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How To Choose Between Love & Your Career, According To Real Women

Unemployed 35-Year-Old: ‘I Don’t Know How To Fix A Lot Of Things That I Believe Are Broken Inside…

Given older women refuse to talk to me , I decided to have a couple conversations with two lovely, younger women about personal finances one night out of town. Nothing gets a woman going like a man who can talk about derivative investments! She recently broke up with her boyfriend in Los Angeles and moved back to Miami to be closer to family and childhood friends. Amanda comes from an upper middle class family who own multiple properties around the world. Victoria can financially support herself and is currently dating a wealthy boyfriend. She has always been the studious type, graduating in just 3. Her parents never spoiled her with much of anything because they come from a lower middle class background.

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Human behavior is weirdly fascinating. If Amanda and her suitors are open to have fun, then more fun to them. The key is to try and not get too attached after several encounters. I have been single since I started practicing law four years ago and cannot find one remotely intellectual and successful guy interested in pursuing a relationship with me dating, fine…but not a relationship.

While I have no need for a guy to take care of me or be successful monetarily, I do need to have intellectual conversation and be with someone that shares my values—-saving, investing, passive income, diversification, travel, personal growth, etc. I am actually asked that on multiple occasions.

Four years is a long time! Amandas are very attractive for men because they love the challenge, adventure, and spice that her type brings. Guys also love to be the caretakers. Orange County, actually. I do have some rather good stories along these lines.

Curious - but would any of you guys date a girl or guy who lives at " Unemployed" while attempting to get an entrepreneurial endeavor off the. Why wouldn't you? What kind of shallow people are you dating that give a shit if your employed?. Long story short, I quit my terrible job and moved back home with my parents. According to my calculations, I can live off my savings for the next.

Perhaps fodder for a new post. All these posts are the result of experiences from speaking with interesting folks. Definitely ping me next time you are in SF. My endless summer is over and I should be here more often. Finding our way around the labyrinth of life is a task I think every adult should have to pursue. Relying on the money of another person is a passive and sad way to live. William C. Durant, one of the founders of General Motors, lost all his money during the Great Depression and ended up running a bowling alley in Flint, Michigan.

I live in Seattle, and was working at Microsoft, and had a fair share of well-off men pursuing me. I wanted to be successful my own, and with a bunch of hard work I am now out of debt and own investments and part of a home the other part is owned by my bank, as I still have a mortgage. I get it! Some peole have nifty pick up lines, you do survey questions. Apparently it works! Which one would you actually date? On a semiserious note, I would take genuine help from anyone who wants to give it.

If it is just using people, count me out. Dating usually congers up a more emotional response which changes the dynamic. I could not take advantage of someone just because I had hard times. I would be completely honest whcich would probably limit my dating. I had a friend from high school get married recently. This dude got into massive debt in his teens. So what did he do? He found a sugar mama! He married some lady in her 30s who he met online. I have to agree with another post above; these relationship articles that throw in financial motivation are just uncomfortable to read.

And who knows? I might be so happy that my kids are safe, the nice man might start looking very attractive to me. Not such a bad bargain. Interesting topic.

I wonder just how differently people think about this, based on gender. Maybe not much, but then again who knows. The best thing is a shared journey where two people are on the same page and both contributing to the relationship in a way that genuinely works for both of them.

Regardless of how much each person has. You are right about people in relationships who say they would never. There are plenty of fish in the sea to avoid settling. Only a partner who is ideally suited for you. Yes, if I was broke I think I would want to be with a financially more well to so person for sure. Fun post.

The way I was raised. Otherwise, shared values are 1, and one value I hold dear is financial security. Guys in general are just less good looking than women so I wonder if good looks really do have as much power over women than the other way around.

I favor independence and not owing anyone anything. I saw my parents raise me having to constantly seek financial assistance from their parents so I wanted no part of that. Love and life are complicated. But becoming financially responsible and independent are part of growing up. Couples need to be on the same page about monetary goals and values for things to work but there are lots of other things that have to click too.

I understand why Amanda does what she does now, but only after I gave it a lot of thought and hours writing this post. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I suspect being single and broke would influence my decision on this. When you have less choices, sometime good enough is good enough. I am a very practical person, but at this point in time I cannot see myself being with someone just for monetary reason and companionship.

Money is just one more thing that makes a potential partner attractive or not. No amount of money would make up for sweaty gut folds but as one element of a persons attractiveness, it would probably compensate for a couple of shortfalls.

From time to time I worry about this one. I will admit that I think because I am FI, relatively affluent, and not completely ugly, women do gravitate towards these attributes. I have dated an Amanda on more than one occasion who think I will save them from their irresponsible past and their debt…that all of the sudden they deserve a certain lifestyle.

You are probably right about the ratio of A friend of mine at dinner said the same thing and told me various examples. You need a little bit of both to have a good combo. I am middle aged broke and unemployed who has lost my so called friends and lovers. It hurts very badly and the isolation is devastating. I am seeking employment but experiencing difficulty due to age not experience education or skill set.

