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Signs Your Husband Is Having An Affair - How To Tell If Your Husband Is Cheating

In A Relationship But Falling In Love With Someone Else

I think it has been going on all this time but we have only been seperated since April I don't understand and I am in so much pain that it's causing me to loose sleep at night. I haven't even thought about dating at all so I don't understand how he can? Any advice? Thank you all. Melissa, I can understand your pain.

Rather than staying with the abuser you may want to consider to think about yourself. I know religion and god is important for many people but reality is that there is no cure for such mental illness at the moment and relationships with such people not only psychologically destructive but can become a danger to your life.

Thank you for this comment. I knew my now ex-husband for 20 years we were married for 7 years. During that time I suffered psychological, emotional and mental abuse. Once I filed for divorce the truth came out that he was cheating on me for 6 years of our marriage. We have two kids together, apparently the affair started while I was pregnant! Now the courts want me to get along with the woman that was sleeping with my husband. Because they can now officially be boyfriend and girlfriend. He moved her into the house I bought, while the kids and I lived in a shelter.

For 8 months. The Kentucky courts system is broken. They allow an abuser to continue to harassed while he has a domestic violence order against him. It still has not sunk in that he has left. He already has her in his house im pregnant and have a 3 yr old i really dont know what to do i really love him and will like to work things out. We can definitely help your marriage, and we have seen situations like this in the past.

There is still hope. Please contact us. My husband and I have been together for 7 yrs married 4yrs in total and seperated for 2 of those 4yrs. Through out the entire relationship I was the more dominant one. I worked and he took care of home. I expressed my frustrations time and time again. His sons mother and his mother were disrespectful toward me on occassions and when I expressed how it made me feel he never addressed it.

I eventually started seeing someone else. Through our entire separation my husband has expressed how he wanted his family back. By this time he has been dating other women as well. This past Nov. I agreed to work on us. Since me giving him the green light nothing has happened. We have meaningless convo. Please help!

Fran, it is not unusual for a spouse to show intense desire to reconcile a marriage and then once the wandering spouse agrees, they no longer show the same level of interest.

In fact, it is common for the spouse wanting to work on the marriage your husband in this case to become angry or even apathetic after the straying spouse concedes to fixing it. When the spouse is straying, there is a level of fear that propels wanting to get him or her back. Once there is a sense of some kind of security, they let the anger show and get the best of them. This does not mean that you should go back to not wanting to pursue the marriage.

There is help and hope for your situation. There really is. It may take some work. It does seem that there is something that keeps pulling one of you back to the relationship…some rope that gives you a reason to try and work it out. I strongly suggest that you look into our workshop for marriages in crisis.

It would turn your marriage around. My husband and I have been together for five years and married for four. We have three children together, 3,2, and a five week old newborn. My husband is in the army and has been deployed for almost nine months now. I never thought my husband would ever cheat on me. If we somehow work through this episode, how can I ever trust him again? Prayers would be much appreciated!! It is possible to save your marriage from an affair, and it is possible to have an even stronger marriage than before after it.

Your husband being in the army means that he has many, many negative consequences that he could face from being involved in an affair, as affairs actually require legal action in the military. If you choose to work on your marriage and do what you can to save it, then you are in a good position to do so. If you want to know more about marriage help, please contact us.

After I confronted him, he admitted and said that he was madly in love with her and that their relationship was already beyond sexual. He confessed that they had 18 month together the other woman is also married.

I got angry and get hurt. However I told him I took responsibility for whatever I did wrong that made him go after another woman. I expressed my willing to work on this marriage and make it work despite the infidelity.

I asked him to go to counseling with me. Yet he said no. I asked them both to stop communicating for a while, they both promise they would, but to no avail.

He said that he is happy in a way he never was with me and that he regrets marrying me. I can no longer deal with the pain. I can no longer endure how he goes and meets with her. So I decided to move to another state to heal my heart. I wonder is this the right decision? I love him and want nothing more than my marriage to be healed and have the loving relationship we once had.

If leaving at least for now is the right decision. Your prayers are most needed and appreciated. It is a hard decision that you have made, but as long as you have expressed to your spouse that you wish to save the marriage and he refuses to no avail, then the time comes that he must deal with consequences of his actions.

