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I had already invested so much time and energy in this. I clutched at the six pack and the bottle of Jose in my paper bag like a life presever. Me and Jose would make it through together. We drink our beers and watch Idiocracy on her couch while talking a bit. I learn she is jobless, did not graduate highschool, lives on government assistance - and the worst, for me, she had no desire or plan to improve these things.

She was happy. I break out the tequila and we start taking pulls on the bottle. The sun is going down but not quickly enough. I am sinking faster than it is. We go out on her balcony and some of the brighter stars are already visible in the sky. The tequila came with. Eventually, I'm drunk enough, the sun is down and by the light of a bugzapper her face is not bad at all.

I kiss her. After a few minutes of kissing she goes in to put some music on. Not but a moment passes before I hear the dulcet tones of ICP drifting on the wind. I consider leaping from the balcony to my death, but decide it'd be too embarrassing for my friends and family to find out I was there.

Turns out the girl doesn't have a bed. As she gets drunker she begins to share more about herself, and I'll spare the details, but its apparent she is a very damaged person. My head is spinning from the booze, but I had a sudden moment of clarity. This girl is drunk. Although she is of legal age for a good romp, she is mentally not older than a highschooler, and although not too drunk to consent, I know I'm never going to call her or see her after, and I think of what this might do to a damaged girl with issues.

I excuse myself to use her bathroom and start drinking water from the tap to sober up. I remember staring at myself in the mirror and just thinking of how thankful I am for everything that I have in my life.

When I come out, she is passed out on her couch. I gather my shoes, wallet, keys. Money is missing from my wallet, but not much, and the girl doesn't even have a bed. I just shake my head and leave. Once on the highway I drive like an idiot.

I'm drunk and lost. I get pulled over by the cops in my parents truck, smelling like tequila and not wearing my shoes I had switched cars with my parents, their truck was too difficult for my mother or grandmother to get up into with their physical conditions. The police ask me if I've been drinking. I just say simply yes, I have been drinking. I give them my papers and what not and they ask me to step out of the car and I do the breathalyzer.

The cops see the results and start laughing to each other but don't tell me the results, but they don't really need to. I know I'm too drunk to drive but couldn't fathom having stayed at that girl's place any longer. I gambled and lost, but to this day I'm just glad I didn't hurt anyone and I've never driven drunk again.

After the cops asked me why I was so far from home and what I'd been doing that night, I just tell them the whole story. I made them laugh, mostly at my stupidity. There is a moment though that sticks to me still. The officer said to me, "You live with your parents and this is their car? How old are you now? They took pity on me. There was a hotel across the street and they gave me a choice. Check in or go to jail, so I got a room for one.

The cop said he saw I'd never been in trouble before, and because I work so much and am trying to finish school, he wasn't going to ruin my future even though I'm already old as fuck. I woke up in the morning in the hotel bed. I called my boss and told him I wouldn't be coming in. I just sat in the bathtub in that shitty hotel on the highway in some part of Indiana nobody need ever go to, thinking about everything I'd done, the risks I'd taken, how I could have hurt someone, how lucky I was.

How bad I felt for that girl. How grateful I was to those cops. What kind of person I wanted to be from then on. I thought so much I booked that room for another night and just stayed there, thinking some more.

I don't know why I've typed all of this, if its relevant, if anyone will read it. I don't know what the point of it is, really, only that I still feel shame and this is cathartic. I'll try to say something meaningful though and wrap it up. I was a man drowning in my family problems, work problems, and personal problems of loneliness and academic failure, unsure of where to go in life and just so unbelievably exhausted from working myself to the bone and seeing no meaningful gains in life.

I thought finding a woman would help me to fix myself. So I got online. And in order to find a woman I painted myself in the best possible light by misrepresenting who I was and what I was about. I omitted my problems. I think this is in essence what all online dating is. People who can't function in every day life so they hide behind the screen, putting through the net tubes only the parts about themselves they know others will like or only the lies they think they can get away with.

If you are lonely and you think you absolutely need to find someone so that you can be happy thats the impression I got from so many people I met online then chances are there are other things in life bringing you down besides just being alone.

Work on those things first, knock them out so you can be truly happy on your own, and then finding someone to be with will be easier. It will happen naturally, and it will be a beautiful thing when it happens. After I checked out of that hotel I turned my life around and met a wonderful woman and we are very much in love and will probably get married soon. I'm grateful for that, but it wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't confronted my own shit.

If I had kept hiding behind the screen, misrepresenting myself in the hope of getting my dick wet here and there with strangers, I'd probably have ended up in that shitty motel bathtub again, considering opening up a vein to let all the regret out. In parting, love yourself, love your neighbor, do not meet your neighbor's wife on match. Six or seven years ago, I was a regular IRC chatter.

I started talking to a girl there let's call her Jennyand we hit it off. She had a wry, somewhat cynical sense of humor. I realized that she was maybe ten years younger than me, but since - according to her - she was over 18, meeting up shouldn't be a problem.

She lived in Florida, I live in Denmark. So, one evening, we talk about her visiting over the summer. I go to cook dinner and when I finish eating, sign back on IRC.

She tells me that she's bought a ticket and will stay for three months. I tell her "whoa, that's a really long time, I was thinking a couple of weeks or so".

But since she has already paid for the ticket, I feel forced to let her stay. Fortunately, many of the other people in the IRC channel where we hang out are also Danes and want her to visit them. During the time we have known each other, she has sent photos of herself, and I'm quite surprised when she looks nothing like her photos.

When I meet her at the airport, I expect to see a chubby young woman, but I was not expecting her to be cm tall and just as wide at least. I'm cm and weigh about 90 kgs; I'm fairly sure she weighs more than I do. Now, I'm not a shallow person, so I think to myself "Well, at least she has a great personality, right?

Over the next two days, I find out that not only is she immature and sheltered, but apparently her whole world is made up of deceit, lies and HUGE amounts of drama. She has lied about so many things, including - and I don't find out about this until the day before she leaves - her age.

But more on this later. She has apparently also told her parents that she is visiting her friend Cathy in Denmark, who is married to a brain surgeon. I don't know anyone named Cathy. I am not a brain surgeon, but a photographer. If things don't go exactly according to her plan, she will immediately start wailing and sobbing, stamping her feet and punch the walls.

So when I confront her and ask her why she has been lying to her parents, she throws the mother of all hissy fits. Eventually, after two hours of coaxing, I manage to talk her down. On the third day, my nerves are frayed from her drama and lies. I can't make any sense of her cockamamie web of deceit.

