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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Let me put it into perspective as others have alluded to. It brings out the instability in those that are easily overwhelmed or influenced by a new sense of popularity and attention. What I mean is that online dating, for MANY, lends itself to the "next, next, next, and next, best thing". Even the new tinder and ok cupid swipe technology is playing into this. You literally swipe with a finger and most of the swipes are within 1 second of landing on a person's profile.

Are dating sites pathetic

Date Posted: Jul 10, 1. Date Posted: Jul 10, 2.

I think there are plenty of reasons to use a dating site. Right off the top of my head I would say time would be a big thing. I don't use dating sites either. Date Posted: Jul 10, 3.

EveryoneFearMeJul 10, Date Posted: Jul 10, 4. You still go out on dates with the person and it requires social skills.

Joined: Jul 10, Messages: 1, Date Posted: Jul 10, 5. TheAceCardJul 10, Date Posted: Jul 10, 6. Meh, I'm tempted to go on one.

I have pretty boring taste, and I want to meet someone with those taste and work on a relationship from there. A mere 16 percent of people surveyed who have dated online agree with the statement "people who use online dating sites are desperate.

And it is no coincidence that attitudes towards online dating have shifted: Online dating among young adults, the data shows, has tripled since This revealing new data comes from a survey of 2, American adults from different age groups.

Online dating has increased among all age groups, with 15 percent of American adults reporting they have used online dating an increase from 11 percent in Another contributing factor to how one views online dating is education level: 58 percent of college graduates know someone who uses online dating and 46 percent know someone who met their longtime sweetie via app or dating site.

More from The Daily Dot: "As elections approach, Iran cracks down on Internet activism with 'advanced' censorship tactics". Despite this vote of confidence by most people surveyed, a sizeable amount shared their belief online dating is a more dangerous way to meet people than other avenues.

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Nearly half of users believe this to be true, along with 60 percent of non-users. These views are, maybe not surprisingly, gendered: 53 percent of female online daters feel there are safety issues, while only 38 percent of men agree.

More from The Daily Dot: "We dare you to try a recipe from this urine cocktail guide". Do you really believe it can help someone who doesn't have many other opportunities to meet someone new?

If you are con, why? What are the drawbacks you see in online dating sites?

I think people that join paid dating sites are at the exact stage in life where you are, so that is definitely something that will be relatable. Unlike sites that are free, . I started online dating and told a friend who's response was that's pathetic I wouldn't ever go on those sites but here is the funny thing she met her boyfriend on. Never mind the fact that more than one-third of all people who use online dating sites have never actually gone on a date with someone they.

Do you feel like only complete losers join those? Thanks all :. Share Facebook.

Slowly, online dating sites are losing their stigma. Nearly one-fourth of Americans are meeting their eventual partners online. So what's the big. Call it what it is, but that is date-mongering. I have been on these sites for so long because I am strictly looking for booty and let people know. I think there are plenty of reasons to use a dating site. if you say dating sites are pathetic then youd have to say the same for

Online dating sites: progressive or pathetic? Add Opinion. Stacyzee Master. Recommended Questions. Dating Do you take into consideration the Zodiac sign of the person before dating them?

Dating What advantages do hot girls have because of their looks?

Good news, online daters: You're no longer considered sad and pathetic

Dating Would you date simeone who dresses poorly? Dating Ever met someone years later and been horribly disappointed? Have an opinion?

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Online dating is over-hyped and is probably one of the worst places to find stick to their own kind, but for the rest of us, its downright pathetic. That's fucking pathetic though. .. But if I was having to go through that ordeal that men on dating sites have to go through now, and was just. way to meet people: you're no longer considered sad and pathetic. with the statement "people who use online dating sites are desperate.

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