We have some podcasts related to this topic as well. I suggest that you check those out.

11 Signs That He Might Be Having an Affair

My husband and I have been married for He had his first affair that I know of for sure after our second child—a boy—when we were married 8 years. We went through marriage and individual counseling for 3 years and stayed together. We thought we were stronger than even and he promised that he would never hurt me like that again. He would go she her at her office and not come by to see me. When he admitted it, he told me there had been a few others, but that she is the one who is worth it.

He left me on June 19, and moved into her house. I ended having to be the one who filed. I got an attorney because he just wanted to go, leaving me with the mortgage and all the bills—taking all his retirement and K. He took this woman to meet his family after Christmas. Everyday is torture for me—being married to someone who is treating another woman like his wife, and he her husband. I pray for him, and grudgingly try to pray for her also. We even talked about him together … all the while she was sleeping with him.

I feel betrayed by the both of them. If I take him back again will he continue to cheat on me? Is it worth it to be his doormat—his backup plan?

Kasumi, Clearly what your husband is doing is not right. You should not be the doormat, or the backup plan, and our Marriage Recovery video series talks more about that.

However, as bad as everything seems, yes your marriage is salvageable. However, saving it will mean putting your marriage on a different path to keep another affair from happening in the future. We can help you with that.

I could never do that to another human being. My husband has been with a home wrecking woman, if you can call her that, for nearly 7 years. She is an awful human being who stops at nothing to flaunt her affair with my husband. I understand that he is no longer in love with me, however, I cannot accept that he is with this horrible human being.

He is my heart and I would pick him every single time. Our son is a reminder of happier times. Tina, I am sorry for your pain. There is a lot of hurt that occurs when your husband has an affair. Let us know if we can help.

Then I found that she like her Boss by checking her phn then I ask her She said we are friend after another day I spoke with her she said he is the person who understand her most its feels like they are made for each otherI do not accept this since we married each other and our vows were forever till death do us part.

I really need prayers for my marriage to not end, Please help us with your prayers and God bless you all. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I pray that your wife will see what is happening and choose differently.

I also pray that God would give you the strength, courage, and knowledge to do whatever you can do to save your marriage even though right now it may seem hopeless. I knew my estranged spouse for 15 years prior to us getting married in There were many things he put me through shortly after we got married when things began to come to light in Inhe walked out on me and the marriage.

Up to date, I learned through facebook that he went right into a relationship shortly after leaving me and is now engaged. What should I do?

Are you still married, or are you divorced? I strongly recommend tuning in to our live, call-in radio program that is on MarriageRadio. Joe Beam, the marriage expert, would be able to ask you the questions that you need to help you think through how to proceed.

My husband and i have been married for almost twelve years and have seemed to hit our lowest point. From the beginning it is clear to me now that we never set boundary lines. Seems like every year we keep coming back to the point of him and other women. I can admit my faults in snooping through his phone, online,his bag, and even recorded his phone conversation while me and our child was gone. At one point i was over it and resorted to someone else as well.

After we lost our child in he wanted to separate because i had been through his phone tge same day i lost the baby. I evolved with this man but never pushed my husband away instead i reached for him even more but he continued to push away.

I ended the relationship with that man after realizing that the connection i was looking for could only come from God. Time went along and we continued to go through this cycle of other women. His words are just words to me. With this last instance ki asked him did he love this woman our was he in love with this woman and he said that he loved her as a person. He also said that he cut off communication with her. I honestly want to trust and forgive him but i also have a hard time forgiving myself.

Please pray for our marriage and our family. My husband and I just celebrated 22 years of marriage, and 27 years together, I am 46 and he is A few months ago his best friend died, and my husband has been going thru a difficult time, he has even said he is going thru his midlife crisis. He has always gamble in casinos once in a while, but all of the sudden he has been going to this one casino a lot, sometimes times in a week for the past couple of weeks or so.

He also told one of his friends that he is smitten with this girl. Been married to my wife over 30 yrs. Two kids, etc… I recently caught her texting a local man on Easter sunday of all days. I was working.

Maybe GOD was sick of me working sundays anyway, i lost it. I went nutz for 3 weeks. This is horrible. Im not sure I can get passed this, its eating me up.

