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Leica Manufacturing - long version

Leica Camera is pleased to announce the introduction of its latest camera, and the new evolution of one of its most popular recent releases, the Leica Q2. The Leica Q2 features a brand new The Leica Q2's newly developed Matched with the high resolving power of its built-in Summilux lens, the Leica Q2 goes beyond the conventional use-cases of a 28mm focal length via its built-in crop functions for equivalent focal lengths of 35mm, 50mm, and the newly available 75mm bringing with it more possibilities in the world of portraiture and close-up work. This new sensor maintains a 30 MP image when cropped to a 35mm equivalent frame, even more than the original Leica Q's maximum of 24 MP at 28mm.

Lower prices make them great buys.

Rugged Titanium Lens Mount. AND 90MM R LENS, Dating leica lenses AND VISOFLEX III. There is little more known about this lens and the date of release. Home Blog Videos Film Dating About. X. I Shot a Roll of . CAMERAS. Contax Hasselblad Leica Mamiya Rolleiflex Yashica. FILMS. Adox Agfa. Leica Screw Mount Serial Numbers Leica M's and SLRs from to Sorted by Date and Serial Number Leica M's Sorted.

Sure, the 35ASP is slightly better wide open, but at smaller apertures you will be hard pressed to tell the difference. My own favorite. Two versions, with "eyes" and without. The M2 version outnumbers the M3 "eyes" version about Inexpensive, adequate, but not stellar performer.

Production about evenly divided between the two types.

A sharp, relatively inexpensive lens. Brings up 50 frameline in M series. Leitz claimed the possibility of incompatibility between these lenses with their sharply inclined rangefinder cam and the M series. For more info see CL profile. It was never officially sold to the public. A set of numbers were allocated by the factory, from 2 to 2 Information provided by Mr.

Horst Braun, Manager of Leica Repairs. Believed to be Zeiss glass, in a Cosina made barrel, assembled in Germany by Rollei. Said to be an excellent performer, however it will probably be a rare lens due to slow sales. Made for the Japanese home market only, announced production is chrome and black, with finder.

This lens has a fanatical following amongst Pentax users.

With its later Aspherical design, it's almost certainly the sharpest 40mm lens for your Leica CL or Minolta CL, just add the screw mount to bayonet adapter. List price is a not so inexpensiveyen. Generally considered to be the best production Super Speed lens ever.

Although it's rather heavy at three times the weight of a 50 Summicron, it has many fans.

Dating leica lenses

Later lenses are believed to have improved lens coatings. First version, no "50" on barrel, detachable bayonet mount hood. I like it. Second version "50" on barrel, detachable hood Third version "50" on barrel, built in hood.

Personally I prefer the earlier versions with the much larger detachable hood. All versions to this point made in Canada.

Fourth version. Not smart to use it from a financial point of view. Chrome or Black. With an average production of only about 2, per year, the 50 Summilux is actually a rarer lens than is generally recognized. Note closest focus is While good examples have their fans they are far a few between.

Basically it is a coated pre-war Xenon. Noticeably softer than the Summilux that followed it, it can still give wonderful but not super sharp results. Again, very prone to front lens scratches. Translation: dirt cheap. An uncoated lens, it is admittedly not a very sharp lens, but that is it's unique advantage.

Here is a quick and easy way to get the year of manufacturing of Leica lenses (L, R, and screw mount) based on the serial number which is. Results 1 - 10 of 10 Please plan on getting the lens a day before you absolutely must have it to. Front and Rear.*To be released individually at a later date. (Canon uses separate date codes, and Roland Vink is the world's guardian of Nikon's serial No two Leica lenses or cameras have the same serial number.

It's great for portraits, scenics, nudes. While it's prone to fogging and lens scratches, these will only add to the effect. Not collapsible on the M5 or CL due to meter constrictions. Many consider the 50 Summicron best of all 50 mm lenses, by any manufacturer. It's the standard that other 50's are judged by. First version Collapsible chrome. A good lens, but not as good as the later lenses.

It has a VERY soft front coating. Not collapsible on M5 or CL due to meter constrictions.

Aesthetically a very handsome lens, sought after by shooters and collectors. For many years thought to be the same optical formula as the collapsible, recently it has been confirmed to be slightly different. This is a special close focusing version of 2 above. It has the closest RF coupled focusing of any M lens. Again, very prone to front lens scratches and also fogging if bought from the original owner, see Fogging.

When focused near it's closest regular focusing distance, the lens will be difficult to mount OR unmount. I am frankly unsure if these reports are due to variations with the bodies and the DR, or are the result of user error. More research will till. While he could mount the lens, if it was not focused at it's closest regular focusing distance, the close up range was inoperative due to some sort of internal body restrictions.

