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The TRUTH About Dating Younger Women & How To Attract Them!

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I wanted to know the good and the bad of dating a girl 5 years younger than me before we start dating. I was dating a girl who was 19 and I'm almost I felt that we are worlds apart maturity wise. I'm almost out of grad school and looking to settle down, and shes not really siure what she wants. She was still into partrying and going out till 4 in the am. Me I'm past my partying stage and I work at am so no going out late for me.

Age Gaps In Relationships

In my situation it just wasn't gonna work out, no matter how much I cared for her. Good luck, I hope your situation turns out better.

the bad of dating a girl 5 years younger than me before we start dating. . and getting **** faced everynite. i give ur relationship 2 years, max. For some reason I can't and I don't know why. Don't mind having friends 1/2 years younger but for some reason when it comes to dating. Would you ever date a girl who is two years younger than you? And how would you feel if she started to talk to you suddenly? Would she have to be extremely.

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Pro: When you're 30 she's only She was 19, I got rebounded I saw it coming I know it's possible, it's just not the rule. Pros: She's far less likely to be bitter and jaded than girls a few years older.

Date Posted: Jun 21, #1. Advertisement. I'm 17 in sixth form and theres this girl 2 years below me who I really fancy, because she looks amazingly beautiful. Do you think it's okay to date a girl to years younger than me? I'm 17 and she's 15 . I know she really likes me and the only thing stopping me. Only if you are aged eighteen or nineteen. And only if your romantic and carnal activities with her are conducted with her informed consent.

Also, relationships that lasted a few years in college and h. She's more likely to have a higher sex drive, and to be more sexually adventurous.

Depending on where she grew up and how she was raised, she may be less likely to have kids to look after. Cons: She's less likely to be in touch with her motivations, and is more likely to give free rein to her emotions outbursts, overreacting, etc. She's more likely to want multiple partners. She's less likely to be looking for "the one", so if you are looking for a long-term partner, she may just grow apart from you eventually and disappoint you there.

I'm a lover AND a fighter. View Profile View Forum Posts. Last edited by Wtf? As far as I'm concerned, the bottom line is the maturity thing. If she's a "typical" 18 year old, she's going to be way too immature for you assuming you are at a normal maturity level for your age.

My wife is older than me I'm 24, she's 27but I have a friend who dated someone younger for a few weeks recently. My friend is 27 and he dated a girl that is Just seeing them talk for about 5 minutes, I couldn't believe that he was able to put up with her at all. Just too immature and childish about everything.

Cool Stuff. Its harder IMO, I'm 22 and she's 18 going on She tends to whine and complain a lot more about stupid crap than the older girls I dated. For example, if I park to far away from the building she'll complain about it and make it a huge deal for a good couple of hours.

5 Reasons Women Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Dating Younger Men

And just when their lives start to settle down And you'll be right smack dab in the middle of it all. To date someone younger is to consciously reject a lot of this.

For this reason, being a woman with a younger partner is often viewed in a negative light. You're supposedly an immature doofus who can't attract partners your own age, or maybe a delusional narcissist who can't cope with aging I've heard both!

Dating girl 2 years younger

Again, all these ideas are based on stereotypes primarily, that youth is one of the only valuable traits a woman possesses when dating, and that to take a pass on using it as a bargaining chip to find a more desirable mate is insane. Does that sound terrible? If so, good!

We can fight this totally gross line of thinking by agreeing to view younger people that we have chemistry as real possible partners and by not constantly "joking" about any woman we know who happens to have a younger partner.

But, of course, if calling yourself a "cougar" gets your rocks off, then more power to you, my friend. There's another myth out there that dating young people means that you'll never get serious that dating a younger guy or girl means that you're signing on for a relationship purgatory full of half-assed plans, a lack of emotional commitment, and being introduced as "this girl I'm kinda hanging out with" at parties.

Again, this is generalizing that conflates age with a specific set of romantic values plenty of people of all ages aren't interested in serious relationships, and plenty of people of all ages are interested in serious relationships, too.

Ludwig isn't necessarily describing a younger guy; instead, she's describing a guy who isn't interested in a serious relationship, a kind of dude who comes in all ages. In my own anecdotal experience, I've found no correlation between age and interest in a serious relationship.

One of my closest friends recently married a guy five years her junior, after years of dating commitmentphobic dudes her own age and older; and Jesse was more open and interested in pursuing something serious with me than anyone I'd ever dated, despite being an age when he was supposed to be more interested in "playing the field.

Jesse wasn't my first dip into the younger dude pool we connected after I'd had a handful of casual things with guys four or five years younger than me.

I'd just gotten out of a long-ish relationship with a guy who was fixated on achieving "appropriate life milestones " marriage, kids, stable jobs and the experience made me realize that I wasn't on the same page about that kind of thing as a lot of people my own age.

At 28, I was only just beginning to explore my true desires for my career and life which made me have a lot more in common with a recent college grad than someone who'd had almost a decade since graduation to figure out what they wanted. Sometimes, certain experiences or personality quirks make us have more in common with people younger or older than us and not giving those people a shot romantically because they're not the same exact age as you is nuts.

Is it ok to date a girl 2 years younger than me?

The line of thinking that all younger guys are total scrubs dances around the fact that all older guys were once younger guys and that younger guys will soon be older guys. Our personalities remain more consistent through the years, but the window dressing of maturity tends to change pretty darn quick which is how, despite having the same age gap, my once "scandalously young" partner is now seen as pretty age appropriate for me.

I'm a 37 year old male and have been dating women 10 years + younger than me throughout my thirties. I've learnt a thing or two about the. Wyatt if you want to go out with Kate it's okay. Just because she's two years younger than you it don't matter my boyfriend is 1 year older than. There's this girl at work that I like and talk to a lot so I want to ask her out but I'm 20 and she's nearly done grade 12 so would that make it.

Sure, if you date someone younger than you, you may get to help them figure out some basic life admin stuff for a while but it won't be a pure "teacher-student"-type relationship, not just because younger people still have plenty to teach us, but also because people figure that stuff out relatively quickly.

The window of time when I was helping Jesse learn about credit reports and negotiating a salary was brief, while he continues to teach me new things about love and commitment every day I know, barf. To act like youth is an eternal state that a person who is currently 23 and not totally sure about how to pick a good bottle of wine or operate their dishwasher, will exist in that state forever is actively denying the facts of our own lives.

We're all aging, and life is too damned short to not date someone who's younger than you just because society has psyched you out about it.

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