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Brenda and Lacey Explain Dating Design Patterns

Singleton Pattern Design Patterns (ep 6)

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He can put it on his desk or bookshelf where it'll look right at home next to the Dilbert-a-day thing. Sorry, no sex patterns in this edition, so if the advice works and you find yourself in a successful dating scenario, you're on your own for what happens after that. Perhaps there'll be an eXtreme Dating XD version? There's one more reason I like this book How could more chocolate, games, and toys at work be anything but GOOD? Yes, they really are girl magnets And don't forget the puppy.

This is no fluffy, foofy, self-help, mars vs. You'll find all the things that make a software developer feel right at home, beginning with UML. If you've read GOF or just skimmed it, you know what to expect from the format.

So, get it for the humour, get it for the practical advice.

Dating Design Patterns [Solveig Haugland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Design Patterns Conspiracy: How It All Happened When. Dating Design Pattern. Ultimate geek gift for chrismas ;-) Dating Design Pattern. Posted by Benjamin Francisoud at pm. While cleaning up, I found this copy of the OOPSLA Dating Design Patterns skit script. The skit itself was, as Brian Foote called it.

And for gosh sakes, go get a slinky, a couple of unusual action figures there's even an Einstein action figure now and a Starbucks-style barrista--either one a better choice than G. Joe and some chocolate, right now, and put them on your desk tomorrow.

The Data Farm

Have fun!! I don't know what kind of mind is so into patterns that they come out the other end with this book, but the result is very funny. You need to be a geek to get it, but if you do it's definitely worth it. It's a satire of patterns and of some fairly leading figures in the computer industry. Christopher Alexander was in on it, too, starting off kind of geeky and playing Dungeons and Dragons and going on to be a dating machine.

I've never laughed this hard reading a patterns book.

Well, OK, I haven't really laughed much at all at patterns books. Can hardly wait for the book on refactoring. Wonder if Martin Fowler was dating refactoring god in college? From its very beginning until the end the book contains adaptations of software design and architecture patterns to the field of dating.

I mean, I was told not to judge a book by its cover but. I forward her slashdot posts every week or so Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:look at the source. I am dating someone and she likes my geeky side. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Score: 4Insightful. You know, I happen to be a transsexual woman and a geek. Most transsexual women do everything they can to avoid male stereotypes.

Though a large amount of us do work in the computer industry, by and large the bulk of us do not. And we are SUCH a minority that it is incredibly unlikely to begin with. Only about 1 in 10 us will ever pass on that kind of level, even to amazingly needy geek guys with little contact with women. And for the record, pre surgery, the large portion of us aren't into guys, geek or otherwise.

On the other hand, many of the geek women I know are pretty incredible women.

They've worked past the stereotypes and done something with their lives. They are confident and powerful and quite often beautiful women. Score: 2. I need a nerd chiq really badly, but I have no idea where to meet them.

Probably on a college campus? Score: 5Interesting. Most of my geek girlfriends are trying to find guys through normal means. One is using a dating service another go's to clubs. You know, you never know if a woman is smart until you come up to them and say hi and ask them to chat. Honest interest in them goes a long way.

Geek humor: Dating design patterns

Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to find women and say hello, give them a sincere compliment and do it confidently but not arrogantly. And for God-sake, put on a button up shirt and some nice fitting slacks that show off your butt good. If you can dress decently, that's half the battle. Even a fat guy can look well put together in a nice pair of slacks, a blue button up shirt, and a nice white and not dingy white t-shirt.

And shoes make a difference. Smart women most likely are looking for men who can hold their own and have confidence. They likely won't be as impressed by how much you make. Something I had to learn when I transitioned to female was how to act as if I have confidence even when I don't. It's a good skill and keeps me from being a target for all kinds of bad stuff. If you get turned down, that's life. Remember learning to ride a bike, your first c programs, learning to make NFS secure?