My apartment is so messy that I don't recognize it. She insists she will do the cooking, and to her credit, she did not do a bad job of the actual food preparation. But unfailingly, every single time she has cooked a meal, every single pot, pan and utensil will be dirty and I will spend 40 minutes to an hour doing the dishes. She eats around the clock. Every day, I completely restock the fridge.

On the fifth day, I tag in one of my friends and his wife who is American - we can call them Hank and Gabby and arrange with them to let Jenny stay with them for a few days, and then send her off to meet up with her other internet friends in the area. I am exhausted, and honestly, very tired of taking care of this petulant little compulsive liar who completely wrecks my apartment every single day. My friend let's call him Matthew flies in from Sweden while Jenny is away, and we spend two days completely cleaning up all the mess Jenny has made.

We discover that she has gouged deep furrows into my brand new and expensive dining table by using it as a cutting block.

She has also broken the shower head. I have no idea how. Matthew stays for four days, we watch movies and go for photography walks around the city. The day after he goes back home, Jenny returns.

In less than an hour, she completely wrecks my apartment. At this point, I've had enough and I tell her that she has to change the date of her return flight because I've gotten a photography assignment abroad. Cue wall-pounding hysterical rage for an epic six hours. At my wits' end, I call Hank and Gabby to ask them for advice. Gabby picks up, and as soon as she hears the wailing in the background, she tells me they'll be right over. When Jenny finds out, she stops crying and runs to the bathroom.

The shower starts running. Hank and Gabby come over, and Gabby, who also has had enough, has some choice words for Jenny, who does not reply. They help me put all of Jenny's things in, on, or near her suitcase, and as we're doing this we find he passport, which clearly states that she is, in fact, sixteen years old.

Not my proudest moment. We finish packing, and then they go home. As soon as the door shuts, Jenny unlocks the bath room door. Apparently, she has been sitting in the shower, on the drain, thus flooding the entire bath room with a good inch or so of water.

I hand her the phone and tell her to either call the airline to book a new return flight, or call the nearest hotel to make arrangements with them for the rest of her stay in Denmark. She turns on the waterworks again, but when she sees the look on my face, she immediately stops and does as told. The next morning, she leaves, bawling her head off. I have had enough at this point and can't be bothered to even walk her to the station, which is four minutes away by foot.

The day after, she calls and tells me she got home alright, and thank you for a wonderful time and can she please come visit again soon.

I tell her that we will have to discuss this later, as I'm about to leave my apartment for a photo job downtown which is true. While I'm out, she calls my home phone times, my cell phone, which is on silent, times, and there are also 53 emails when I open my Outlook. These numbers are factual, not exaggerations. This is the final straw. Next time she calls, I lose it and yell at her incoherently, tell her to never contact me again, and hang up.

I block her from all avenues that I can think of where she might be able to contact me, and that, fortunately, is that. If you've made it this far, I thank you. Things have gotten better for me. I'm married to a gorgeous Japanese woman - who I've known ever since she was an exchange student here eight years ago - and who is moving here in just about a month, and life is good.

We've known each other sincewhen she was an exchange student here. She's fluent in Danish, and we got married here last fall. Her family loves me, my family loves her, and we love each oher. The immigration laws in Denmark are harsh hopefully they are getting changed in a few daysand we have to pay DKKin a locked-for-four-years deposit because she not a member of the European Union pretty close to slavery if you ask me. So right now she's in Japan where she has a decent job and can earn money while I'm here also trying to earn money.

Plane ticket has been bought. Paperwork should be in order. There are a few stories I'd love to tell that unfortunately involve redditors, but here's one that doesn't. Went on a date with a Navy boy, he seemed smart and sweet online. He picks me up in this incredibly ostentatious yellow Camaro, which I have the sneaking suspicion he borrowed as it was a stick and dude was having a helluva time driving it. We decide to go walk on the boardwalk for awhile, so he pulls into a parking garage.

In his attempt to park the car, he completely sideswipes the car next to us - leaving yellow paint all across their car. He didn't even act like anything happened, so I say, 'Umm, I think you may have hit the car next to us. Fast forward, the date is going poorly as a hit and run is never a good startand it's miserably hot out so we decide to see a movie.

It happened to be Shrek The Final Chapter- a kid's movie. He has his feet on the seats in front of us, which is no big deal, until a dad holding his toddler daughter comes in and the only seats still open are the ones in front of us. The dad goes to sit down - Navy boy doesn't move his feet, in fact he even moves his feet forward a bit so that he hits the dad in the head.

The dad looks back at us, and then Navy boy sighs heavily, takes his feet down, looks at me and goes, 'My feet were there first.

After the movie he asked if I wanted to go to dinner, I said no, he drops me off I'm surprised he didn't drop the transmission as well Just kidding, I took mental note of his license plates and called the parking garage. Did not see again. One guy - great guy, smart, attractive, very nice, I promise! Well, we went out for sushi and we just didn't quite Maybe we just weren't terribly attracted to each other, or maybe, I dunno, we were just both SAPs.

But, it was awkward enough that I thought the date was going to end after dinner. So, I kind of casually said after dinner that I was just going to walk to my friend's apartment because they happened to live close. He goes, "Okay great, that sounds like fun!

I know, I know, I should've clarified that I meant I was leaving, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. Anyways, we end up having a few drinks at my friend's place, and my friend and I say how we were planning to go to this bar for karaoke. Again, he assumes we meant all together I know, I'm bad at making things clear, obviously. We go, we're all drinking, he gets kind of plastered.

He starts leaning on me and being a little too touchy for how awkward the date has been, and eventually my friend and I decide we're going to just bounce. We all drove together, so he comes back with us.

THEN, we get back to my friend's apartment, he asks if he can use the bathroom, of course we say yes. So my friend and I are sitting in her living room, watching Hocus Pocus because what else do you watch when you're drunk! I kept knocking and asking if I could call him a cab, but he kept saying he was 'fine'. Eventually, Hocus Pocus ends, and my friend having more balls than myself tells him he has to leave. I walk him out to the front porch, ask again if I can call him a cab, he says no, leans in as if he's going to kiss me, seems to think better of it, and then says he hopes he can see me again soon.

Dude, I'm sorry if you're reading because I know it was probably just a bad night! But, yeahhh, having an already awkward first date end by watching Hocus Pocus with an added puking soundtrack was not exactly the best online dating experience ever I know. He really was very nice, we just had no connection and he had too much to drink. But, he's dating someone now! And they seem to be very happy together, so ya know - maybe his night of puking with me was just a stepping stone to meeting her.

