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Dating an Old Dresser

Secrets to Date & Value Antique Furniture by Dr. Lori

A while back, my wife and I were visiting friends who wanted to show us their collection of antique furniture. At one point we went into their bedroom and I headed directly for a very old-looking chest-of-drawers. Construction Drawer construction has changed several times in the last years. Simply pull a drawer out a few inches, glance at the joinery on the side and feel the drawer bottom underneath essentially a single motion. In addition, the wood used for the drawer sides and bottoms helps determine whether the furniture is American or European. How a drawer is constructed and the woods used is revealing, but there are two important caveats.

As discussed above, this is especially evident on the back or underside of pieces made prior to the mids.

Cuts and nicks can also leave proof that hand chisels and other tools operated with sheer elbow grease were used to shape woods. Manually operated hand saws left a straighter pattern in comparison. Looking for other signs of age is also wise in addition to indicators of hand craftsmanship.

For instance, oak was used in furniture made prior to Aftermahogany and walnut were very popular. Moving into the s, maple and cherry showed up in fine furniture manufacture quite often. Many Victorian furniture manufacturers used mahogany and rosewood through the late s.

Then, aroundoak became very popular again. Can you circa date solely on the type of wood used?

Absolutely not. Honing your wood identification skills can really pay off in this area.

How to Tell if Furniture is Antique? Wood Separation

Silk, wool, and cotton have been spun and woven into a variety of damasks, satins, and brocades with many different patterns. Schwartz now out of print, but available through used booksellers for more clues about fabric designs used at different periods in furniture history.

So if you find a furniture item using screws that have completely rounded shafts, pointed ends, and perfectly finished heads with matching cuts much like a screw you would purchase todaythe piece likely dates to the midth century or later.

Screws made from about through the mids were partially machine made giving the threading a more even appearance, according to Taylor. But the heads were still finished with hacksaws to add the groove to fit a screwdriver like those made even earlier, so no two are exactly alike.

The first screws were crafted in the s by blacksmiths using square nail stock that was heated and pounded until it was somewhat round.

Saved by. Antique Trader. . See more. Dovetails - A Clue for Dating Antiques Woodworking Furniture, Woodworking Joints, Fine Woodworking. Before you refinish antique furniture, it's important to evaluate whether it's worthy of saving. Learn to identify The finish on the wood can also date the piece.

The tips were blunt in these oldest screws, and each one was unique. If you find these hand finished screws in furniture, investigate other aspects of the pieces to see if they match the screws in age.

Some of the earliest known examples of the dovetail are in furniture entombed with mummies dating from First Dynasty of ancient Egypt, as well the tombs of Chinese emperors. A very old chest using hand crafted dovetails in the construction of the body.

Learn How to Date Your Antiques With a Few of These Simple Tips and or not a piece of old furniture was machine cut or crafted by hand. Determining the date of old furniture pieces can be tricky. Learn how to look at construction and components that provide useful dating clues. Over the years of working on hundreds of pieces of antique furniture, I've developed a quick and fairly accurate system for dating and.

Looking at the bottom or back of a piece, or inside its doors and drawers, can provide important clues about whether or not a piece of old furniture was machine cut or crafted by hand.

Most handmade pieces will show some irregularities to the surface such as minor nicks indicative of a hand plane being used to smooth out the wood, and this is sometimes even more evident on the back than on the finished front surfaces.

T: Monday: 10am - 5pm Tuesday: 10am - 5pm Wednesday: 10am - 5pm Thursday: 10am - 5pm Friday: 10am - 5pm Saturday: 10am - 5pm Sunday: Closed. A beautiful old washstand sporting more modern machine made dovetail joinery The History: One of the oldest forms of joinery, the dovetail is said to pre-date written history.

In the entry area of our living room, in our year old house by the And of course, there are always exceptions to dating furniture that one. Marianne clay is the draw, dowels etc. French chairs their former glory with chat and rosewood through simple nail serves as with modern. Dating an Old Dresser. Posted By: vince ( Date: 6/24/3 I found this forum a few days ago.

The Painted Bench.

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