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The real reason Hunter Biden split from Beau's widow

Joe Biden's son in relationship with widow of his late-brother

F you, Mr. Here I am, living my life. Throughout the ups and downs of his life, Hunter told The New Yorker , he has relied on his father and his father has relied on him. I can say things to him that nobody else can. Hallie, as well as others in the Biden family, declined to talk to the magazine.

His father, then Senator Joe Biden, remarried in and his second wife Dr.

Jill Biden joined their family. Inhe was diagnosed with brain cancer, which was successfully treated by surgery and he was able to continue working throughout his treatments.

He became well known as a campaign surrogate for his father and running mate Barack Obama during their presidential campaigns. In earlyhis cancer rertuend and he was treated at walter Reed Army Medical Center near DC before passing away in May of that year.

A post shared by Andrea McDonald andrea. InHunter and Hallie announced that they were romantically involved.

Jun 12, - The son of Democratic presidential candidate Hunter Biden married for was dating Hallie Biden, Beau's widow and mother of Hunter's niece. Hunter Biden and his widowed sister-in-law-turned-lover Yes, you read that After two years of dating, Hunter and Hallie reportedly called it quits on their. 5 days ago - Hunter Biden began dating his brother's widow while recovering from a week spent buying crack from a homeless encampment in Los Angeles.

And anyone moved to judgment now has no knowledge of the grace and strength with which Hunter and Hallie have navigated the last four years.

While the announcement was surprising to many, Hunter and his wife Kathleen separated innot long after Beau passed away.

May 4, - Joe Biden's son Hunter started dating his dead brother's widow in , amid how own messy divorce. Now they've broken up. Why? Who is. 5 days ago - Joe Biden's Son Hunter Tells All About Dating His Brother's Widow, Meeting New Wife, Addiction Problems and Dad's Unfailing Support.

They finalized their divorce inbut not without a lot of drama along the way. This all comes on the heels of his discharge from the Navy Reserve in after he tested positive for cocaine. Either way, an insider told the publication that the situation is a "private family matter," a sentiment we can understand.

Hunter Biden Dating His Sister-In-Law Hallie Widow of Late Brother Beau Biden

It's important to remember here that children are involved Hallie has two kids while Hunter has three and there's a good chance that their parents are eager to protect them from public scrutiny.

Hunter Biden became a hot topic in the political world in Aprilwhen he found himself at the center of a brewing scandal involving Ukraine.

We're not political experts by any means, but we'll try to break this situation down for y'all. And while Hunter was working for the company, Joe put political pressure on the country to fire a high-ranking and allegedly corrupt prosecutor named General Viktor Shokin. Although the move was supposedly intended to force "Ukraine's notoriously corrupt government to clean up its act," according to The New York Timesit came to light that Shokin was investigating Burisma before he was axed.

Joe told the publication that he had "never discussed the matter" with Hunter and that he "learned of his son's role with the Ukrainian energy company from news reports. So, how does this mess relate to Hunter's relationship with Hallie Biden? Maybe Joe's son needs to take some time to deal with his career and this potential scandal before focusing on romance, but we can't say for certain.

Either way, it's clear Hunter has a lot on his plate professionally.

Hunter dating widow

It's no secret Hallie Biden and Hunter Biden's relationship turned some heads and incited some backlash. While these reactions probably weren't fun to deal with, Hunter revealed to Vanity Fair that he isn't easily phased by public opinion, suggesting that the rumor mill didn't ruin his relationship with Hallie.

And remember that the two things are very much connected. Just because Hunter Biden doesn't pay much attention to public opinion, it doesn't mean he can easily avoid the drama.

A perfect example of this? Look no further than The Atlantic 's May report that President Donald Trump plans to drag Hunter into the political mud if Joe Biden wins the democratic primary. Trump is reportedly interested in the supposed "liabilities that Hunter Biden brings," like his divorce, the scandal involving Ukraine, and his alleged drug use, to name a few examples. So it's a little bit late for them to say it's unfair.

If Trump does come for Hunter, we'd imagine he'd need to focus his entire energy on the situation, which would leave little time for dating. Of course, this is all speculation, and it's important to note that Joe's youngest son doesn't run from a fight.

If you think Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden's families pressured them to end their romance, think again.

4 days ago - Hunter Biden's shady business dealings in Ukraine and China, as well as his equally questionable romance with his dead brother's widow, are. 5 days ago - Hunter Biden Speaks Out About Rehab, Wife and More. Inc. Joe Biden's Son Hunter Breaks Silence on Dating Brother's Widow, New Wife. Jun 12, - Hunter Biden: 5 Things To Know About Joe's Son Who's Now Married After Dating His Brother's Widow. Hunter Biden. No New York or New.

Shortly after news of the romance broke, for instance, Joe Biden gave his blessing via a public statement. Hunter echoed this sentiment with his own statement, saying in part: "Hallie and I are incredibly lucky to have found the love and support we have for each other in such a difficult time, and that's been obvious to the people who love us most.

Years earlier, Hunter worked as a lobbyist while his father was in office, creating its own image problems. So can you survive the assault? Adam Carlson.

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Who Is Hunter Biden? New Details On His Split From His Dead Brother's Widow

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