She is my one and only since I can remember. My husband and I have only been married 18 months. He just told me he is in love with my 25 yr old daughter and wants to leave me. My husband and I have been married 8 years, he has a history of depression, and addiction to pills.

During our marriage, my husband battled alcohol, depression, and pills. It was a roller coaster, the first couple years everything was good. The last years, he was laid off from work frequently, drink alcohol, and be very lazy. We fell behind on our mortgage, I always handled the bills, but could not afford paying for everything myself.

Even when he received unemployment benefits he would not contribute. I always tried to get him help,or at least encourage he seek treatment for his depression.

He was in rehab Januaryand when he came out, all he did was lay around on the couch, this built up some much resentment and angry, that I started talking mean to him, belittling him. In Decemberwe received foreclosure notice for our home, I had tried to save our home on 2 occasions where we were able to modify our mortgage, but of course defaulted because he was again laid off.

I told him over the years that if we foreclosed that I would leave him. So, in January I left the home and got an apartment. He went into rehab then. I always loved my husband despite the turmoil, but just had enough of his irresponbility. I unfortunately reconnected with an x-boyfriend who was also separated from his wife, that relationship was brief and did not work out. My husband did get sober, and did not find out about my relationship until after it was over.

He was willing to forgive me, but I was still not completely ready, just wanted more time for him to prove himself to me. I decided just to do me and not date. Well beginning of June, and we had been in contact this whole time, I found out he was seeing someone since April. Of course I flipped out because I thought he would always want me and love me.

Now he is seeing her and me at the same time, but I have become the side piece. She has threatened to not see him anymore unless he files for divorce with me this week. I am sure he is lying to her, but he is telling me that he is not filling at least not now, he loves me but is scared I will hurt him by cheating on him, which I never did until after our separation.

He is coming over to talk to me tommorrow, because I told him he needs to either divorce me or move on with her. Last week, the other woman found out he had been seeing me, and after fighting with the both of us, he finally did tell me he loved her.

However, now this week he is saying he is not in love with her like that, but is scared I will hurt him after a couple of months. Please pray for us!! And let me know if there are any services you offer in NJ, if our talk goes well tomorrow.

He has been very nice to me this week, even showing more respect and caring. He is also finally sober. This month I discovered that wife is in love with another man, and when I confronted her she told me that she cannot love me again. They work together and this is the second time they have fallen for each other with 4 months.

The first time it was discovered they ended it, citing their respective marriages and children. This time they both want a divorce. I am trying to slow the process down to buy some time as I still love my wife and want to keep our family and marriage in tact. I would appreciate any thoughts, advice or prayers.

Hello im in a crisis my wife and i have been together for almost 12 yrs married for five this month. We have seperated five weeks ago when i found out she was kissing another man at work. I did get upset and say some things not meaning to. I know this didnt just happen over nite her wanting to seperate. We hqve had ups and down as most couples have but this time i have finally come to the realization of what she has needed fron me and askin for.

I have been distqnt and depressed and blocked out my hole famuly at time especially her and her needs. Ive been controlling and not kept any stability in our lives. Among other things i havent seen because ive been so distant and blind to what is going on. I desperatly want my wife back home but she has started seeing this other guy and pushed me out emotionally and physically.

Refuses to discuss reconciling at this point and says she is in a different place than i am on it all. She says she dont know if she wants a divorce but knows she has to have space and time away from me but remain freinds. Ive since been as calm as can be and better understanding on how she and i have gotten to this point in our marriage. She says she loves me and i know that and i love her.

But it takes more than love she says and i know that. Im working hard to improve my ways of thinking and reacting to things. She told me to go out on dates and get out that i need to find out for sure our family is what i want. I already know it is and dont beleive dating othr women is right. I love my wife and want her to be able to give me her heart back.

Affair Survival: Tips For Dating a Married Man

I am so sorry for what has happened. Right now, the best thing you can do is start working on those things that would make her want to come back. Be the man that she needed before…that will help bring her back to you. Married 24 years and my spouse strayed and left me for good. I am so hurt. I am very disappointed with myself for allowing this to happen to me! I am so hurt that he once again took advantage of me knowing how much I loved him!!!!!

