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The "Love Triangle" Arc of Daria or The Ballad of Daria, Jane and Tom - WWAC

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Jane starts to become highly paranoid and fragile after her and Tom have been dating for awhile. Tom quickly and almost purposely finds a kinship with Daria over books and Daria starts to have a crush on Tom as they grow closer, even though she hated him early on. The tension between Jane and Tom overlaps in a quiet, cringeworthy way with the tension between Daria and Jane. In order for a boy to be attracted to someone as sarcastic and aloof as Daria, and vice versa, the two of them would have to grow on each other—in other words, he would need to spend a fair amount of time in her company BEFORE they started dating. So if he were going out with Jane, that would put them in close, frequent proximity.

Daria's personal views on politics and religion are subject to intense debate. Because she so often speaks with a sarcastic or cynical twist, one cannot always be sure she means what she says. In early episodes, she often said that she didn't have a conscience, but it was repeatedly shown that she did have one. Although she could say cruel things to other people especially Quinnthere were also cases where she acted out of kindness e.

According to the episode " Lane Miserables ," her height is 5'2". Her eyes are brown, per an interview with Glenn Eichler and general implications made in " Through a Lens Darkly. Unlike most animated characters, Daria and her counterparts aged during the duration of the series. When the series began, Daria was a sophomore in high school and would graduate by the end of the series. Depending on when she moved to Lawndale, as a Scorpio, she could've been fifteen for the first couple of episodes When she graduated from high school in the show's final TV movie, she was 18 years old.

By the time graduation arrives, Daria's character has undergone noticeable growth. She graduates from Lawndale High, winning the Dian Fossey Award "for dazzling academic achievements in face of near total misanthropy", and crowning her acceptance speech with the assertion that " Though the series was a rich one, replete with interesting characters and multiple points-of-view, it was mostly the story of one character, Daria herself, and her evolution.

An annoyed Daria, forced to deal with people she'd rather not "The Misery Chick". At the beginning, she can be fairly characterized as smart, cynical, and a little ruthless. She is not afraid to physically rough up her little sister when the latter clearly deserves it note the ending of The New Kid. She is not afraid to take a series of very risky, manipulative actions to call attention to her school's principal's unethical behavior This Year's Model.

She has, by her own admission, never had a real friend until Jane Lane ; She has, however, alluded to her own consideration of Beavis and Butt-head with some slight affection.

During her freshman year at Highland High School, Daria was seen as spending time with the two boys for the purposes of her own amusement, to manipulate them as subjects for a science class project and a school newspaper photo-essay, and because her association with the two boys bothered her parents.

As time went on, Daria would have to face the flip-side of her high standards and cynicism: an ugly judgmental streak Partner's Complaintproblems with living up to her own standards Through a Lens Darklyfear of trying The Story of Dand excessive unpleasantness at people who didn't deserve it Camp Fear. She also became vicious and unpleasant when Jane had boyfriends, fearing that Jane was going to be taken away from her; Tom Sloane would tell her how stupid this was, citing that Jane was constantly talking about Daria.

By the time of " Psycho Therapy ", Daria was quite calmly stating "I'm so defensive that I actually work to make people dislike me so I won't feel bad when they do", showing she was aware of this flaw within herself. Flashbacks to Daria's earlier childhood would also show that she'd been a loner since a very young age, preferring to read rather than play with the other kids because she couldn't get them to understand her and was getting picked on over it; she decided to stop trying, claiming the other kids didn't interest her.

She was a voracious reader " Boxing Daria " and mainly only liked people who were in books, irritated by a world she found to be idiotic " Is It Fall Yet? She would openly state she'd prefer to read than try to meet people. She has ended up with a reputation as a gloomy "brain" as a result - however, in " Quinn the Brain " she admitted she was stuck with this reputation because others had put it on her, and she didn't actually like it.

As per " The Misery Chick ", she is irritated that people keep assuming she's upset or wrong somehow because she's not like them. Daria usually attempts to avoid engaging with the world, preferring to mock and snark at the things that annoy her rather than take action.

In Highland, she was pushed into working for the school newspaper by her parents " Sporting Goods " and while she did take part in a charity walk-a-thons " Walkathon "she used it as a way to extort money out of Beavis and Butt-head and cause them physical pain. Sometimes, she decides on her own that she's had enough and is going to sort something out " This Year's Model " and other times she needs to be prodded " Fizz Ed ".

