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Cupid fails to strike for Cowell . Media . The Guardian

7 Women You Meet on OK Cupid

After getting pummeled in the face with reminders read: ads that Valentine's Day is just around the corner, we can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or is that jaded and cynical? We sometimes can't tell the difference anymore, especially with how often television turns finding true love into a game show. In fact, reality dating shows are so plentiful, they are pretty much their own genre these days. We figured the Loviest Holiday of the Year was a pretty good reason to highlight some of the most memorable offerings and rank them from worst to best, based on three categories. So, grab a box of See's Candies and some roses and join us for a trip down a "romantical" memory lane, won't you?

Entertainment value: 6. As expected, there was some cattiness between the contestants, but it paled in comparison to most of the stuff we've seen on other shows.

Freaktown S01E07 - Cupid Crisis/A Date With Danger

Sincerity: 8. We actually think Flavor Flav was desperately looking for someone to love.

Cupid fails to strike for Cowell

Even if he was a "celebrity," it was hard to imagine that women were beating down the door, in hopes of scoring and aestetically-challenged, ex-crackhead who dressed like an old-school pimp and had more offspring than Octomom. Granted, Flav was no Prince Charming, but the women they brought on this show were some of the most horrifying people who've ever made it on television.

How on Earth could Flav find a suitable mate when producers choose women that poop on a staircase and spit loogies on one another?

Entertainment value: Besides the living spectacle that is Flavor Flav, the contestants were total train wreck material. We wanted to stop watching, but it was physically impossible. Nobody was more surprised than us when Bret Michaels emerged from relative obscurity into endearing reality show superstar.

Finally, after three seasons of Rock of Love, he realized his true love was already in his life and deprived us of a fourth season. Sincerity: 5.

Bret Michaels seemed to like the idea of having a steady gal, but always made it clear that his rock n' roll lifestyle meant that he'd still hump other chicks on the road.

Success: 5. The first season was a bust, but his relationship with season two winner, Ambre Lake, actually lasted several months -- longer than many pairings from The Bachelor.

If this show didn't, um, rock, there's no way it would have gotten three seasons. For that reason, we're sorry Bret has settled down. It always stuns me when women still use the term "fairy tale ending" as a possible outcome for a dating show.

'Cupid' duo Lisa Shannon and Hank Stepleton still together despite $1,, veto. Maybe the solution to the dearth of romance in reality-dating shows is. Release Date: All that show did was put annoying and irritating people in the same house and told them to get We would watch Cupid if it came on again. Club Cupid is a Scottish regional dating show co-produced by STV Central and STV North and presented by Des Clarke and Michelle Watt. The series was.

Yet, I really, truly believe that the women that get recycled for The Bachelorette, believe that's how it will go down. Success: 9.

Cupid dating show lisa visited Friday's The Early Show with Lisa Shannon, a year-old single woman who is looking for Mr. Calling Cupid: The Best of Reality Dating Shows. Maisy Fernandez 02/11/ After getting pummeled in the face with reminders (read: ads) that Valentine's. Cupid was a short-lived reality dating series where a woman (Lisa Shannon a.k.a the "Cupid" girl) with the help of her "poison-tongued" friends named Laura.

Granted, there's only one success story to date. The first Bachelorette, Trista Rehn, has been married to her pick, Ryan Sutter, for more than seven years. That doesn't make up for all the other dud pairings, but I believe that's the longest made-for-TV relationship from any dating show thus far, and that counts for a lot.

So what went wrong?

Cupid dating show

Will America pair Lisa Shannon up with the man of her dreams? Lisa Shannon made it clear to America who her choice for a husband is, but does America believe that he is the best person for her?

Find out who America selects for her, on the series finale of "Cupid," tonight, Tuesday, Sept. Cupid - Episode 10 summary "Fantasy Time. Release Dates.

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Despite heavy promotion featuring Cowell, now a household name in the states following his appearance on hit reality TV show American Idol. IT appears that the view ers of the dating show “Cupid” are finally in on the reality TV joke – they're tormenting the show's star. Producer takes on relationship, reality show on as exec producer and showrunner for “Cupid,” the Eye's summer reality skein from “American.

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