Telling me that I have no proof of his infidelity. But the truth is I know that its true because one friend of ours confirmed it. I also saw the missed calls of the other woman in his phone. He told me that its over, that he dont want me anymore and still insisting that he has no other woman. By the way, before this arguments happened I sent a message to the other woman on facebook and beg her to stop whatever is happening to them, and that woman also keeps on denying that they have a relationship and she doesnt even know my husband.

But I have the proof which I keep to myself because Im afraid that when I give the proof to my husband he will leave us and he will choose the other woman over us. Please help me. My wife left me for my dad this past Friday. Please pray for us. I have begged my wife to come back for the past 3 days and today and she says that she does not ever see us getting back together.

Please pray. She is a good person who has done a bad thing. I want her back badly. My wife and I have been married for almost 14 years, recently I discovered she had been having an affair with a coworker for almost 4 months. I ask anyone that reads this to please keep us in your prayers.

And truly is the love of my life. I miss her dearly…. I have been married to my wife for 16 years now. About 5 years ago, under my wifes pressure to get friends, I found a female friend that I became friends with and my hopes were that she could help me open up to my wife.

My wife over time had started to pull away from me out of fear I would have an affair and she asked me to stop talking to this woman. I kept telling my wife that she was silly because I thought I could resist any temptation.

Two years ago I started to have feelings for this other woman and started talking to her A LOT over a 3 month period. I becane infatuated with all of the attention I was receiving as my wife continued to pull away. It came to the point after those 3 months that this other woman had told me she loved me and I responded with the same. My wife confronted me about our many thousands of text messages each month a few days after this happened and I denied any involvement with her.

I most often run into people dating while separated when they're separated themselves and involved with someone else who's separated too. 7 Signs Your Partner is Sleeping With Someone Else It can be you whose partner is secretly spending time with someone else while apparently dating . My husband has been cheating on me for many months and I had no. Is this answer still relevant and up to date? Am in a new relationship with a guy I really like, how do I know I love him enough to settle down with him? I really . with someone else's husband, you are woefully inexperienced.

I remained friends with her for 3 months after and refused any attempts at counseling with my wife. I had an emotional affair with this other woman and after thise 3 months I finally pulled my head out of my bottom because my wife asked for a divorce and broke everything off with the other woman. Things started getting better between my wife and I but I still lied about my involvement with the other woman.

Fast forward 18 months and God had really been working in my heart to admit everything to my wife and I finally did last October. I continue to give her more and more space to the point where I only talk to her once a day. Well, Mark, you were right in holding off separation as long as possible. You need extreme intervention right now.

I know it may sound impossible, but I would really encourage you to look into our 3 day workshop for marriages in crisis. I am struggling with a huge decision. I have been with my husband 11 years and married for 7 years. In things started to go down hill. He was not communicating with me and never really has or showed emotion. I feel he neglects me and does not care about me.

I feel alone even when he is there. Feels like no love and no spark and we would barely ever have sex maybe times a month. I am 31 and he is He tells me to find another man.

And it is ok. I can leave and come back and do what I want. This hurts I feel he does not love me. He left in to work and I barely talked to him. I started talking to men but nothing serious.

I forgot about it and moved on and dated. It was not working with the other men. So I decided to concentrate on myself. Then when I least suspect it a man comes into my life. My husband lived and worked in another city but came home this year march when he was laid off. He knows I am dating this man.

So this man only together 2 months. But he is everything I want and need and desire. The passionate side and emotional, intellect side, everything is there. It is scary but good scary. He wants to marry me and have a kid and so do I. Now my husband finally talks to me and opens up after I want to leave.

My new partner is beyond words to explain the love we have for eachother. He is my everything and we share everything together. He wants me to get divorced before we live together…but he jokes lots about cheating on me. Please pray for our marriage, were have been married for 9 years this coming Aprtl. My husband moved out of our home 19 months ago and in with another women.

He tells me he loves her, yet he calls and text me all the time and tells me he still loves me. I have been helping him financially since he moved out so I wonder if that is why he loves me. I have put home and all the bills he has no responsibilities with her…. Please help. My husband Tendai left me for another woman 3 months ago. Please help me pray for restoration of our marriage and the love that existed before.