Sometimes, in order to force things to a head, she will deliberately make things unpleasant and difficult in order to get an opponent to back down " The Big House ". She has said on several occasions "Fizz Ed", " See Jane Run " that she avoids action in order to avoid becoming more isolated and seen as more of a malcontent, and that she disengages because she's too sensitive to put up with the world she's in " Gifted " ; she admits this last point causes her to miss out on things, but she believes it "works for me now".

Daria dating

Daria started the series with an unspoken crush on Jane's older brother, Trent Lanean attractive and cool twenty-something rocker. While Jane and Trent were aware of this, Daria never dared speak about it out loud with the possible exception of " Depth Takes a Holiday ", in which Daria, under the spell of Cupidadmits as much ; eventually, after over a year show timeshe admitted a relationship between the two of them would never work.

This was her only real experience of romance, and this inexperience and naivete would cause problems in S4 when she found herself becoming attracted to Jane's boyfriend Tom Sloane - and needed to have Trent bluntly point out that Tom had a crush on her and that this needed to be dealt with " Fire!

Her inability to handle the situation would cause the temporary dissolution of her friendship with Jane: she badly handled Jane's problems with her and Tom, ended up kissing Tom and was horrified afterwards and near-immediately admitted it to Janeand later took Jane at her word when she said she'd be okay with Daria dating Tom Jane responded "and you believed me?! While Daria managed to salvage her friendship with Jane, her own actions could easily have ended it and throughout Season 5 there would be moments where she "jokingly" brought the events up.

Despite this, in " Boxing Daria ", Daria states than Jane is the person she trusts the most. It can be argued that this shows greater emotional maturity as she's recognizing things won't work or that this shows she's still not fully matured in regards to romance. Notably, Tom and Daria are still amiable after the breakup. In Is It College Yet? Her parents had been trying to get her to be more sociable and conventional since a very young age, both out of concern and out of frustration.

While their intentions are noble - "Boxing Daria" made it clear they did this because they were upset that their daughter was unhappy, and "Is It Fall Yet? Early attempts were shown to be asking Daria to just keep trying to play with the other kids and simply taking a book away from her at Camp Grizzly so she couldn't hide behind it, both options being crude and having the opposite effect.

Most of their modern-day attempts had the same effectiveness, and usually showed them to be somewhat clueless about how to deal with their daughter. Despite that, she's sometimes recognized they're trying to help and she does love them: she's attempted several times to help her parents, usually sounding uncomfortable at the prospect of talking frankly to them, such as when she encouraged her father in " Jake of Hearts " and consoled her mother in "Psycho Therapy".

In the latter, she admits she deliberately clams up around them because she knows they'd be attentive and she'd rather they weren't; in " Of Human Bonding ", she tries to convince her father not to try bonding with her for the same reasons. In the latter, she also showed problems with opening up to him. In one of her darkest hours, " Dye! My Darling ", Daria turned to Helen for help and comfort.

In " Write Where It Hurts ", Helen also showed some sharp insight into parts of her daughter's psyche. Jake has a pet name, " kiddo ", for Daria and will sometimes turn to her if he needs help or advice, like in " Aunt Nauseum ". As he rarely pushes her to do things, she seems to get on more amiably with him than with her mother.

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In "Of Human Bonding", Daria thought: "he's afraid to be afraid. That's what's so heartbreaking. He's my father; shouldn't I let down the barricades for once and tell him I think he's a hero? This can be summed up with two words: total war. The two are very resentful of the other and that their differences regarding social standing and personalities drive a large amount of the conflict in the series; Quinn won't even admit for most of the series that Daria is her sister which irritates Daria.

This goes back to Quinn's infancy : flashbacks to toddler Daria who her angrily wanted to "punish" baby Quinn for being loud, angrily yelling "Why can't I be an only child?!

Photos in " The Daria Diaries " even show Daria opening a door so Quinn, taking her baby steps, may wander outside! Both sides love to antagonize the other. Daria goes out of her way to go to places where she knows Quinn doesn't want her to go and embarrass her sister by existing in front of Quinn's friends.

In " The Invitation ", Daria sounded mildly impressed when Quinn got in a really vicious dig at her.

Oct 8, I don't think for one second that Daria would be quick to go after a guy her best friend had been dating and immediately be comfortable with. Aug 27, Daria, the teenage girl curmudgeon in the animated MTV series Daria, will have a boyfriend in a television movie based on the series, Daria: Is. Apr 3, See your favorite Daria characters two decades down the line. she's tried the online dating game, she hasn't found anyone special quite yet.