Met a woman for a date, wasn't lot of chemistry, but she worked two interesting jobs, and there was no real warning signs. For a second date she invites me to this picnic campout thing were she didn't know the people very well. We talk about how most of her friends are guys and most of mine are girls.

She says she is bringing "crew" along. The crew turns out to be another guy and 2 dogs. I engage the guy, he is super friendly and nice, spends his time fetching things for her, playing with children. We know some of the same people. After about 5 hours that I'm sitting alone with her, and ask, "how long have you known tim? On the other hand I advertized on Craigslist Causal Encounters for someone to have freaky bdsm sex with. She turned out to be pretty, rational, great to talk to and fun in the sack.

You finally got a date? She finally got a date with YOU. You sir are a fucking beast, and she's lucky to be hanging out with you. I got faith in you buddy. Be yourself, be confident, and have fun. And if she's not that into you?

That just means you're one girl closer to meeting that special someone that I know is out there for you. Hope i struck a nerve and helped him out. And yes, yes you can. But you can only pay me in beers and high fives. I'm so pumped right now! The only way this would be better is if you had a really offensive username, to fit the reddit stereotype.

A friend of mine set up an account for a presentation on the 'successes of modern technology on the dating scene'. His final report included a great story - He met up with a girl who was using her daughters photos for herself, saying she was 25 online but was really 55, and said she had no ethical problems lying online as long as she told the truth while in person.

To top it off, she was on her third marriage and had multiple facebook accounts. I talked to this guy online for a couple of days, when we realized we have the same favorite bar he invited me out for a drink at that bar. He was late, I started to get annoyed but when he showed up I soon learned that his photos did not do him justice.

Went on a date with this cute girl. We talked about an hour and she felt more fascinated when I brought up my cats. She was very eager to meet. After the date, he was driving me home, did a stupid, illegal move, and got pulled over. He decided to run from the police (with me in the car). Best: Met my husband on there and he's freaking AMAZING. He is the most thoughtful, caring, and loving man I've ever encountered. We've.

He was so incredibly hot. I immediately felt like an ugly little troll, an ugly troll that just wanted to take his pants off. He bought me a drink and we started talking, both of us had admitted to being shy but we had a great conversation anyway. After a few drinks he offered to walk me home, I knew where it was going and I was ok with it.

I brought him to my room and he sat on my bed. I sat next to him and it was awkward and quiet, we were drunk but SAP still took over. He noticed my glasses on the nightstand and put them on my face. He stared at me for a second, then climbed on top of me and kissed me. Just weird kissing, then he said, " do you think it's weird I wouldn't touch you until you had your glasses on?

I fucking love glasses. He freaked out and I told him it was ok not like he can help it, it happens and we got dressed. He got under the covers and got really quiet and serious. I didn't know what to do, I didn't want him there. Then he started telling me about all the times he'd tried to kill himself and how much he hates his life. He told me he was just using me. Got me drunk, got me home, wouldn't leave and now I'd have to hear him get his problems out.

I tried to talk to him so he'd feel better and hopefully leave, but he just kept saying things that upset me.

Finally I told him to go, and walked him to the door. He kissed me on the forehead and walked backward down my hallway staring at me until he got to the stairs. There was a guy I never even actually met because I got a super creepy vibe from him, but he would send out mass texts regularly asking if I wanted to do anything that night.

I could tell it was a mass text because it showed the numbers of everybody else he was texting on my iPhone. Conversation, after many ignored texts, as follows:. Him: Hey, want to do anything tonight?

Me: Can you please remove me from this mass text list? I've never even met you. Him: This isn't a mass text lol. Me: Screenshot where it lists everybody else he's texting Him: Oh lol.

You caught me. Random Stranger: Yeah we can all read this. Me: Yeah bye. This happened a couple years ago. She swore up and down we were perfect for each other. We meet. She's an adorable, petite, dirty blond with glasses and freckles.

Totally my type. I could tell she was a bit nervous. We sit down and order drinks. She downs her apple martini in less than 5 minutes, orders another and apologizes, stating she wants to loosen up a bit because she's nervous since her friend "talked me up" so much.

Which is odd since I don't even know her friend that well at all. Fast forward a bit. She ended up having 2 martini's before the appetizers came, 2 more in between appetizers and 3 more during dinner and 1 more right before the check came. The trouble came as we were about to leave and she decided to use the restroom before we hit the road.

She fell twice on the way and once on the way back. Since she was clearly hammered, I offered to drive her home and give her some cash for a cab in the morning to pick her car up.

15 People Share Their Worst Online Dating Experiences

She agreed but declined the cash. Mind you its nearing midnight and I have to get up at for work. As we are driving toward her apartment it becomes apparent that, combined with her drunken state and the fact she's lived in the valley for less than 2 weeks, she forgot her address AND how to get herself home.

We drive around North Hollywood and Studio City for an hour trying to remember her street or any local landmarks. I offer to let her stay at my place. Nothing weird. She can crash on my bed and I'll take the couch. She's ok with this.

On my way back to my place she attempts to throw up out the car window but doesn't realize the window was never open in the first place. Vomit everywhere. Now she's crying and apologizing like crazy. I get her to my apartment, carry her up the 3 flights of stairs and toss her on my bed.

She's out cold. I go downstairs and spend another 40 minutes cleaning out my car and finally get to sleep on my couch around 2AM. Around AM I'm awoken by a shrill scream coming from my bedroom. I run in wearing just my boxers, flip the light on. The girl pauses for a second, looks at me and screams more, backs into a corner and throws my nightstand lamp at me while yelling "Who the fuck are you. It eventually all comes back to her.

She starts crying and apologizing. After I calm her down some more, I give her a ride home. During our ride home the awkward silence is only broken by her apologizing while sobbing, telling me how to get to her place, and then asking if we "hooked up.

She replied with something along the lines of "Oh. I'm not typically a lush and I'm definitely not a slut. I was just super nervous and didn't know my limit last night. You seem great and I hope we can see each other again. The next day, while slothing around work in a meeting, she called. It went to voicemail. Immediately she called again. Said voicemail went something like this "Soooo I was thinking about what I asked you on our way home last night in regards to us hooking up.