Is it ok if my wife is still in contact with the other guy while we are trying to fix our marriage? I have been married for almost 9 years, together for 11 years. We have had a rough year with extended family issues and then a miscarriage.

I withdrew for about a month and then my husband announced that in my depression her reached out to my best friend for advice and then they fell in love. He moved out and straight into her house. I still want our marriage to work……is that possible? Hi I am married for 2 years. I had miscarriage before 8 month…. I with the help of family warned him …we live in conservative society where women have no other way to new life after breakup in marriage…. I have a question, I recently found out that my wife of 12 years has been having an affair.

She went on a missions trip with our church and connected with one of the other members and the affair started shortly after they returned.

I confronted her about it once I found out. We seperatly have talked to our associate pastor who lead me here. At this time she is still madly in love and tolerance with the other guy. We have 3 children together.

I am in the military and on leave now through Jan 3rd. Any advice would be appreciated. Before thanksgiving day my life turn worst.

Found out my hubby was still cheating me with same woman I caught him cheating back Than was ready to give up after all my pain. We been marriage for 16 years now until today found out he still talking to her.

The pain is so deep I find it hard to breathe. I fear waking up in the morning because of the heaviness of my heart. I find it extremely difficult to focus. Please pray for me and my husband. It is my fervent desire to be reconciled to him.

All this years I try hard to explain him what bothering me. It hurts so much. Without him I no longer want life. I promise to god I will vow my marriage forever until death do us apart. I trust u in God. Your my father ,my lordmy God. He wants us over. This woman he talking only wants his money. She fully understand me. My hubby cheats on me cuz we have arguments ever time. He never spends with my or my kids. My kids are already suffering so much. It hurts badly. All change since Since he decide to cheat me.

Plz pray for us. Please call us at We would love to help you. Been married for 11 years with 6 kids. My husband has gotten too close to a girl that works for us. I have been warning him for a while that she seems to have no boundaries.

He admitted he was attracted to her but not to worry about it. He has been under a lot of major stress at work and had a conversation with the girl telling her that he has fallen in love with her but is committed to his wife and kids. I phoned the girl telling her she had no respect for my marriage. She admitted she has been struggling wth her desire for him and has been flirting.

Lucky for me nothing happened and her Paster at old her not to return to work which she has done. The problem is my husband has also admitted to not feeling in love with me.

He said he never has felt a spark or romance with me. Can he fall in love with me? Was he just too overwhelmed at work and have some kind of mental breakdown? He said he feels to tired and stressed to feel anything, but how come he was able to feel for this girl?

Did she mentally and emotionally take advantage of his needs? Did I fail him in some way? It is likely limerence. He is likely rewriting history with you and is stuck in the limerence right now. Please search our website for more free articles about limerence. We also have a podcast on iTunes, Marriage Radio, where you can listen to hours of free content that will help you in this situation.

If you failed him, then he would have truly strayed. He may say that he is not in love with you, but I believe that respect, responsibility, and commitment is love. Rhythmic in a sense that everything is predictable and no longer is exciting. You did not fail, but maybe you can do something to bring back the excitement?

Perhaps there are things that you need to do together to rekindle those old feelings. A vacation perhaps, or a change in wardrobe? Maybe even additional sexual exploration? Married 10 years. Separated 2 months I kicked her out of the house.

I caught her at a restaurant with a young kid. We are both She said she is having a midlife crisis and now has a dating profile. We have a 3 year old boy and I am trying to stay strong. As last resort I will file divorce papers. We tried counseling prior to this but she was already with this guy for 4 months! I invited her back into our marriage as long as she can come clean and show remorse. In her mind she has done nothing wrong. I may be wrong, but this is my take on it. Since in most state, adultery is no longer a justifiable reason for divorce.

How To Speak To An Ex Who Is With Someone Else

Instead of throwing her out, start ignoring her. If she is unemployed, stop giving her money to run the household. Do it yourself. If you have children, take care of them financially yourself, do not let her use them against you.

Here's when it might be a good idea to leave and pursue someone new. then take a break from dating before moving on with someone else. After 10 years of marriage and permissible love, and 4 children, my husband has fallen in love with a woman whom he got to know through the Net. She is one of. There were no signs that his attention had turned to someone else! . In a group date, you're there to make him feel like he's not stepping out.