Daria has also tried to deliberately ruin things for Quinn: in " The F Word ", she tried to 'fail' at preventing Quinn from being allowed to go to a fashion sale. When they're not insulting or irritating each other, their dealings often resemble a business transaction such as laying out terms of requirements, expenses, exceptions, and final payment. On some rare occasions the two sisters have worked together to achieve some goal, usually to get out of trouble or to avoid it; these earlier team-ups were also done in a business-like fashion, such as when Daria incites Quinn " That Was Then, This Is Dumb "with an offer of some form of payment or benefit, to gather scandalous blackmail information about their parents.

In spite of these differences, there does exist a level of sibling love between the two, even if they refuse to openly admit it. Daria has, to her discomfort, sometimes found herself helping Quinn: she backed her up against the Fashion Club in " Just Add Water ", guilted herself out of embarrassing her sister in " Monster ", and openly told Quinn "there's nothing wrong with you physically" in " Too Cute " when her sister was obsessed with imaginary imperfections.

When Quinn has come to Daria for serious advice, Daria has given it to the best of her ability. Daria has shown some sharp insight into her sister. In " Psycho Therapy ", she stated Quinn "wears superficiality like a suit of armor, because she's afraid to looking inside and finding absolutely nothing"; in " Lucky Strike ", she snaps at Quinn that she knows she's not stupid. Both girls agreed to respect bedrooms as sacrosanct and to have equal access to "essential resources" in the bathroom and kitchen "the refrigerator and the bathroom.

No one wants a replay of the bitter Cold Cream War of ". By the final episodes, their relationship warms considerably. In " Aunt Nauseum ", she even says to Quinn that they won't be arguing as adults like their mother and aunts do. While she only appeared in three episodes, Aunt Amy was highly significant for Daria's character: she shows a possible way an older Daria could turn out, something both of them were aware of in " I Don't ".

They share similar intellects and sarcastic humours, and were shown to get on extremely well. Later, Daria would be shown turning to Amy for advice and assistance.

In "Aunt Nauseum", however, Daria was disillusioned to find Amy was just as flawed as her mother and Aunt Rita, and was only contributing to a problem.

Daria and Quinn had to solve it themselves, and Amy recognized that fact. Jane is the first and only friend Daria has ever made, by her own admission. Despite her history of deliberately isolating people and walling herself off, she almost immediately befriended Jane after the girl showed a similar cynical sense of humour.

In " The Daria Diaries ", she early on described Jane as "snide, resentful, and anti-social. Finally, a friend. An absence of Jane, and the fear it'd be permanent, in " See Jane Run " saw Daria begin to talk to herself.

Even she was bemused by this. In " Is It Fall Yet? Jane is the person Daria trusts the most. Despite all these people she knows, and the clear signs that the former three view her as a friend, Daria has referred to Jane as her only friend. She has also referred to being isolated - and most of the school doesn't talk to her - and has made mention of going for days without being approached by anyone.

Outside of Jane and briefly Ted, Daria never had any real contact or attempts at contact with the other outcast students at Lawndale. Sometimes emotions get a hold of us and you get wrapped up in the moment.

All that applies here. So yeah, try NOT to do that btw, sorry for sophomore year, Jennette. All that said, a best friend can get over you dating her ex-boyfriend. The tail end of season four and Is It Fall Yet?

Daria Morgendorffer is the series' titular protagonist. Originally a Profile. Birth Date, Varies. Occupation, Student. Beavis and Butt-head. Daria. Portrayed by. Jul 5, If you're a living, breathing twentysomething-year old woman with half a brain, chances are you also watched and were obsessed with Daria on.

But she works through it for the sake of their friendship, which brings us to a main theme of the series…. Of all the relationships Daria negotiates with, her relationship with Jane is the one that matters the most. Mary Grace Garis October 01, am. His clothes generally look cheap: he's 'dressing down'. Tom has also stated repeatedly that he finds the social gatherings of his social class to be deathly dull, as well as the family get-together's at "the cove" where his Aunt Mildred has a summer home.

He has been seen trying to sneak his way out of the former he never seems to pull off sneaking from the latterand generally prefers to laze around at home most of the time instead. When Andrew Landon joked about his mother having great "power" by being on a country club board, Tom looked briefly mortified by both the suggestion and it being made in public and in front of Daria.