Aaaaaand I'm kind of curious as to WHY you didn't try anything with me? Is it because you think you're too good for me huh? Big shot LA guy? Well whatever. I'm not a slut and don't sleep around but you missed a shot at some awesome sex last night. So whatever. This time crying I'm just having trouble adjusting to a new place. I'm homesick. You seem real great. Please call me back and please don't ignore me. I'm sorry. Her friend, the receptionist, apologized profusely the next time I saw her.

We didn't talk much about it after that. Pukes all over my car. Can't drive or remember way to her apartment. Stays at my place in my bed while I sleep on my couch. Wakes up at 4AM, doesn't know where she is, freaks out, screams throws lamp at me. I calm her down, take her home. She calls me 4 times the next day, leaves voicemail scathing me for not taking advantage of her. Calls back shortly after and apologizes, asks to hang out again. I never speak to her again.

The worst part is that you did the right thing by not taking advantage of her and she had the nerve to get mad at you. Went on one date. He would not stop talking about his "gorgeous" ex-wife. Also mentioned being a lawyer, his huge house, and what a manwhore he'd been since his divorce about a million times. Was very self-absorbed and clearly just looking for hook-ups.

Texted me the next day: Him: The fun committee is meeting at my house tonight. Me: The fun committee? Him: Yeah you and me are the only members. Met a guy on craigslist. After talking to him on the phone for a few weeks, decided to meet up at his place for our first date. Turns out the 2nd bedroom in his apartment is a shrine to his dead grandparents.

I figure since they raised him, it must be his way of remembering them, so I let it go. We date a few months and it just so happens he demands we take showers and sleep nude every night so as not to "contaminate" the bed sheets. I got out of bed for a glass of water once, and ended up getting yelled at for 30 minutes about how I brought germs from the living room into the bed room. The whole relationship was like something out of the twilight zone. We broke up shortly after he demanded my mother sign a letter saying she will respect his wishes not to meet her and have it notarized.

The scariest thing about this that he's an NYPD officer. Not exactly who I want out there protecting the sheets streets. I'm a paraplegic and have been stood up many of times when going out on dates. They never show to the place or when I come to pick them up. One time, I even drove miles to meet what seemed to be a cool chick. Pulled up, hit it off good, got some Chili's, went back to her place and was going to watch a movie in her room on the bed. I rolled up to the bed to transfer over, and the way a person who is paralyzed has to get onto the bed, they have to reach down and grab their legs and lift them up onto the bed.

I tried to not really say anything or not look at her, trying to not turn an awkward situation even more awkward, but after the 20 seconds was up, I looked up at her and said I mean, I understand what is wrong with me, that's fine, I have to deal with that, and I tried to be the coolest guy with everything, joking about the paraplegia and all that good stuff, setting off the "I understand what happened to me and I don't dwell on it and am moving on" vibe, but that right there It tore me up.

I swear I hate being paralyzed.

Dating is hard for everyone. But every now and then, you'll go on a date that's so bad it warrants its own story. In this Reddit thread, people. Edit: wow. This kinda blew up. I love hearing about your date stories! Keep it coming!. I dated this girl in high school. We were dating about 3 months when i went over super excited because i got accepted into the college I had.

It's bad enough that I have to enlighten any girl that is even remotely interested in me in the direction of sex because most think that I can't do it So, I had been talking to this guy, K, over okcupid. He lived about two hours from me and decided to take a trip to meet me.

I wasn't opposed to it. He was pudgy his profile said he was "thin". He had super crooked teeth. He was just Either way, I was still willing to give him a chance. I'm not that shallow. He brought a bottle of wine I don't really drink much. We went out to lunch, which was nice enough, and then went to hang out at my apartment.

I had maybe He finished the entire rest of the bottle This was well before 4 PM. Next thing I know, he's begging me to make out with him.

I gave it a go for a minute before becoming really turned off and stopping. I just wasn't feeling it. He then started complaining that he was tired and drunk and that he wanted to sleep. I told him that he was welcome to crash on my couch for the evening.

He asked if he could sleep in my bed. I said that that'd be ok and that I'd sleep on the couch, then. I guess he just really wanted to sleep with me because next thing I know, he is yelling, throwing a total hissy fit, and storming out of my apartment to drive back to where he came from while totally drunk.

Zero dates and maybe two messages. No messages returned. Confidence is totally flagging - I think I'm worth dating but clearly nobody else does. To me that's a horror story. Ask a friend to look over your profile- maybe there's something there you don't see but that might be a red flag for potential dates? This, I had my friends gf look over my profile and I found my current gf of almost a year in a week. Yeah, maybe he abreviated "standards" and put I have high STD's in the description.

I seem to remember there was a sub-reddit on here somewhere that was set up so people could 'submit' their online dating profile for criticism of the positive variety. Something like that might be a good idea, people with experience in the online dating world could tell you how to spice it up a bit or maybe suggest different pictures if they feel something about the ones you are using would put people off.

Instead of "Yeehaw! I never understood that. I met a girl who I thought was cute on POF. She only had a pic of her face, and nothing of the rest of her body. I figure, okay maybe shes overweight or something, but her profile read, "average body type".

I chatted with her and ended up talking to her that same night on the phone for over 3 hours. I had work to do, but I liked her in the pic and she seemed nice. I facebook stalked her, found out she looked over lbs. Why would she set up that lie? Shes only going to set the person up for disappointment.

I mean I know I'm definitely not good looking, but I at least try to be straightforward about it. I do have flattering pics up, but I usually balance it with unflattering ones too. Just so they can get a feel for the whole shebang. I don't see why girls do that.

I am chubby and I always post one full body pic on the profile. I'm quite pretty but if a guy isn't into girls with a little fluff then why waste either one of our time? TIL that a lot of people who use dating sites have 1 or 2 horrible experiences and then meet their spouse I went out with a girl from OK cupid who got out of a lesbian relationship and was ready to get back on the pogo stick.

Things were fun, we got along pretty good until the second night when I was getting a BJ and finished in her mouth. She must have forgot how bad it is because she didn't want to see me again and changed her "looking for" status back to women only. I created a profile on OKCupid, some random girl messaged me. She was pretty, pretty strange, and pretty open about being pretty strange. Most people on their first few dates show the best side of themselves. Not her.

Fun stories included gems such as how she lost her virginity at 15 to a hobo who would hop trains in her town, and how said hobo was smuggled into her basement to live there off and on until her father finally found out. Apparently her dad wasn't around much. Or didn't use the basement? The other stories were also weird.

I didn't really feel like what she was sharing was any of my business, but I didn't want to be impolite. At the end of the date she wanted to hook up. But, I needed to know we couldn't be exclusive. The conversation ran itseld; I'd never suggested we sleep together, asked to be exclusive, or indicated I was interested in having sex with her to being with.

