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Delta Unisaw Restoration: Part 2

Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: Dating a Unisaw. Join Date Nov Posts Dating a Unisaw I am trying to restore an older Unisaw with a cast iron base but the ID tag does not have a serial.

Dating a Unisaw I am trying to restore an older Unisaw with a cast iron base but the ID tag does not have a serial.

It is a Rockwellmade in Guelph Ontario and is a 1. The model number is X. I tried the Old Woodworking site but wasn't much help. Have I missed another place to look, there are no other tags on the cabinet itself, possibly on the motor?

Also has anyone usedthese guys as a source for parts? Google Sponsor Google Sponsor.

From what I understand, Delta did not keep serial number records on Unisaws prior to , but there are clues in some of the specific design. i have just become the proud owner of my first unisaw but can only find a serial num which is would love to know where the model and. This aluminum serial number plate is from a Unisaw, and is . When I began my quest to date my Unisaw I was spread over three.

Posts What is the serial number? On the 40s era one I had the tag was on the back edge of the table where it interfered with mounting a Biesemeyer fence so I had to remove it. Post some photos and maybe we can give you a general idea.

I wonder how many wives out there feel like their husbands are dating their Unisaw. Does she have a sister? And if you can't find a date for your saw go back to OWWM to the wiki section and it tell you how to age your saw by the changes that was made over the yrs.

Without numbers on mine,with the help of OWWM its Good luckCarroll. The saws that were made in Canada are in their own little world as far as the serial numbers. Every reference I could find online says that model is 5hp 3ph.

Without being able to even bump the motor over though its a gamble. Do you have 3ph or are you planning on a phase converter?

Delta Unisaw Restoration: Part 1

Don't forget to figure that into your overall cost, and use it as a bargining point to get the price down. Not sure how the numbering system worked on the old saws. The 36 I think is the model series.

Last edited by Bob D. Thanks for that link Bob, and it was built in according to that link. Model number as you stated does indicate its a 5HP 3Ph saw.

Dating unisaw

Guy said he wanted The throat plate is about had it, shaft seems to turn without any wobble. We dont really need it, but figured if the deal was good enough, why not.

Table Saw Print, Circular Saw Art, All dating from. Unisaw with a Biesemeyer fence on it, Its a. Softened wood handles, maker marked all sharp. Circular Saw. Handwheel Tightening Knobs unisaw dating Hand wheel tightening knobs (TCS) were fitted with a threaded stub that projected 7/8. And if you can't. I am trying to restore an older Unisaw with a cast iron base but the ID tag does not have a serial #. It is a Rockwell, made in Guelph Ontario.

It does have both cast wings on it and a pretty rough right hand extention table. My thought was maybe use this one and build a sliding table top for it. Anyway, thanks for your help guys. Bob, although not the most effective way, we have a solid state phase converter on the Powermatic.

Its been on there for over 20 years and still running strong. You cannot stop that saw and only one cap in the converter has failed in that time. An electrical engineer rebuilt it this last time and made a couple changes to it from the original configuration and I think that is the smoothest that saw has ever run.

The Delta Vintage Project - Part One: Serial Numbers

So, if I go this saw, I think we would probably do the same and build another one. Well, for an 87 and since you don't have a problem with running a phase converter I'd say go for it.

Worldation. Jamal Lyon is a main character in the television series, Empire. He is one of the sons of Lucious& Cookie Lyon, the half-brother of Jeffery Kingsley. o It is a "Delta Unisaw" made by Rockwell Manufacturing Co. Pittsburg, 8, Penn o Ser. Any information on dating would be greatly appreciated. I'd also love to. 10/4/ Looking at a Delta 3hp 10' unisaw it has the right side extended top. i would say its in good condition. mechanically its in great shape. just a little beat.

I don't see how you will lose money if a little later you decide not to keep it. Should be able to get your money back.

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