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Greatest Metal Snare Drum Ever Made-Rogers Dynasonic-Ken Loomer

The drum was launched in in both a wood and metal shell in varying depths, fitted with a unique snare frame often referred to as a snare cradle. The snare frame that held the snare wires evolved through various versions in an attempt to perfect the set up of the wires. The basic premise was to have a drum with floating snares which could be tensioned without putting any pressure on the head. This would require the shell to have no snare beds, which were believed to reduce volume and tone and create choking. The very first metal Dynasonics were thin Gretsch shells, of which only about were made. There were no beads and seven etched lines in the centre of the shell.

There were no beads and seven etched lines in the centre of the shell. Like the wood shell drums, these were soon replaced with Beavertail lugs and the shells resolved to have five lines etched in the middle. These had stained dark interiors with a clear lacquer.

Both shell types have reported thickness variations from drum to drum. The last wood shell Dynasonics were 10 ply maple with no re-rings circa There are varying stories on how the Dynasonic snare drum came into existence.

The Big R period, a dating guide for drums and snares Page: 1 2 Sticky topic, 13, Rogers Drum Kit, 1, 32 dating Holiday Kit & Dyna-sonic snare, 0, Rogers' most iconic contribution to the history of drum innovation is without a doubt the dynasonic snare. This strainer system pioneered the. Rogers Dynasonic Vintage Drums. Join Date: Jun bottom hoop with the spot-welded gates, and the "blunt end"-style snare frame.

Rogers were certainly looking for a product to bring onto the market to compete with the other American brands. There are claims that it was originally designed for Buddy Rich who was looking for a snare drum that could go from Pianissimo to forte, be extremely resonant, and never choke. The Dynasonic with its precision 0.

Dating rogers dynasonic snare

The Dynasonic was a great success with estimated sales of 50, snares in the 20 years it was manufactured. Not everyone loved the drum, however. Not even all Rogers endorsees! Whether Buddy Rich loved or hated the drum depends on who you talk to, but he certainly played one from its launch up until the end of his Rogers contract. Drum Finishes.

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5x14 Rogers Dyna-Sonic Snare - Mid '60's - The Drum Shop North Shore

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Rogers dynasonic snare drum

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Rogers dynasonic snare drum.

Hello - Will you provide some pointers if there is a difference in sound or construction quality between a Big R badge dynasonic versus an oval script badge dynasonic. I am thinking of buying one but on ebay there is a material price difference between a Cleveland era dyna versus a late 70s dyna.

The history of Rogers Drums - The Vintage Drum Guide shows you Rogers Finishes, badge and Rogers finish pages are also very helpful when dating Rogers Drums. Rogers Dynasonic Gallery, Photos of Rogers Dynasonic Snare Drums. Hey guys! I have an old Dynasonic snare I'm trying to date and get a price estimate on. The serial number is Here's a link to an imgur. Are there any Rogers experts out there that know how I can date a Dyna-Sonic snare drum that I just purchased? Remember, the Dynasonic is a particularly sensitive drum. The funniest part about this thread is when the OP asked whether there are any Rogers experts around here.

But is it only because of collection value or there are tangible sound differences. Also what about a 70s script oval badge dynasonic versus a mid 70s Big R. Did the sound of dyna evolve over 60s and 70s? JohnPloughman Silver Member. The answer to your primary question must be no. One is not necessarily better than the other. I currently own 15 Rogers Dyna-Sonic snare drums.

Rogers dynasonic dating guide Anyone know how to date Rogers Drums? I suggest you start in the Rogers Drum Set and Rogers Snare. Rogers dynasonic snare drum Drums. Senior Member. Join Date: Jul Posts: I currently own 15 Rogers Dyna-Sonic snare drums. This month I'm looking at another timeless classic, the Rogers Dynasonic. Some of you will know the history of this snare drum, but if not, then.

The earliest is unplayable. The lugs are cracked. That drum is a first generation Dyna. The th drum to wear the badge.

The following is offered as a short Christian dating guide for. Dating from , this is the 75th An. Rogers Dynasonic COB snare drum – 14 x 5.

Hard to argue that drum being a Covington built drum is better than a Big R period drum that has never failed.

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