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What's Your WTF Moment in Dating History? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

A brave year-old man took to reddit to answer questions from complete strangers after learning of his HIV diagnosis. He explained that he used protection with his sex partner that night but is fairly certain the condom broke. We had a brief one-night-stand, using protection, and nothing interesting came of that night. The sex was mediocre. I eventually went to the ER where I was misdiagnosed with strep throat and sent home with antibiotics. One month ago today I tested positive, saw a specialist, confirmed the diagnosis with a CD4 of and viral load of , I feel deeply ashamed and my life feels extremely unfair based on the fact that I was using protection and still managed to contract it.

Hopefully by the time this thread is finished, I can put a substantial portion of these rumors and incorrect assumptions to rest. Take it from me. His health was questionable for the past few years so I confronted him last year to see if he was tested for HIV. His cd4 was eleven by the time he was hospitalized.

Undetectable people do not transmit HIV and it takes two people to .. We ended up dating for about a month but unfortunately he was in a bad. Should hiv positive people put their status on their profile? My friend is hiv+ and I saw him talking to this dude on tinder, the guy was drunk. A brave year-old man took to reddit to answer questions from complete strangers after learning of his HIV diagnosis. The anonymous.

Thank you for owning your infection and addressing it. I imagine it is a slow journey back to normalcy but you will live a long and healthy life. Thank you for this thread as well.

Hiv dating reddit

I might still have my best friend if he possessed your strength. Ultimately, taking a pill every day is far superior to the alternative of letting it progress. She was a coworker and wanted me to meet her best gay friend. I eventually caved and went to the party. We found a spot at the party, in the backyard, where we sat alone and talked all night.

I found out I'm HIV positive back in July. It has totally broken my spirit and I don't know who I am anymore. I'm transgendered mtf but since my. As it turns out, I'm back in the dating game. Recently, I was talking to someone on a dating app and we decided to meet. He told me he was. I'm negative my self but have always wondered if HIV positive guys find it harder when dating. Do you usually tell them when you first meet.

It was wonderful. After that, he was hard to get a hold of.

anyone know of any dating sites/apps that cater to people with HIV that don't make you pay to send a message?. I've had HIV for almost 14 years. It's undetectable, I'm an attractive, thirty-five-year -old guy, but I haven't dated in a very long time because. On Reddit forums, users can “upvote” comments, thereby elevating the If my biggest concern in this life is the toughness of the gay dating.

I went to our mutual friend, my coworker, and asked about him. She told me that he was pushing me away, it was killing him to do it. I went after him, more determined than ever and eventually convinced him to go out with me.

Notice that one equates dating HIV positive with interracial dating via a pic of black and white hands making a heart. This association is. Not going to potentially expose myself to HIV no meaningful benefits unless you're having unprotected sex with lots of HIV positive women. After a long period of being single, I have finally found someone that is worth dating. He is smart, charismatic and we have a lot in common but.

He had no idea that I knew he was positive. I could tell he was scared to say something, but I wanted him to tell me on his own terms.

What It's Like to Date When You're Straight and HIV Positive

One day, we were sitting together talking about the future when he stopped and looked out into nothing, his eyes glazed over. I caved, I had to say something, it hurt to see him so worried.

We sat there for hours. After that, we started to move in together. That was three years ago this November. He also had a hard time when he found out he was positive, he ran away to California on a Greyhound bus without a plan or money and almost became a male stripper. He lived in a homeless shelter and sold degreaser door-to-door.

Why and why not. Honest opinions please, asking for a school project. fills you in on the topic, hiv heterosexual dating, with a wealth of fact sheets, expert advice, community perspective, the latest news/research, and . So I met this guy a while back at a party and he was really cool. We sort of fell out of contact because I started dating someone. Now I'm single.

Eventually his mom convinced him to move back home. I thought no one would ever love me. It seems so long ago, so far away. Viking Hi man. Gay dude here. I was diagnosed with HIV in I'm currently a jewelry designer, as a means of income and awareness.

The stigma is very real. I had a friend I knew for over 20 years who outed my status to someone I was sexually active with in the past. When we reunited, she disclosed to him and he blocked me, he just never talked to me again. I was a ghost.

Hiv Heterosexual Dating

I've used a lot of sites to try to date. I'm not like most people; I don't settle. There's somebody out there for me.

But disclosure can be really hard. Especially for someone like me that self-stigmatized for over ten years, it makes it hard to face rejection.

When I go on those dating sites, I talk to someone until I feel comfortable enough to disclose my status. As long as we're virally suppressed, taking care of our bodies, doing right by ourselves, we can live a long, healthy, and happy life.

I was diagnosed inwhen I was It was very shocking, because I had always grown up with medical issues. I had open heart surgery when I was three months old, and had blood transfusions, which is how I got the virus.

I've had good and bad experiences with dating, which is expected for anybody, I guess. I tell people to just be completely honest, with yourself, and your partner, and work through it together. My experiences have been mostly good, but every now and then, you run into bad situations. I had one where I was in a relationship with a girl and her family found out about me and it all fell apart, because of stigma and not knowing current facts when it comes to HIV.

There really is a lack of information. It's extremely shocking, what people don't know about HIV. If you're dating someone, you should ask as many questions as you can. Somebody that has it has spent hours with doctors and learned so much about the virus. They're going to be the best source of information for anyone.

What’s the Most Real Relationship Advice You Can Give? (Dating Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

There's always this kind of superman complex that negative people have. Kind of an ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to HIV testing. I always encourage everybody: Know your status. People ask me about the tattoo and obviously I tell them why, but having a tattoo like that on your body in such huge and visible letters, it kind of makes you virtually undateable, because there's such lack of education.

Most partners are not very well informed. It kind of kills the mood when I have to give a whole class every time I meet someone. A date can turn into more of an information session. I think that it's important for people who are negative to have some understanding.

Disclosure is not easy for anybody. It's a huge risk. There's fear of rejection. Now, you're not only just letting this person know, you're trusting them with something important and personal, trusting them to not use this information against you. I use my virus as a way to weed out the people I don't want to know. There are people out there that aren't very good for you.

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