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BTS Reveals If They're Dating Anyone & Share Their Fave Things About Each Other - Access

Welcome to our community. Discussion in ' Celebrity Gossip ' started by Kimchilicous , Jul 5, Want to join in on the discussion? It's easy to sign up! Welcome to our community Sign Up Now! Tags: bts gfriend gossip kpop rumours smart snsd. Kimchilicous Newbie.

He said this funny one about fat fans being the loudest or smth -always tells her about upcoming EXO stuff.

For example, they had a plan to do more cities in the NA tour and they were so sure they'd be coming to Dallas bc the turnout last year was the best. The timing just wasnt right. Take it with a grain of salt. Another thing, not tea but their comeback is supposed to be bad boy concept.

We'll see. I saw that fans think they'll be European royalty themed, i have not heard about it from her but i wont say its false; it fits with the bad boy.

So maybe bad princes. BH is a strong Christian, I shoulda put that earlier. I see him dating Asians but marrying Korean. Making sure she was comfy, offering snacks and drinks. That's not from my source that's watching the trends. He can't keep this up much longer. What kept him longer seems to be bc he actually cares. He looks up to Soo Man and probably wants to be like him someday but based in China. Him having his own studio proves that so it seems he's prepping to go. The fact he wont be in this comeback.

But for deets, he was not good in bed at all. Tiny peen and no passion -doesn't he have a gf now? He's a bit older. Thats the trend: she's closest to JI and SH bc they are the youngest and closest to her age. This is all i got off the top of my head. Asking questions can help jog my memory, but Id say i got most of it down.

A BTS x EXO dating rumor would probably break the fans' minds because that's two issues in one. Will the fans unite for their oppas who. Official Twitter of OneHallyu! . [BREAKING] BTS member V caught into dating rumors with a Jellyfish Entertainment idol?!. Soooooo, in past interviews, Bangtan has mentioned, "we're a male source on OneHallyu, but I think people should always keep in mind a dating scandal along with army's strongly negative reaction could derail all that.

Thanks x 1. Times like these makes me wish I was more invested in kpop beyond just the music most times because I have no idea who she was referring to for most of that tea. Pics under the tea of each of them would be helpful but that would kind of defeat the purpose so Oh well. Amble I'm sorry, I just didn't want to use names to make it a little more exclusive. The initials are their real names for the most part.

I'm gonna edit some more to make it more clear. Youtube gave me some recommendations. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Close Menu Forums Recent Posts.

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We are sharing rumours that have been said before/in public light and There is at least one member in BTS that is dating (Speculated to be V. Rumor: BTS's Jimin and TWICE's Jeongyeon really can't stand each other. that the bad blood could have been caused by a past dating experience. fans love shipping BTS's bunny maknae Jungkook with jungkook is dating number of female idols.

Q: Will 2NE1 still maintain contact? How is iKON now? What about Chanwoo? When will they have another comeback? Q: Anything about Blackpink A: The newcomer award brought them some negative impact, but their popularity is still rising.

Now the 4 girls are all working hard. Q: Why does YG not want to place B. Why is her popularity so high?

Is there good songs inside? Is she as loveable as she seems in variety shows? Not in the same group but male and female idols.

Bts dating rumors onehallyu

Those very popular videos, do they know of that or even view those? For examples Taehyung and Irene is very popular, will they know? A: Sorry I read your previous question wrongly, I thought you asked for in-group ships so I answered they knew.

It sounds very fake A: You need to interact with Jennie for a long time until you really understand her, going by her personality. Leave a Comment. Reply Thread Expand Link. Reply Parent Thread Link. I'm settling in too, I'm so ready. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link.

It's just so hard to believe. Reply Thread Link.

This is pretty obvious tbh. This is great and happy news!

I choose to believe. I laughed way too hard at this one. So the only thing we get about Twice is that Tzuyu is the most popular member which Going by the first post it mentions Yoongi breaking up with his gf and the second to last post said the BTS member who OP thought broke up with their gf didn't actually break up so I'm guessing it's still Yoongi.

Kimchilicous Newbie.

Okay so i'm pretty sure the title says it all, basically just share all the rumours you know about any Group, Idol or Celeb. Bashing or hating idols is prohibited, if you want to hate idols than go find the bashing thread. Just a reminder, the intention of this thread is not to create lies or misinform users.

Allow me to begin: There is at least one member in BTS that is dating Speculated to be V or Jimin, maybe even Jungkook Supposedly 'innocent' members with no dating history have in fact You might as well add "of bts" at the end of the title.

All credits to whoever found this: Remember that these are rumours. Not all are true, you should base the truth on your perspective of these idols Red Velvet are not exceptionally close but they do get along with each other however, one member is known for having extreme attitude problems NCT Ten is an amazing dancer but can be seen as arrogant by some BTS members are extremely close but there are a few members who argue often Vixx members are overall very close even though they supposedly tease a few members a lot.

-BTS Jungkooks Ex girlfriend had Instagram, she resembles IU a little and https :// There's a baidu bar where chinese netizens share rumors and gossip they know, A kind soul over at onehallyu (who later switched over to another forum) There's someone dating in BTS (not the maknae line), sorry for the. ?? | ???? I know that they're right at the age when they should be dating and it's kinda unbelievable that they're still not.

Cylix Rookie. You know, I like these topics, but you've got to give us a Source.

[/FONT][/COLOR] off like Jessica/Taec we need another good idol dating scandal!.

Because I can also say whatever I want without proof. And those who think their oppas are "pure", need a reality check. I'm betting it's Jimin.

Personal Lives of BTS: Ideal Girlfriends Revealed! - ?OSSA Radar
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