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10 Girls The Members Of BTS Are Supposedly Dating

I'm not gonna lie I started cracking up when I was reading the netizens "evidence" that show they really are a couple. I knew that the ship existed and even I thought they made a cute couple, but really? I mean I went grocery shopping today and made eye contact with a guy from across the fruit section but that doesn't mean I'm dating him. And besides GFriend debuted last year they really don't need this on their plates. BUT, you know, if they are dating then good for them.

Other members already know it. If I get a boyfriend? After Yerin, Sowon also mentioned her ideal type. After 5 members revealed their ideal types, Eunha chose to keep it a secret, which made everyone curious.

K-popers and netizens usually ship idols of boy and girl group that they think match the most, and who have collaborated before.

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Must Read. A Japanese magazine made a female character, which mainly reflected what Jin explained about his ideal type in a interview with the magazine.

Netizens keep claiming that this character resemble SoWon so much, even by a short sweep.

You can compare them, below! Their music has been going viral, climbing up to the high ranks of diverse music charts both inside and outside Korea.

Netizen provides evidence that Jin and Sowon are dating pann: BTS Jin and Sowon MUST REALLY BE DATING Okay so netizens have compiled 'evidence' that show that Jin of BTS and Sowon of GFriend MUST really. [IMG] Netizen provides evidence that Jin and Sowon are dating (new) pann: BTS Jin and Sowon MUST REALLY BE DATING [IMG] fans saw jin.

Because they create so much influence and impact over K-Pop, Mnet is making a music program just for the group. We cannot imagine Kpop without GFriend, however, there was a time when they grout before so well known.

Twice Jungyeon & GOT7 Jinyoung [+, ] If Cha Eunwoo is dating someone, the girl is always gonna be not good enough for him. 4. Some netizens sensed something going on between BTS Jin and GFRIEND SoWon. Anyone captured the outstanding chemistry between BTS and GFRIEND on ‘Sorry Sorry’ performance at DMC Festival? After that stage, every single music awards, Jin’s reaction videos on GFRIEND SoWon’s. Jin knows about our ship with gfriend sowon he saw the news about the dating scandal with sowon here.

What other fantasy couple do you think would look together? Let us know! Kakao story.

Sowjin's moment. Sowon jin BANGCHIN{BTSXGFRIEND}

Valaena Idol. I don't care who dates who in K-pop or in general and if they really are dating then good for them.

Fans find evidence that BTS Jin and G-Friend Sowon are secretly dating. June 14th, Sometimes, the love between two people can be apparent from just. GFriend's Sowon has previously been involved in a rumor with that she was dating BTS member, Jin. The rumor was spread widely after the.

But I find the "evidence" here and in other articles about other people really hilarious. If you were to take any random picture or video at award shows where groups are all standing mixed up, you can pretty much turn every two idols into a couple.

People are only ever that awkward with each other after one night stands, which is probably the case here.

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