and your company policy. However, keeping your work life professional and treating your significant other as you would any other coworker will go a long way towards ensuring you don't end up in trouble with the company.

It's relatively easy to transfer stores, and since Kroger is everywhere across the Midwest, you're Former Employee - Department Manager. suppliers, associates, and shareowners. The Kroger Co. Policy on. Business Ethics, adopted by Kroger's Board of Directors and applicable to all employees and. The requirements of ethical behavior transcend the particulars of a policy or law. The . competitors or others, even after leaving employment with Kroger.

So, let's assume that you've pulled off the unlikely and you're not only dating one of your coworkers, but you have your company's approval to do so. You've even mastered turning off the flirting at work.

All that's left is to make sure you can, you know, keep that relationship. How you prioritize your scheduling can depend on your personal preferences, but chances are you'll want to get your boss involved at some point to coordinate schedules.

It may be something as simple as syncing vacations, but you may find that your company will be willing to help you arrange your days off in order to spend time together. In fact, as reader Daniel Brown points out, they may prefer it that way, lest you find your own way:.

My current girlfriend of 6 years and I work together still.

Employees Dating. if you date a co-worker on the same level it is OK just supervisor/subordinate relationships are against company policy. Link: Kroger employee dating policy So, she did and thus the company datin the employee ended up in a lose—lose situation that could have. They may allow dating with anyone but your direct boss. One of the more common types of policies allows employees to date so long as neither.

We met here and have since moved in together and I plan to marry her. I told HR but she said there weren't any forms or anything and we didn't really have to tell her.

My manager was the one to actually bring it up first since he saw us together a lot and I called in sick on one of her days off. He pretty much just said, it's cool if you are dating but don't call in sick on her days off. Schedule a day off together.

This is obviously a great lesson in both the right way and the wrong way to do things. Quite simply, if you need time together, don't sneak behind your employers back they'll probably know anyway. Instead, involve them from the get-go and they may be willing to help you out in the first place. While dating a coworker can be difficult, it's not impossible if you're both professional and take the proper steps to discuss your relationship with your employer in a situation where it may affect your work.

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