Really, she just wasn't my type, I wanted to end it with a hug. When I said something like, "Hey, it was great to get to know you, but I don't I want to have sex with you," she started talking about how that was okay, but she was only doing oral if I reciprocated. So then I clarified I only wanted a hug, and I'm definitely a hug reciprocater. Getting her to understand, in gentle terms, that I wasn't interested in anything sexual with her took a good 10 minutes. I said we weren't a good match, wished her the best in the dating world, moved on.

Next week I had a 10 hour hike I had to take for my field biology class I'd put off until literally the last weekend of the semester. We were supposed to be taking one hour walks a week for ten weeks and keeping detailed journal notes. Instead, I took one really look hike for my ten entries, got rained on, and by the end of that I felt tired as fuck.

I called up my lab partner. Our connection was kinda shitty. At some point she asks, "Uh, what do you want. It was so awkward I can't really put it into words, when I finally realized what my tired, wet, dumb ass had done. I asked her a few questions, played it off, wished her the best again and hung up.

And, deleted her number from my phone. On an up note, I met my wife a few dates later on OKC. We're happily married and expecting our first child soon :. You aren't. Whether she's real or imaginary I think that girl has been treated pretty shabbily. They had the internet to communicate, but couldn't exchange pictures? I'll narrow this down to 2 options: 1 fake story or 2 dumbass brother. I'm leaning towards the latter.

I may not be the most suave mother fucker but god damn compared to these idiots I'm like Leonardo Dicaprio. I have far too many. I think the best would be when I guy drove by to pick me up and then texted me "I can't go out with you.

I'm too superficial" after seeing me standing outside. This was at least 6 years and 50lbs ago. So I went back inside feeling really down about it. I get another text "ok, we can have sex, but no dating or relationship stuff".

I am Was married 29 years till I lost my wife to cancer. Spent 18 months-2 years dating after a period of grief. Everyone I met was negative, critical and dissatisfied. I won't bore you with each tedious failed date. But I do love what my sister-in-law told me when I was relating my latest fiasco: "Dating in mid-life is like trying to find a parking place at the mall around Christmas.

There are only a few and they are all handicapped. So my first experience was a rather large woman. Her faceshots didn't look like she had a lot of girth Mistake 1, always make sure they have a body shot. We met up at my place mistake 2 never meet someone for the first time at your placeand she was very large, as we were walking up to my apartment, you could feel the stairs straining under her load. We wind up going to a party with some of her friends, and they were all really nosey.

She was trying to hold my hand and kiss me, mistake 3, be assertive. We go back to my place, and I really don't know what to do in this situation so I drank about a six pack so I could just go to sleep. I go to bed and she follows me. I told her I was feeling sick so I wasn't feeling up to anything. She tried making out with me, and she had the sand paper upper lip.

I was genuienly not feeling well so I go to the bathroom for awhile. I come back and I hear her masturbating. To this day that sound still haunts me. I finally fell asleep. She left the next morning and we never talked to each other again. Second horror story, I picked this girl up. She was wearing pajamas and we had a dinner date. She then goes and tells me about how she spent 2 years in juvy, is a recovering heroin addict, and how she beat the living hell out of her ex with a broom stick.

Needless to say I didn't call her back. Third horror story, I met up with this girl, and her voice was god awful, and I mean just absolutely shrill another lesson I learned is to actually talk to someone on the phone before agreeing to a date.

We were at Red Robbin just for an appetizer and milk shakes. She tells me how she has never had a boyfriend excluding an online relationship between her and this guy in Texas.

I live in the northwest. She ordered a freckled lemonade which has strawberries in it and then proceeded to get pissed off when she got exactly what she ordered and she proceeded to curse at the waitress. We then had an argument, then an awkward silence, and then I made some bs excuse as to why I had to leave. So I started IM'ing her and we trade phone numbers and then when we are going on a date it turns out she has given me the wrong phone number 1 number off so I cant reach her and I have no real idea how she looks her photo was oooold so I just start asking random girls there if she is the one I'm supposed to meet.

No luck :. Then when I get back to my apartment I wait a few hours and when she logs on she's not happy with me standing her up, but then I explain to her that she gave me the wrong phone number and that she could have called me, but apparently she had also noted down my number wrong. Next date is scheduled and right phone numbers are given.

When I get on the tram to go meet her for the first time my phone battery dies. I rush back home and plug in the charger and phone her. She hadnt left yet and agreed that we were now even. Because she screwed up the first time. We then meet 30 minutes later at an Italian place and eat pizza. This was back in the days of myspace style top down bathroom photos.

I saw this girl who was cute in her pictures and connected online and decided to meet up. I waited for her at a designated spot in a mall then got a call. She says "I think I can see you. Is that you in front of the store? But to defend my shallowness, this girl was close to and she had misleading photos.

Needless to say, it was an awkward date. She ate a lot. About four years ago, reeling from a nasty breakup, I decided to give Match. A couple weeks after signing up I received a message from a guy named Justin. He was cute and just my type, and we set up a date. We got along really well in person and ended up going on a couple more dates.

It seemed like everything was going well. Justin lived in Fullerton and it was my turn to drive to him for a date. Then we decided to head back to his place to watch a movie. We'd kissed a couple times, and Justin was an excellent kisser. I was looking forward to cuddling and more kissing. But first we decided to make a stop at for some munchies.

We gathered up a couple sodas and some candy and took them up to the register. Justin gasped loudly. Justin got a very serious look on his face.

At this point I felt he was being ridiculous. And we headed back to his place. After picking out a movie we grabbed our bag of snacks and plopped down on his bed. I proceeded to take off my shoes and get comfortable. But Justin gasped again.

Those really freak me out! How could anyone be freaked out by something so goofy? They really, really bother me. I was already over it.

Little did I know Justin was just getting started. I could see that a light had just gone off inside his head. You're a witch!! It all makes sense!! Your black cat. Your love of bats. Your stripey witch socks. Are you a witch?

Dating confessions reddit

They're really bothering me! Those socks really freak me out. I'll do anything for you to take them off. I'll pay you to take them off. I kissed him on the cheek a couple times to try and get his attention and figured MAYBE i can kiss this guy on the lips and get him to put the damn guitar down.