Whether this is true of all late M6's in general, or of just the. Although the lens will mount, it will bind with the body just slightly from the infinity marking. The DR lens has two focusing ranges, thus the brilliant name "Dual Range. Once mounted, the closer focusing range is attained by turning the lens to it's closest normal focusing point. Then attach the "eyes" which clip onto the lens. ONLY at this focus point can the eyes be attached and the closest focusing range attained.

THEN pull the focusing barrel out slightly, and the lens barrel can be swung over farther to the left, to get into the close focusing range.

Leica Q2 specs, price, release date announced

It sounds more complicated than it really is in practice. It is worth noting that many experienced used find the DR Summicron not only their favorite 50, but their favorite lens, period. It has a combination of higher resolution and lower contrast and superb out of focus images. The Earlier version of the DR focuses to 19" and is marked in either feet or meters, but not both.

It is also marked in reproduction rations from to Leitz Wetzlar. The second version also has wider and deeper knurling on the focusing ring than the previous version. I have noticed a "warmer" color of lens coating on these later DR's, but am not sure if it extends to ALL of this variety. The lens head and glass appears to be identical to the earlier version and to the rigid version, at least from the outside. The second version also has a smaller ball bearing mount for the eyes, which means the later eyes will not fit the earlier lenses, though the older eyes will fit the later lenses.

Rare and Expensive. ELCAN specialized in various military lenses, which show up from time to time, often without the special cameras they were designed to work on. Easily recognized by their "50" on the lens barrel which the earlier lenses did not have. This lens seems to be rather popular, and damned if I know why.

It's a stop slower than the Summicron and only 25 grams lighter than the very recent 4th version. On top of that, it just doesn't measure up to the craftsmanship and fit of the version. It offers less all the way around, so why buy it? Still, it's unique miniscule size and fine performance make it an important lens in your bag of tricks. Sharp, but likely to be encountered fogged from original owner, see Fogging.

It has a great reputation, and is generally considered one of the best M Lenses. Superb reputation.

Personally, it's just too short for my tastes to be a viable portrait lens. First version with detachable hood. Relatively rare, E58 filters Second version from number with built in hood, E60 filters All versions to this point made in Canada. Third version. Though not announced yet, this version is said to be smaller than it's predecessor. This is believed to be the same lens used on the Rollei twin lens. Not generally recognized is all 90 Summicrons are low production lenses.

Back in June I sold all of my Fuji equipment and I purchased a Leica M10 and two lenses, a 28 mm f and a 50 mm f , both Summilux. Contax Rangefinder and Nikon Rangefinder Lenses on Leica RF .. Fourth Version to date Black, recognizable by 46 mm filter ring 8. I recently decided to send an email with lens serial number to Leica support asking if they could tell me the production date of my new lens.

From a collector's standpoint, nice original style chrome versions are VERY under priced relative to their rarity. Performance between the larger and compact versions generally considered to be very close.

Compact version does not have detachable lens head for Viso use.

Why It's Expensive - Tiny Leica 50mm Lens! - Leica Summicron-M 50mm F2 (Ep. 10)

Likely to turn out the sharpest of all 90 M lenses. Two variations, chrome and black, same optical formula. Generally considered to be a good performer, but exceeded by the lenses that followed it. Now getting hard to find. It is an outstanding choice as a travel lens. While some have complained about its sharpness, others have praised it.

For reasons unknown, it can develop a severe etching of the rear element. These include matching camera protector cases and carrying straps in premium-quality classic black and brown leather, and more vibrant versions in red and pink.

The pouches will initially be available in midnight blue, stone gray and red colorways, with more still to come. The accessory selection also includes technical equipment for the Leica Q2 such as the Leica SF 40, SF 60 flash units, the SF C1 remote flash control unit and an additional add-on thumb rest and handgrip. All accessories are functionally designed for easy handling, perfectly matching the quality and design of the camera and are manufactured from only the finest materials to ensure reliability for a lifetime of use.

A Pioneer By Tradition Leica Camera is pleased to announce the introduction of its latest camera, and the new evolution of one of its most popular recent releases, the Leica Q2.

Important Features Newly developed Downloads: Overview Instructions Technical Data. Please contact us if you require additional details. A Brand Ambassador will be in touch with you shortly to schedule the demo. When Leitz decided to start making camera lenses, they did the right thing and used six digits for the serial number, and started at numberAs serial numbers should be, they gave each lens its own serial number, and counted up.

Serial numbers as low as 50, are still floating around. Because of this orderly behavior, it it trivial to figure out when your lens was made.

Sadly, Nikon and Canon are not as organized, and use completely unrelated serial numbers for every product. Canon uses separate date codesand Roland Vink is the world's guardian of Nikon's serial number data.

No two Leica lenses or cameras have the same serial number.

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