My relationships have always been purely sexual on my part but being broke and unemployed has eliminated my prospects.

tbh, when I ws unemployed i didn't have the mental energy to audition in two I don't see why someone should stop dating while unemployed. But both of them deep down would prefer to be done with the game of dating and Imagine him asking you to stay in his San Francisco penthouse for free while. Yeah being unemployed in itself is a big barrier, but the biggest barrier is . I don't think I'd want to date while unemployed as someone.

Money not buy U love — guaranteed, are U trying to do this? Or measure love to money? Stupid thing. If money is concerned than it is not love. If you want to buy relationship — go get do it, alternatively U can buy some sex it is easier. There was one good measure for love — will other person voluntary choose to die for U? Or stay with U when U go broke? And disabled?

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On the other side, life with more money is easier when with less money. Thus nice man with money is better than just nice man. And some killing questions to U — Do U want to be measured by money? Do U want to have relations with someone if U know that it is about money, not U personally? Or even have a suspicion about it? Both ways are ok, but that is 2 different major choices in life. First, it was a young lady make open letter saying that she is tired of relationship with poor guys and wants to stick to a wealthy men and kinda wanna sell her beauty and devotion to him.

Than some time after was exact clear answer from some stock guy some points I remember : 1. If U are trying to exchange U for money its is investment for me and thus need to be measured. I have good NW now my money and with every year it will be bigger because I am smart in finance thus it will appreciate 3.

Your NW young body already has negative cash-flow now cosmetics, clothes etc. Your NW will also heavily depreciate because woman in 20 has less value than woman in 30 and than in Than PURE financial reasoning: why to exchange increasing asset for heavily appreciated?

One other stupid pattern I see in this post — why are U sticking or even thinking of girl with problems financial, family, whatever. There plenty without problems.

If U solve her problems there will be no long term gratitude to U — guaranteed just practical observations. Sam, I really enjoy your well researched and thought out articles, but, every time you write about relationships, I sigh. Lasting love in a relationship is way more about friendship and mutual interests, the sex fades fast, though still important, the true glue will be your friendship connection and how much you enjoy sharing your time with said person.

Enjoy being broke and homeless after divorce - r/ProRevenge

Ditto Chris! A relationship is all about give and take. Amanda is a mature woman who is single and free to date whom she pleases.

I want to date women, but currently can't because I don't work. I am a caregiver to a parent. I can't afford to spend money on dates because I. My last GF was unemployed when we started dating. A year later, she was still unemployed and I felt like she was using me as a distraction to. Comparing Vital Factors In unemployed professors review expertpaperwriter while others dedicate two full years for midwifery and three years for The customer service representatives may also unemployed professors reddit give Students Essay Writing Service · studybay · tall singles dating.

She is focused on finding a job to stay in Miami and is not looking for something serious at the moment. I could never be with someone just for monetary reasons, and I know that from experience.

My dad was a great person when he was alive, but my mother used him for money and it tore them both apart. For me personally, I think the decision is made with a little bit Victoria and a little bit Amanda. I think love includes many factors… and one of them is financial. Not necessarily that he has tons of cash, but that he is on the same page financially.

I want us to work together to get ourselves financially where WE want to be.

Good points. Balance is important and I like a little Amanda and Victoria blended in together as well. In my last relationship ten years ago!

I finally ended up leaving him and moving in with my parents for a short time before I could properly take care of myself. He would fly them around occasionally to do things like fly them out to watch the superbowl in person or be his arm candy at various events in town. Because there was no sex they both claimed it was on the up and up and everyone knew what they were getting out of the unspoken agreement.

But it still felt pretty skeezy to me and when I got invited along I declined. Youth and beauty are part of the trade. Actually, I think an older man is very attractive. Unless he is one of those that have never matured, I would rather have one. I am 54, my husband is leaving me.

I went through a very similar phase for a while and talking to a therapist .. I would be open to dating someone who was unemployed but had. Personally I don't think I would be in the right frame of mind to date if I were Why not continue to look for "the one" while unemployed? Share. Beth works full time to support herself and her husband while he's in school. There's this idea that somehow dating while being unemployed.

The reason is because when he met me 12 years ago, I owned my own house, had money in mywas making about 74, a year, six years younger than him and receive a settlement every year for about 7, dollars.

Well, unfortunately I got laid off about a year ago and been having a hard time finding a job.

Dating while unemployed reddit

So we are broke and in debt and he tells me he no longer loves me. This is a fascinating post, Sam. Yes, financial security does bring about more choices, including the choice to just wait things out.

She is focused on finding a job and im sure she will get one bc she knows a lot of people and is good at what she does.

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Comments It is really sad that some people have to prostitute themselves or stay with abusive partners in order to keep some measure of financial security.

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