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Harry Hook is a main character and the secondary antagonist who appeared in Descendants 2. He's the son of Captain Hook. Harry is prideful, sneaky, and is always ready to hook someone, especially Ben. He prided himself on being wild and unpredictable, off-kilter and a little mad. His only disappointment is the fact that he has to carry a hook with his hands rather than possessing one instead of a hand. Harry is a light-skinned brawny guy with brunet hair. His primary outfit is a white ripped tank top, a red sleeveless leather coat, black pants with red ripped details and zippers and dark brown boots.

The main plot details Uma planning to get the migrating trident of King Triton in order to help bring down the barrier surrounding the Isle of the Lost.

A member of Uma's pirate gang, Harry serves as her right-hand man and is Harry Hook is a main character and the secondary antagonist who appeared in Descendants 2. In this 'backstory', it's revealed that Harry and Mal used to date. Dating the descendants. ben. carlos. descendants. evie. gil. harryhook. jay. mal. uma. wattys Table of Contents; Details. Dating harry hook would include. Descendants 2 - Uma + Harry trying to downplay Uma and Harry's relationship for Mal and Harry's just because Thomas and Dove are dating in real life. Harry.

Serpent Prep is a rival of Dragon Hall. There was a mentioning that the Stabbington brothers from Tangled are also on the Isle of the Lost where they have Stabbington Cousins. Other information listed here that was later referenced in the film was Audrey and Chad breaking up, the introduction of R.

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Harry Hook/Relationships

Mitch Allan Nikki Leonti. Alan Menken Howard Ashman.

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Harry Hook

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A bunch of descendants imagines and preferences for both descendants 1 & 2. Characters included in the book - Mal - Uma - Harry - Carlos - Jay - Lonnie.

Originally posted by dionkg. Originally posted by whats-a-queen-without-a-king. Originally posted by dxscxndxnts. They had never been caught, but there was an incident were they came pretty close to doing so.

As they were running, a certain dark haired boy with glistening blue eyes just happened to be on his way to meet up with his sisters when he crossed paths for the briefest moment. Years later, the incident was forgotten, but the feeling of familiarly remained when they reconnected during a certain ship competition that would land Uma the spot as Captain while Harry would forever remain her first mate. Warning: If you haven't seen Midsommar, turn back before you get spoiled.

Going on a romantic trip to the sun-drenched shores of Scandinavia with your.

Is uma dating harry in descendants 2

Chances are, you've seen a movie, documentary, or TV show about a cult in the past year. From art house horror films to viral documentaries, cults are. Call it what you want, but not all kisses were created equal.

The relationships of Harry Hook throughout the Descendants franchise. Descendants 2 is an American musical fantasy television film. It premiered as a Disney Mal struggles with her new celebrity life as the girlfriend of King Ben, putting a spell on her hair making it Harry discovers Mal's return and informs Uma. Dove Cameron & Thomas Doherty's Descendants 2 Characters Have A "Mal actually dated Harry Hook before dating Ben [Mal's boyfriend, According to Cameron, Harry now "hates" Mal, and is firmly on Uma's side in the.

Some are steamy, some are sloppy, some leave you cold, and others. The situation is dire. Will Emily Blunt find a quieter place?

Descendants 2 news - Mal and Harry IN LOVE behind the scenes?! Dove Cameron + Thomas Doherty!

Big, huge spoilers. The Spider-Man character and long-time love interest has been a.

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