Stay in a separate bedroom if you must. Start treating her like a housekeeper instead. Slowly cut her out of your emotional life. Start dating, meet new women, rebuild your confidence. Separate your finances, take what you believe is yours. Let the stronger person win. If she leaves and shacks up with someone else, let her.

I eventually started seeing someone else. Through our entire separation my husband has expressed how he wanted his family back. By this. Perhaps the best advice you can give someone about having a relationship with a married man is telling her not to even start. The love of your life just might be a married man.”. The woman who is in love with a married man lives a life that, for the most part, is shrouded in. my husband and I are seperating after 12 years of marraige he is still living here in the home in the basement and I discovered by accident that.

If she is employed herself, let her take what is hers, nothing more. Sorry my english is bad. Been married for 7 years, We were chatmate for 2 years and got married.

Husband dating someone else

I moved in to his country. During our honeymoon stageI discovered that my husband was not sexually active. I initiate to have sex but my husband cannot gt hard anymore, he struggles with erectile dysfunction. The doctor gave him pills, but still cannot gt hard. As a woman it was not easy for me, I was young and I need sex. But I am deeply inlove with my husband who is 12 years older than me.

I understand himI will never imagine my life without my husband, so I accepted the reality. I never look for another man. I concentrate my life with my work, internet and smetimes I forgot to prepare him a food, i got lazy.

Because I was too confident that my husband will not find another woman. Until last February I visited my family in asia. I stayed for one month. During my second weeks in my country he was so sweet, sent me messages and called me, until my last week of vacation he sent me message if we can separate for a while.

He said he need space and he want me to move out not so far from our apartment. He want to know If he will still miss me if he will not see me. But i discovered that he has chatmate also an asian. I confronted him. I asked him when they started as a girlfriend boyfriend he said during when i was in asia. I asked him if he love the woman, he said he dont know. But his love for me is still there but not so strong like before. I still live in our apartment but he show always that he still care for me.

I asked him again last night if our marriage is finally over. He answered no. But i cannot stand everytime he chat the other woman. I want my husband back. I really love my husband. It does not matter even without sex forever. What should i do. Good afternoon, Thank you for sharing with us! Please pray for my marriage my husband and I have been married for almost ten years together almost twelve. We were very young when we got married. We have a nine years old that is hurting a lot bc of the situation we are in and a three year old.

I moved out from his house three years ago but we both decided on working on our marriage living apart and when he was responsible we would move in again. We still went out as a family and our children knew we were together and that we would move back in this year. A month ago he told me he is in love with someone else that he met less than three months ago and no longer wants to be with me.

That he wants a divorce. My heart hurts my son is so sad and I do not know what to do. I love my husband and I have want us to work again. I have hope and pray to God everyday. Me and my husband have been together for 5 years married for 3 years right before our 5 years together he left me and said he didnt want to be with me anymore that he wasnt in love i still tried to hang on.

He refused almost everything i tried he wouldnt come home started drinking neglected his kids. In the time all we did is live together and have sex, we didnt even share the same room. Months later i found out i was pregnant and moved far away. He acted as if he wanted to save our marriage when i left and spoke about moving to where i was and working it out.

When he would come visit every few weekends we would go on dates and be happy. He ended up moving back but instantly became distant the next day. He left back to where he used to live for a day and didnt contact me at this time i found out that even before he broke things off with me he had been being with another woman. So he hid it for 6 months and never came clean. When i asked him he admitted it but said he wanted to work things out.

I feel invisible most days and dont know whether to give up. We actually did a radio show on a similar topic the other day. Its been 7 years i married my wife my love. Before 2 years i came to know that my wife has an affair with her boss. She initially told me that we are just friends. But later on i recognized that they both have an affair. I checked her call detalis and notice tht she used to talk to him for hours when i was at work.

Now she is in deep love with him. She is asking me to give divorce. I am totally broken.

I love her like anything. She is telling me that he cares for her a lot. Even i care for her a lot. I love her a lot. I dont want to leave her.

God please help me getting her back and start loving me as before. I am totally getting destroyed without her. Of those six we were engaged for 1 year. We have a beautiful son together and live together. She was younger then me and risking it all for her. He was spending all hours of the night out with her. Lying about doing over nights and over time.