BUT no. God, I was so annoyed. Eventually he pulled out his phone and we laid on his bed and started watching funny YouTube videos. Things started to relax a bit and I was leaned up against him and he grabbed my hand and placed it on his dick. He kept rebuffing my advances all night for kissing but wants to just casually place my hand on his dick. It was super friggin awkward and so I made up some lame excuse and left. I love the story about guitar guy, mostly because I'm sitting here trying to guess what songs he played.

I knew a guy in college who would always try to woo his dates by singing Billy Joel's "Always a Woman to Me" to them. Actually, I love your guesses, and you know He played so damn many.

I don't even remember. I know there was some songs that made me roll my eyes because they were so obviously overdone by anyone with a guitar. I knew I should have been answering those kind of comments! I could have a marathon of sex by now! I had gotten stood up by the dude I was messing with at the time and bored at home on reddit. Had no intentions of going into that thread for any reason except to just read what the men had to say.

But when I basically saw myself described there I had to reply. Never imagined he would message me. Much less, that we would actually end up getting along and meet. It was super. The guitar guy sounds straight out of that episode from Sex and the City where Carrie dates that musician guy who is super hyper and can't stop bouncing around his apartment and making noise. A man on a dating site messaged me, and in his profile he was very straightforward about his BDSM lifestyle.

He was a Master, and had two lifetime live-in slaves and he was searching for his third and final. I'm very openminded to BDSM and alternative lifestyles in general, so I told him it wasn't my thing but I was interested to hear about his lifestyle.

We got to talking more, and he was a really great guy. Very smart, thoughtful, intuitive to my feelings and needs. I decided to give the slave thing a go - why not! After a few months, I starting becoming very suspicious of him. I didn't believe anything he'd tell me, which is very unusual for me - I am trusting of others to a fault. Just one example: that he was away for 2 weeks because the government asked him to track the spread of Ebola and that he saved the world, using those words exactly.

He told me I was severely mentally ill and that he was the only one in the world that could give me a meaningful life, without him I'd be miserable and end up killing myself. He essentially threatened to kidnap me, "for my own safety," because I was clearly causing harm to myself. I called the cops, and haven't heard from him since. So you moved into his house and were his slave for a few months? Were there two other slaves in the house? Can you do an AMA??? This sounds fascinating.

I never moved in, actually. That would have eventually been the plan had I not realized he was a psycho. No, I never met them. It's a bit of a longer story than I originally said - I'd actually briefly met him a year and a half ago, then started dating him this past September.

He had 3 slaves when I first met him, but in the year interim that we didn't speak one of them "died. Best to come out of online dating I don't really have "good" stories, otherwise : a really close friend.

Worst story: We clicked pretty well through messaging and quickly went to texting. We made plans to meet up within a week while he was supposedly traveling through town he wasn't - he travelled two hours to me and two hours back - I don't like guys travelling to me just for a date.

We plan to meet at a bookshop easy to find. He looked nothing like his photos, so I didn't even recognise him when he came up to me and asked about a book I was thumbing though. He had a really odd voice, too - like, it didn't match him.

Anyway, we decide to get dinner at a place down the street. We're chatting a little awkwardly on my parthe asked about a sign across the room, but I couldn't read it from where we were because I didn't have my glasses. I asked him what his were for, since we were on the topic, and he reveals they're actually fake. This kind of weirds me out more, because I don't really understand wearing frames just because. His "school" ring was also fake.

And his humor was kind of unsettling. He kept slipping his hand onto my knee under the table and it creeped me out so much. That's not something I'd be alright with even if I was into the guy.

At this point I'm just trying to find ways to end this he was actively trying to extend the date. Thank the gods, a friend called me, so I was able to escape with the excuse that something had come up with my roommate.

Went to a friend's place since I was uneasy to the point of not wanting to go straight home. I don't think I have a "best". My first date with my now husband was kinda awkward. I was totally convinced after the date that he didn't like me and is definitely not calling again.

Worst: a guy once messaged me online so we arranged to meet. He insisted on meeting Saturday afternoon. He told me when we met that it's because he has another date later with some hot Brazilian. He talked about his prostate problems. He insisted on showing me naked pictures of himself on his phone, assuring me there is no penis in them. When I refused multiple times, he turned his phone around and showed me anyways. He made awful general statements about all women.

Oh, and the best part is that his pictures were about 10 years old and he had hair in them but none in real life. I don't mind bald men, but I really don't like false advertising. Best: No SO yetbut there was one guy who I met and clicked with from the word go. It was just dinner in a restaurant, but it was such a fun date, and we did some amazing making out in the car park afterwards.

He ended up fading out on me after date 3 or so, but man, he was great. Worst: Mr Needy, for sure. Told me halfway through the evening that this was the first date he had been on in several years ouch, pressure much? I don't think I have any "best".

I have had a few long term relationships from it but 1 ended up cheating on me and the 2nd ended up being a misogynist who had this next gf lined up before we broke up. But there are so many worst. There was the guy that was totally great on the first date and spent the second date telling me about his car chases with the police, all the times he has been arrested and how he is banned from driving now.

There was the guy that stood me up and when I told him I was no longer interested, started crying. Unemployed journalist.

I felt like it was some new hallmark of our generation, instead of talking about how much money you have, you talk about how much debt you have.

Best: I have a small following on the app Vine. A guy comments on one of my posts and I ignore him.

He comments again and I continue the thread for a while and he jokingly asks me to be his long distance girlfriend. Once again, I do not respond. He messages me asking what he could do to get me to go out with him in a totally joking way.

I was amused so I proposed something I thought no one would do for a random girl on the internet. I said he had to write and perform a rap about me in order to considered as a potential mate. I didn't hear back from him so I assumed that was the end of that but three days later I received a YouTube link and sure enough there he was, rapping about me.

I gave him my phone number, we started skyping, he bought a plane ticket and we spent 10 amazing days together. I'm saving up now to be with him in England for the summer. I really really fucking love that kid. Worst: Met someone from my town on Facebook, started off really great. Turns out he had a girlfriend the whole time, she reads our messages, corners me at the mall and I almost got the shit beat out of me! If I just completely missed judged this one then I'll relegate myself to a life of a nun celibacy.

Serious though. The real case is here:. They did not listen to their guts, they let him come with them. He slaughtered all of them. Please, please listen to your guts, ladies. And don't even get me started on how this fifteen year old child's parents let her "date" a year old man from the internet, let alone drive 8 hours to pick his creepy ass up, let him stay in their house even after they were seriously creeped out by him.

Please stay safe and use your sense, ladies. Best - My Fiance. End of March, slightly warm weather but still early spring. We met at a pizza place for dinner, he was running late, I was super early because I ran a few errands at the same time.

