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Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. I watched that Channel 5 thing last night about age gap relationships and after watching I thought that it was quite sweet that some of these people had found each other. I am in an age gap relationship, I am 37 and GF is 18 which may sound a large gap but on the programme there were couples with 40 years between them and married!!
When I think about age differences, I don't think in terms of numbers really, but rather maturity and life experience. Since I don't want to date. How young is too young when it comes to love and age gaps? And at the age I am at now i sometimes find myself dating 18 year olds. The Forum also contains Dating Advice that every person may follow while dating I was under the impression this was a discussion site to talk about age gap.

Many go on and on how th I wish I could've found the a nice young woman when I was young who acted more like an older woman. Are brain transplants from older women to younger women possible? Hi - I think its more common than you think for a younger female to like much older men. I think people keep it in because its taboo a bit.

I have my own reasons for seeking someone with more maturity I adore the company of the older gentleman and, if possible, his friends as well.

So if you are interested in exploring a party, where you set the guest list, definitely whizz me a message but I am ce I just joined this site, and I already know it's pretty confusing xD And pretty money grubbing I, personally, don't care that much about age, that's why I cam here I'm But it seems li I am trying to find a mature lady to be friends with and chat now and then and just have fun Am i odd or just dreaming? So as a older male whats your favourite daddy daughter role play scenarios??

Dont be shy feel free to message them me xxx. All rights reserved.

So I was talking with my niece yesterday and asked her what she thought was an acceptable age difference between me and someone I would. This post is a RANT against a POF policy. I do not know how long this has been in place,,,, it wasnt being used 6 yrs ago when I was on POF. I am in an age gap relationship, I am 37 and GF is 18 which may a recent thread saying you weren't having much luck with dating sites. 0.

AgeMatch does not conduct background checks on the members of this website. Threads: 1, Posts: 8, View author's info last commented on Aug 24, at PM.

Looking to find a mature women in PA to have fun with. Young people is cool. View author's info last commented on Jul 13, at PM.

Who wants an adventure I'm all dressed up n ready only date older men always have. View author's info last commented on Jul 06, at PM. View author's info last commented on Jun 22, at AM.

I just joined this site and I am wondering if it is real. Any sucess stories to share anyone? View author's info last commented on Apr 19, at PM. View author's info last commented on Mar 19, at AM. Is anyone on this site real?? View author's info last commented on Jan 24, at AM.

I'm 27 now, so that would mean I could date someone as young as 21, rounding up. That is just about stretching it as far as I'd like to go. Joined: Jun 7, Normally I would think that the older man is taking advantage of the young girl and using her.

I would not expect any type of life companionship coming out of that sort of relationship. But, there have been successful relationships of this type before and I am sure there will be more. I would just advise the girl to make sure she knows what she is doing which wouldn't actually do any good if she is in love. If she was my own daughter, I would not allow her to date a 30 year old while she still lived with me.

Age gap dating forum

Joined: Nov 11, Location: Stuck in the middle with you. If a 27 year old wants to date a 45 year old it seems perfectly ok in my book.

Cradle robbing is an entirely different issue though. Joined: Aug 6, Joined: May 1, Location: Fury NaimfanDec 4, Naimfan Suspended.

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Joined: Jan 15, Joined: Apr 14, Location: Scotland. Some younger girls are too immature when aged or even older but some are mature enough to understand that it is a relationship and not just a laugh.

I dated someone at 16 when I was 24 so 8 years difference, didn't last that long months due to various reasons but we were both happy at the time and her parents were ok with the age difference.

Guess it depends on the individuals concerned really. She is just out of high school, but her mom had already had her at her age, and even she thinks it was creepy. Joined: Mar 17, Location: Melenkurion Skyweir.

And do you think age gap affects how you view your SO/spouse? I cant date someone who is younger than me, or the same age as me.

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Iím 24 And My Husband Is 69 - EXTREME LOVE

Doesn't everyone follow the-younger-the-better rule? I kid I kid.

Forum: Age Gap Relationships Taking Space from Long-term Boyfriend (20 year age gap). Started by emrhi online relationship, age gap, dating. Replies: I personally don't mind an age gap, I have a limit to that age gap but an age gap of a . I like the half your age add 7 rule, but I prefer not to date guys that are. This is a discussion forum for older women and younger men and older men younger seeking Younger Men or vice versa or join the age match dating site!.

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