It usually doesn't work the first time. I know many geek guys have spent a life in torture by jocks and idiots. But it's your turn to shine. Also, if something just doesn't work out, try to save the friendship. She likely knows a ton about you and can help you with everything if you can resist the urge to throw everything of hers away. Friendships with chicks is VERY cool.

It all started because Zeke said that what he wished he had was some darned Dating Design Patterns. "Finding a woman, and then knowing what the heck to do. Note /5. Retrouvez Dating Design Patterns et des millions de livres en stock sur Achetez neuf ou d'occasion. Encouraged by John, I took my Dating Design Patterns book concept to the medium of live theatre at that event. Live theatre solveig meant skits solveig talented.

It will teach you how to talk with a woman, which is a good skill to have. Though beauty standards for women are tons higher than they are for men and that's why they seem to be a bit more preoccupied with looks on average.

It was a huge shock when I transitioned full time. I knew of it but I didn't realize it was that decisive. Anyway, have patience, listen, ask, and dress for success.

Score: 5Insightful. A butt ugly guy who gets laid by secure and attractive women is the best possible source of dating advice. They've never been able to rely on natural good looks, so they were forced to understand the true nature of the game.

The question is if this guy is truely, in fact, scoring with reasonable women. I ask because one of my high school classmates used to do Score: 3Insightful. Rich and famous guys can be butt ugly with no charm or skills, yet still get loads of hot women. I asked one not ugly, but that guy was able to get any woman quckly -- and without spending money too. He tried to answer, but could not.

Finally he said "I don't know, somehow it works". Score: 2Funny. And secondly You might wanna try having sex with her as an alternative to all this shared slashdotting and wikipedia.

I didn't think women could be used for sex when I was younger but one night I accidently discovered this second use pattern when I tripped and fell on top of my girlfriend. Now I regularly find myself resisting time on slashdot to enage in this new, cool, and soon to be patented design pattern. All new kid of trolling My father used to refer to "trolling" as going around to pick up women with your cock hanging out of your pants.

Re:All new kid of trolling I guess we all know the alternate term for "trolls" hanging around in Usenet then. The definition hasn't really changed much in a generation. If you did this in reality, I think 'snippet' is what the women would do. Open box. Inflate Score: 5Funny. Re:Open box. Inflate Score: 2. You know what's funny? Go to Spencer's and look at the blow-up doll boxes.

What do they all say? How about a third person! Suggestion for poll Score: 2Insightful. Do you want slashdot to post ANY april fool stories next year? Enough is enough! And if it's not annoying enough now, remember somebody may come across these stories in a few months.

Re:Suggestion for poll Score: 2Insightful. Mod me up Re:Suggestion for poll Score: 2Funny. Why are you so upset? Re:Suggestion for poll Score: 4Funny.

Re:Suggestion for poll Score: 5Informative. Except that this story is real [directtextbook. Go search on Google. Re:Suggestion for poll Score: 2. I remember back in 99? And all the nerd sites linked to it, rather than comming up with their own.

Score: 3Funny. Just what we need! Finally, the gender bias in computer literature will end. Why have we suffered for so long with only "man" pages? Re:Just what we need! We tried "chick pages," but the lawsuits we too cost prohibitive.

Dating design pattern

How to score Score: 5Funny. By AC.

Ill get right to the point and save us both the hassle. I find you incredibly attractive, moreso then any other woman around here. Anyways, do you just want to go to a hotel or somethnig? A few will say "yes. Repeat times. Re:How to score Score: 2.

Re:How to score Score: 3Funny. Re:How to score Score: 2Funny. Deposit in tax-exempt bond fund. Collect interest. Re:How to score Score: 4Funny. Oh, wait. Re:How to score Score: 5Funny. Nash: I don't exactly know what I am required to say in order for you to have intercourse with me. But could we assume that I said all that? I mean essentially we are talking about fluid exchange right? So could we go just straight to the sex? Courtesy IMDB. Long-running loop Too much work Score: 2. Sounds rather tedious to me.

