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Dating Antique Clocks By Their Labels And Trademarks

Gustav Becker Vienna Regulator 3 Weight Wall Clock Grand Sonnerie - GCCCo

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A FAKE is a clock that has copies of real logos that is being passed off as the real deal when it is a reproduction. Thanks for all sharing info.

Now this seller has this same movement in a "clean" version. Signatures were removed or never stamped? You may also buy very similar case separately. Freiburg in Schlesien was moved to California? JPG File size: Unless these are actually fair quality clocks, I say they should be dropped off the Sears Tower.

Gustav Becker Factory clock secesyjny

Or donate them to the Steampunkers. I have five miniature reproduction cases and I love them. I did not however pay original prices for them. None of the sellers admitted they were reproductions but I didn't care. I KNEW the truth. Only ONE lied when misrepresenting one as a Lorenz.

I have not found the same to be true about movements. Chinese movements for the most part are junk.

Gustav Becker Vienna Regulator Wall Clock

Some made recently in Eastern Europe are at best, good, but not anywhere near the quality of those made by the old masters of the nineteenth century. The last auction with the fake GB was finished not so long ago, on It's finished, so I may post the number, I think If not - erase it, please.

SN is Lately, there are similar Vienna regulators showing up on the German eBay site and they're coming out of Hungary. Sometimes the clocks are declared as reproductions, sometimes they are at least suggested "antique".

Acest pin a fost descoperit de Bodrea Sergiu. Descopera (?i salveaza!) Pinuri pe Pinterest!. Gustav Becker clock serial numbers and production dates. Gustav Becker Clock Serial Numbers. DATE, SERIAL #. , , , Hello,. I've now a Gustav Becker clock and I would like to know in which year it was produced, or some approximation I don't know much about the history of.

Most of these clocks have the same "engraved" weights and pendulum bobs. I have also heard and read, "Hungary".

Gustav Becker Clock History. Gustav Becker () was a dedicated and successful German clockmaker. In , thoroughly trained in clockmaking in. Gustav Becker Serial Numbers. Years. Serial Numbers. Legitimate Gustav Becker clock movements have trademark and serial number. If you do some searches online you should be able to find.

Whoever over there is doing this - hat's off and I'd dearly love to find the maker of their movements as I need one to occupy one of their empty cases. I noticed the large weights immediately and not surprised. Again, testimony to their poor quality. Another seller we all know is also selling monthrunning movements legally as he makes no claims to age, origin, or mfr.

Gustav Becker c. stamped metal 2. Gustav Becker c. stamped metal, Gustav Becker c. stamped metal. Gustav Becker c. stamped metal. Some Observations Regarding The dating of Gustav Becker Clocks using Serial Numbers (with photographs). -- DRAFT 11/ Here's another link with a. I have an antique spring-driven pendulum wall clock. There is no identification anywhere on the clock except for the GB trademark and. P35 Schwz.

While a properly serviced, old monthrunner can run on as little as four pounds, these Chinese junk NEED eight pounds or more. Dec 16, 49 1 8 retired S.

England Country Flag: Region Flag:. I have just recieved photos of a three weight becker,fine case,from an Hungarian Ebay seller. Movement looks old. The last five digits on the number on the backplate is The engraved weights and dial centre and pendulum bob are exactly as the 'fakes' offered regularly by a US seller.

Gustav Becker

A well-known type of Black Forest clock is the Cuckoo clock. With the decline of sales, Becker stopped selling complex clocks, and returned to making more simple designs.

Gustav Becker died on 14 September in Berchtesgaden during a stay in Bavaria. After the Second World War ended, the Gustav Becker factory's location was transferred from Germany to Poland, and clock production there ceased.

Junghans continued to exist in West Germany, but clocks bearing the Becker brand were no longer produced.

Dating gustav becker clocks

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved It had a single straight rod for the strike with a GB logo on the block. The writing looked like the original ink was washed away and just a stain from what was once there is all that remained. It was a nice clock and in some ways I a little sad I sold it.

Here's a photo of the case. Will take a photo of the movement tomorrow.

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