He also uses his family's influence to get Daria into Bromwell as well, which despite being a helpful act on his part irked Daria.

He could get defensive when criticised for any presumed elitism, and sometimes appeared unaware that his family's wealth and assumptions that came with it might confuse, irritate, or embarrass people who were less wealthy. Jane referred to Tom as being forced to go to Fielding, which is possibly how Tom had described it to her; Daria was unimpressed by this claim, implying Tom can't be too bothered or he'd have done something about it.

He never expressed any irritation or concern about Fielding to Daria. Generally, he seems to enjoy his family's wealth while noticing and casually disparaging some of its absurdities.

Jun 22, The several seasons Daria spends having an awkward crush on Jane's cool brother, Trent, can't shake their bond, though Daria later dating. Oct 1, A best friend is supportive of you dating her brother. Jane tries to facilitate Daria- Trent quality time in the first three seasons, more for her. that never tells them about anyone he's dating, and was a bit worried when they caught him with Daria; this seems to be more from embarrassment than any.

His family's wealth and power was a source of tension between him and Daria during their relationship, sometimes from his unnoticed privilege and sometimes because she automatically assumed the worst because of his class.

In the episode " Jane's Addition ," Tom was introduced and began dating Jane Lane in very short order. They met at a Mystik Spiral gig while Daria was briefly absent. The amount of time Jane spent with Tom was a source of tension between Daria and Jane for many episodes afterward, much as Jane's dates with Evan had been " See Jane Run ".

Daria and Tom, however, had a lot in common. Though Jane was never portrayed as stupid, she was definitely not as "book-smart" as Daria or Tom. By the episode " I Loathe a Parade ," however, it was clear that the tension between Daria and Tom had blossomed into something else. Meanwhile, Tom and Jane's relationship began to deteriorate, with increasing clashes between the two; Tom made several big romantic gestures to Jane, ones that were out of character for him, to try and revive the relationship " Sappy Anniversary ".

After the end, Tom admitted they'd just been getting bored of each other. Notably, he didn't blame Jane for this and said this is something that just happens in relationships.

Meanwhile, Daria and Tom began a strange flirtation in " Fire! In " Dye! My Darling ", Tom tried to talk to an unwilling Daria about their situation, leading to a moment known as The Kiss in Tom's car. This betrayal nearly ended Daria and Jane's friendship. At the end of that movie, Daria and Jane's friendship was revealed to be stronger than the boy-drama, and Daria decided to pursue a romantic entanglement with Tom.

In the rest of the series, the characters would occasionally make jokes about how Daria was dating her friend's boyfriend " Life in the Past Lane ", "Is It College Yet? In a interview with Kara WildGlenn Eichler said Tom was created as "I thought it was really pushing credibility for Daria to have only had one or two dates during her whole high school career - I thought it was time in the evolution of her personality for a boyfriend to enter the picture. And of course it would provide us with some fresh storylines, always welcome after 39 episodes.

He admits this "may have backfired" as a chunk of the audience didn't buy Jane would forgive Daria for that. Also a more tongue-in-cheek answer of "maybe the writers wanted to make the storyline more interesting". But the mess of having all your relationships change because you got caught off guard by new feelings, THAT I understood-- that sort of thing had happened to me, and to plenty of other people I knew, and I was very familiar with the resultant awfulness.

Date it Like Daria: An Analysis

So I gave the writers kudos for going there and exploring it, even as I was cringing. Tom is the only character we meet to have actually "dated" Daria, in the sense of having a mutually-understood, ongoing, romantic relationship. Daria described him as "very caring and sensitive in the not-pukey way" in " Is It College Yet?

His relationship with Daria was marked by clashes and periods of friction, due to Daria's emotional and intimacy issues: this had been a problem since the start and she regularly pushed against him, sometimes to the point of trying to get him to stop dating her. This sometimes irritated him, though the two would make up afterwards. Other times, such as " Sappy Anniversary ", Tom could inadvertently tick off Daria with his unconcerned, laconic personality, and a habit of assuming she'd feel the same way as him and not asking her "Sappy", IIFY?

Between its clashes, the relationship was shown to be quite laid back and not traditionally romantic: in "Sappy Anniversary", Tom said he liked this about the relationship, that neither was going in for big gestures and they were happy to be lazy.

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