Why not find somebody you like to be around and who likes to be around you and let nature take its course? Editors Score: 2Redundant. You know, if you actually tried to make it look real, it would be more funny. Some of your section headings had correct capitalizations, others didn't. Almost as bad as michael's posts earlier today that were almost entirely in lowercase. Right off the bat you can tell it's a cheesy writeup.

This "it's so stupid we have to post it" mentality doesn't make me laugh, it makes me roll my eyes! Re:Editors Score: 2Interesting. Congratulations for falling totally into this April Fool's prank. See, the whole prank is a flood of retarded April Fool's submissions. That's the whole point. And it's working like crazy, judging by all the whiny comments about how "it's not funny!

Re:Editors Score: 2. Yes, it's "whiny" to point out how bad a whole day's worth of lame stories is. I should just sit back and not voice an opinion except when it is pro-Slashdot.

Decorator Pattern Design Patterns (ep 3)

At least this one's real Score: 5Informative. Customers who bought this book also bought: Score: 5Funny. Re:Customers who bought this book also bought: Score: 2. Re:At least this one's real I notice that the reviews on Amazon are all very high. Actually I'd dare say singleton is the pattern for 1-night-stand-slut. No permanent references to the Slut object should be left around by the calling object :. Neutron writes:. This is not a recommended pattern.

Once an instance of Slut is created, the same instance is used for every call. That is, unless you're real careful about shielding your code, and vigilant about unit testing. I would much rather use a Factory pattern. What I sacrifice in reusability I gain in stability. As a married man, Score: 2Funny. Design patterns are great for high level architecure but when you need to get down to the nitty-gritty low level stuff it's best if you have the counsel of the experts.

A true geek will always go for utter randomness, complete unpredictability and total bafflement - how else will he be a geek? Are they Open Source? Re:Are they Open Source? How NOT to tell a joke: Step 1. Make it really really long.

Step 2. Put the punchline in the beginning. You said it. There's a great book on this, "Comedy Writing Secrets", which if you only take one thing away from it, make it this: put the twist in the last word if possible, or the last two words if not. That makes all the difference in humor.

Try it. Some short examples: "This baby seal walked into a club. The Japanese already have a concept similar to this. It's called "Dating Sims". And they're not even an April's fool, they DO exist! Actually no, dating sims are not the same as hentai games. Dating sims are mostly on consoles unlike hentai games which are strictly PC games, probably because Sony and Nintendo don't want smut on their systems and are focused on, yes, dating, and have no sex or not much, and in a very limited way.

Actually no, dating sims[ Score: 4Funny. It was a complete waste of the time required to write it and the paper required to print it. What's needed is a dating design pattern book for women about the GEEK platform. Once a book like that is written, opening the eyes of females everywhere, this "dating" issue will be resolved. Not a Joke Score: 2. It's not a joke unless amazon [amazon. You know how to get a girl? Some of the ones that seem to be breeding stock may in fact have a lot of intelligence and you can bring it out of them.

Been there, done that. Get away from the computer and learn something that you find to be fun and that is accessible to girls who aren't computer geeks.

I picked up bass and guitar for fun and found that a lot of college girls will at least give you a shot if you're good. Personally I don't care much, since my gf can beat me on guitar and hold her own on bass. If you have a chance to have a casual sexual relationship with a girl, that's helpful for when you're ready to settle down.

Yes, folks, they did turn their brilliant minds to solving the problem of geek dating, and they did solve it. With design patterns. Dating design. Dating Design Patterns, with a cover suspiciously similar to Design Patterns by the Gang of Four, is the first attempt to bring verified solutions to. code samples?' What would you say if such documentation was not only available, but succinctly put into 22 design patterns and given formal descriptions just.

Experience is something most guys really need. You don't want to risk a game of one upmanship. I'm wary of dating girls in my major C. My current girlfriend is a musician. Re:You know how to get a girl? Take care of your appearance, which means go to the gym Complete rubbish. I'm a geek who couldn't get laid at college, but am now in my 30's and have had lasting relationships with some very good looking and intelligent women.

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