We were working on our relationship and then he had begun talking to her at the end of April and stopped again on May 9. He had told her things like he was there to stay and calling her by names he calls me. Could this be fixed? What do I do? I love this man so much. I feel as if I pushed him right into her arms. I need help. He even went on to tell me how she was just an easy target and between him self and another guy she was just a bet to see who could bed her.

She claimed that our entire relationship wedding vows included had been nothing more than fantasy. She said that she still loved her high school boyfriend and would rather be with him. We have been married for 11 years with 4 children. She understands that she will not ever get to be with him and is willing to stay with me for the meantime. But how can I stay married to someone who refuses to love me, openly admits to wanting someone else, and denies ever loving me despite almost 12 years of marriage?

She tells me it was never real, but it was real for me and our 4 kids are real. They deserve parents who love each other. Here is a great article that offers help with what you are going through. My husband And I were happily married for thirteen years.

We went through so much to be together. Last year he met a much younger woman who believes in polyamory. She already had a live in fiance plus a lover. My husband became infatuated. I am so afraid of losing him as he is everything to me and did several things that have made me deeply unhappy. They both now tell me its because im jealous and infatuated and paranoid and several mental illnesses. He has moved her into our home and they sleep together several nights a week.

We no longer have a physical relationship. He tells me its because he doesnt trust me. Mainly because ive never said no, and now im expressing unhappiness. He has cut my family off, says bad things about them. His do not know as they live over seas. Its humiliating me in front of his friends and work colleagues.

Ive never been a christian, but now feel drawn to praying for comfort and answers. My husband and I are married for 2 years and we have a wonderful 1 year old baby-girl. At the beginning of lets say around March things started to be different with us. He denied and denied but i eventually had hard evidence that there was in fact another woman.

I spoke with his and he said that this woman was what he used to pray for long before he met me. He said he chose his family over her but yet still he goes out for the night and never answers my calls. Please pray for my husband and I. I really wish i could of attended one of your marriage sessions but i live in the Caribbean. My husband is seeing someone else who is married and he is barely speaking to me.

We live together. He is not interested in counseling. We have been married almost 25 years. I am heartbroken have talked to my pastor praying like crazy and have no idea what to do but trust God. He sees my mistakes and not his own. He goes and comes as he pleases. Hi Diane, Sorry about your marriage, that was 8 moth ago. I am curious as I am exactly but exactly in the situation as yours, what happened, did you get back together?

If you did, how did you get back together? I am 35 year old hiv positive traditionally married to my husband who is negative. We have 1 child together and I am currently pregnant with second one. Years ago I found out that when we met he was with another woman who he loves even now.

They separated when I got pregnant and got back together 3 years ago,I found out this year and he insists that he wants to marry her as second wife. If you would please email me at audra. I have been with my husband for 23 years, married We have two children together 17 and I found out seven weeks ago he has been having an affair with my best friend. He says he loves me but he is in love with her.

I know our relationship has not been perfect and the way I have acted over the years has not helped. I have been depressed however I am not now.

ThT our marriage and relationship has been nothing more then the right thing to do. I believe in us and refuse to give up. I hear melatonin helps, and they sell it in strawberry flavored gummies. However, I am still only getting about three hours of sleep. I will sleep more soundly once my soon-to-be-ex is out of the house. Yes, I found those kinds of items as well. It feels humiliating, but they are the ones who should be humiliated.

You should not be considering dating until your divorce is final. That would not be fair to the new interest, or to you. So, no worries about not thinking about dating yet. See Spaz, I do listen. Spaznskitz will give you some great advice that you should be willing to take. He obviously was checked out of your relationship before you. He has moved on emotionally, and therefore finding Skank du Jour to entertain himself with. Ugh, I know. Have you been to a lawyer? Gone to your gynecologist?

He probably started his escapades long before you knew. Good Luck to you. You can read my blogs and see some of my journey on the roller coaster called divorce. Feel free to ask away. My stbx want us to live under the same roof because he cant afford to move out i don't want to start that he would be okay to see other people but i am not we suppose to go to counseling for co cohabitation seperated under the same roof butbi dont wont this either we are going to reconcile or i will file.

Husband is seeing someone else after only a few months of separation : Divorce.

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