I'm 6'2, and on the off chance he lied about his height, I wore 4 inch wedges. He didn't lie about his height. We chatted through dinner, then went for a lovely walk. I'd had such a great time, I didn't notice that when we hugged goodbye he had rested his arm on my butt he had immediately apologized repeatedlynor did I realize that our walking and talking had caused my wedges to open blisters in my feet.

Worst - met up for coffee. It got dull fast. No follow up conversation. Please review our rules here. While you're there, feel free to read our FAQs.

If you have questions or concerns regarding moderation, please message the moderators. Discussion of moderation in-thread will be removed for derailing. Best: Met my husband! He's pretty cool. I'll probably keep him around. Worst: Honestly, I got lucky I can't think of anyone who was remarkably terrible. Plenty of guys I was NOT at all compatible with, but that's part of the dating game. A few didn't take rejection well, but nothing to awful.

I don't think i've really got a very good "best" worth sharing but i've got a lot of worsts:. Met a guy i'd actually really clicked with and we were seeing each other for a few months before he disappeared when I asked him what he wanted which he responded with: "a blowjob".

Ate tacos and watched a movie with a guy at his place and he bit his long fingernail OFF, causing it to bleed. Left and he kissed me goodbye, but was literally grinding his dick into me as he did. Left disgusted. Ate pizza with a guy who looked like he was 12 and was one of the dullest people I have ever met.

Went on a date with a racist dude who thought he lived in a good neighborhood "because there were no black people". One of my best "worst" first date stories I had to cancel a date the day before the date going to coffee and then to see a play because my mom was experiencing signs of a heart attack. So, I texted the guy and apologized profusely naturally. The day after "date" day I texted to see how it went, reschedule a date, can I pay you back for the theater ticket Turns out he was drunk driving and hit a fire hydrant.

No injuries and luckily no one else was involved. But he still went to jail, DUI, the whole 9 yards. So, I told him I was sorry. He hashed out this lonnnnng sob story about how he will probably go to prison, etc etc.

I said, it's not the end of the world, blah blah. Walking that fine line between pity and how-fucking-stupid-could-you-be. It's around the corner from my house. Best- current boyfriend. I met him on reddit. He lived a few states away. After months of talking, I drove to visit him 5 and a half hours away.

I was so nervous, but we ended up feeling insanely comfortable with each other immediately. I live with him now. He came over to my house and we awkwardly watched a movie and barely talked. After it was over, he played fetch with my dog for like 20 minutes. Then we sat awkwardly for a while longer. Then he awkwardly left. We never spoke again. That sounds eerily like my best friends older sister.

She met her boyfriend on reddit and moved several states I think about 6 hours away to live with him. Well, I'm the younger of two siblings, so I'm probably not that person, but I've known a few people who have found love in reddit! It happens in smaller subs haha.

I'm on the couch and he's chilling with his brother, who has a birthday tomorrow. We've been together since October I went on a date w a guy who 1 was perturbed that I was 2 minutes late to the date, 2 repeatedly complimented me on my beautiful arm hair, 3 told me that I was quite busty and asked me for a hug, 4 made me buy drinks because he bought the appetizers and 5 begged me to let him come home with me.

It was awesome. So wasn't on that long once I discovered that. First guy who messaged I wasn't going to respond because I didn't find myself to be that attracted to him so I closed out of the message that contained his AIM screen name.

Later decided wth I'll message him, he seemed cool, maybe pictures don't do him justice. Realized I couldn't see the message but luckily his screen name was memorable so I messaged him on AIM. We soon made plans to meet for lunch. Went to lunch, had a pretty good time. I figured we'd make good friends. That night he asked me over AIM if I was related to some girl who shared my last name. Turns out I was We were cousins. Distant cousins, but still blood related. His greatgrandfather is my grandfather's brother.

I met a guy when I was 14 on an online forum and we became friends, which progressed into an online relationship. Every date we had was great, no matter how simple. Our first date was burritos in the park. Then dinner and a movie. Then steaks at his place. I randomly drove us down to Niagara Falls one day, and then we returned for New Year's. Everything was great. I stopped speaking to him, because that's scary and I don't have a passport.

I went on a date with a guy who constantly kept telling me to ask him anything I'm pretty sure he meant sex stuff, but I void that topic on a first date so that I don't give the wrong impression and got mad when I was beating him at pool even though I told him I was decent at it. I do not date sore losers or irritating people. Best: My SO : he's an amazing man. Upbeat, caring, protective, loving, masculine, yummy.

I met him on OkCupid. He was out of my typical age range he was 21, I'm 26 when it came to dating, but seeing his profile picture with him in his military uniform, and his stylish nerdy glasses, with his blue eyes.

How he wrote pulled me in. He seemed practical, intelligent, cared about his fellow man. We talked online for about a week before we decided to meet up. Typically I met all the guys I dated at the same place, at night. But he suggested coffee and we made it a day-date. We met at Starbucks, I was already there and I saw him enter the building, before he pulled the door open we caught eyes.

Relationship quotes from Reddit outlining people's worst first-date stories and other nightmares from online dating. A subreddit to discuss and vent about the dating process and learn from the experiences of others. Went on a date with a guy I'd met through a mutual friend. Things seemed pretty normal until we were sitting and waiting for the movie to start.

I just always remember that moment. He came in, sat down, and we just I don't know. Like we'd known each other forever. Tomorrow will be 3 months we've been together and we basically live together. He's moving in to my apartment in April.

Worst: This guy I met on Tinder. We had "mutual friends" but all of them knew my ex so it was a little weird to begin with. The guy showed up late and didn't have enough money to pay the entire bill. As far as bad dates go, I made off pretty lightly. But I still remember walking up to my apartment building LOLing at the awfulness that it was. Worst: this guy who broke up with his girlfriend "for her own good" and then got massively butthurt that she found a new, more attractive, more well-traveled, more interesting boyfriend soon after.

How do I know? He spent the evening complaining about it. When he wasn't complaining about that, he complained about the train ride over, the meal we were eating which I paid for, since he was recently unemployedand his life in general. Later, for some fucking reason I had him spend the night.

I blame a massive dry spell and the hope that I could salvage the date somehow. Cue him complaining that I had pocket packets of tissues in my apartment rather than a box seriously, man?

Wish I was kidding. The sex was brief and ended immediately after he came. The next morning he went on his way and I popped onto Facebook before I left for the day myself. For some reason, I was logged out. I went to work and forgot about it. He contacted me later and told me that he had indeed stalked his ex on my computer while I'd been asleep.

And also that he felt such self loathing after our date that he cried all the way home. Thanks, man. I still regret not telling him his precious ex was better off without him.

These 15 stories of online dating disasters will feed your biggest paranoias. 1. “ We met at a local pub for a few drinks, and we got chicken. The whole date she was doing cocaine in the bathroom and barely ate her There are a few stories I'd love to tell that unfortunately involve. We were sixteen, inexperienced, both a little awkward. As high school rules would have it, he asked me out, I said yes, voila, I was his girlfriend.

Worst: started texting a guy I had matched with on Tindr. This was during my "fuck it I do what I want" phase, and I sent him videos and pictures of me, including a clip of a video of me blowing someone. I broke it off because he became extremely jealous and possessive after not even 3 weeks. He ended up sending the guy I blew the video I sent which he knew was taken since he had held the phone.

A couple of weeks later he texted me saying he'd pay me to blow him.

Wild Reddit Confessions

I got mad, of course, and refused. He said unless I did it, he'd release my stuff. Said a bunch of lies about how he was still talking to the other guy and how they both had girlfriends and we're just using me. I ended up going to the cops. Charged him with coercion. The court date was the other day. If you want to just hookup, go with Tinder. If you want a possible relationship, check out OKCupid.

I had success on there and met a couple of great guys. It didn't work out with them because a friend and I ended up being together in an organic. Worst: went for a couple drinks, guy had to leave and catch the last train but I said he could crash on my couch so we could watch movies.

Emphasized several times that I would NOT be having sex with him, and not to take "movie" as code for intimacy. Got 2 mins into movie before he grabbed my laptop to put porn on and got on top of me. I slipped into another room as soon as it was over. I was in pain the next day and upset. They said I was saying it for attention. I am way too trusting but it's crazy how thinking 'but why didn't she go to the cops? What happened to you was NOT cool at all. Online dating brings with it many creeps and that dude was a complete creep.

I am sorry that happened to you. Best: my current SO. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and met him on tinder and hes so far the best thing in my life! Worst: showed up at his house to watch a movie and order pizza. He proceded to tell me all about how hes this big hotshot model and he makes the big bucks and pretty much just non stop brag about how much money he made and how big his dick was. I was on eharmony for 6 months, went on 9 or so dates, met my SO on the 9th date.

Nothing much to say about the other women. They were nice, 2 were larger and not as beautiful than their photos. To the women that misrepresented themselves, I still took them out and make a date out of it, but it didnt feel good to be catfished. Edit: There was one girl who I went on a date with who was VERY bizarre and emotionally damaged, but oh well, it comes with the online dating territory, as a man I didn't feel physically threatened, I just never texted or called her afterwards.

I'd very much recommend a pay dating site like eharmony or match over a free site where people would dissapear and flake out with much higher frequency. My favourite story about online dating i think is about my sister. The funny thing is that, they live in one house, but they didn't meet before they started to use this site Hah.

I have a blog about all of this and mostly it's about how ridiculous online dating can be and how men are such jerks. Here's the link if anyone is interested: karengraz. He's honestly one of the sweetest men I've ever met, he took me on what was the most romantic date I've ever had got dinner, a bottle of wine and took me to the beach at sunset. We've only been seeing each other for a month, so it's too soon for me to say anything, but I definitely have feelings for him.

Really nice, artsy type and cute. We get to talking and he tells me he's 5'6" I'm 5'7" but I decide whatever, what's an inch? So we go out on a date but prior to the date he's texting me literally every 20 minutes. I keep telling him I have stuff to do like homework or work and every time I'd say I had something to do, he'd respond with "Yeah, I was going to say that maybe you should do your homework" or whatever it was I was doing.

When we finally met he was 5'3", looked nothing like his pictures and was really annoying. I wasn't annoyed at how short he was although that wouldn't have aesthetically worked for me but it was the fact that he lied about it. He claimed to like some of my favorite shows but any questions about a favorite character or episode ended with "I like them all," obviously proving that he was lying about that.

Then he talked for about 30 minutes about how he met Robert Kirkman the creator of The Walking Dead--I am a huge fan of the comics and the show and just generally tried for an hour and a half to convince me how awesome he was.

I left the date in a hurry and while backing out of my spot, accidentally hit another car no damage on their car at allcausing my left taillight to go slightly askew.

Then after the date he just kept texting and texting. I finally told him that I didn't see him that way and that I didn't think we clicked at all and that I felt that we'd be best just not really talking. He kept asking why and I told him I honestly just didn't feel a connection.

He let it go for a few weeks and then texted me again, the same thing, asking if we could be friends because he felt so strongly about me, I said no. This happened about 10 more times since October until I think he finally got the hint.

I thankfully haven't heard from him in a few months. I honestly saw him more as a friend, but I figured one day when I wasn't bogged down with work and school I'd hang out with him. I hit such a bout of traffic getting to school one day he lived close to my university that I decided to not go to class traffic made me an hour and half late to a 3 hour class and I wasn't feeling itso I called him up and asked him to meet me for dinner if he was free.

We had a great time, no pressure, we paid for ourselves and then went for a ride.

It was awesome and I was hoping he'd kiss me but he didn't. We made plans for a 2nd date and when the day came he had me go to his house and immediately he mentioned how he was going to ravage me, which made me incredibly uncomfortable. I told him to ease up and asked if he wanted to get something to eat, and he kept making really bad sexual innuendos about eating me. It was disgusting. I was there for 2 hours and then texted my best friend and asked her to text me an emergency so I'd have to leave early.

She did, and when I said that he freaked out and threw a hissy fit that a toddler would be jealous of. I've never seen a grown man act like such a child before. He went on about how he got us donut holes and how we were going to watch some television together and blahblah. I told him that I had more important things to do and left which by the way, I gave him like 3 hours of my time, which was more than generous considering how much of a child he acted like.

The next day he texted me apologizing, saying he doesn't know why he acted that way, and then when I was only giving him curt responses, he got the hint and stopped messaging me. I've found most men are either overtly sexual or incredibly clingy, neither of which are welcomed for me. I like strong, confident men who treat me with respect, and I've very rarely gotten that through online dating.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Either that or he's a freak and the skin he had was likely not his own. Did he keep asking for sugar? It's a hair pulling compulsion.

I'd fuck me". That's pretty generous. Worst - she stole my wallet and iPhone from the table after dinner. Were you on the date when they took it? Did you get them back?

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