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How to start a dating site with little programming experience?

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Productivity Internet. But there are still many good dating websites out there. Here's a wide selection of the free online relationship websites out there. Go find love! Programmers make for awesome dates and life partners.

If you aren't completely sure that you're meant to be a programmer, here are some signs that may point you in the right direction.

Convinced that programmers make awesome dates yet? Logical thinking, empathy, and efficient learning are all valuable in a relationship.

If you want to pursue a career in digital arts or graphic design, is it worth getting a degree? Can you get by without one?

What exactly does the degree do for you, anyway? Read Morea programmer could be your perfect match. Programmers, what other attributes do you think make you a perfect partner? Explain down in the comments! Your email address will not be published. I started dating programmer for a first time few weeks ago and It really drives me crazy, because he es so much obsessed with his workwe see each other or weekends only and last weekend he voluntarily decided to spent for work too.

Also, how long have you been coding?

12 of the best online dating sites for geeks, nerds, sci-fi buffs, and more

That you can rewrite. Love him z way he is. We programmers fix bugs, even other people's bugs. Most people don't like it when you try to fix them or their habits.

My wife puts up with me trying to do this, sometimes she just wants to complain about her weight rather than get help loosing it. We get obsessed with optimization, to the point that our solutions are worse than the problem.

Love sci-fi but also looking for love? These niche dating sites are designed for geeks, nerds, and anyone else who falls into a similar category. Considering most successful dating sites employ custom CMS's that range from Many times, the programmer is someone with less experience who is willing to . we are running the international online dating for programmers (Date A Programmer), + members already (60% are non-programmers.

Many of us enjoy debate and logical arguments, our others may not appreciate when we play devil's advocate and point out there fallacies when arguing over stupid things. People can attribute the best or worst of others based on only a few examples and stereotypes. You should be wary of any opinion about types of people, including the following. Programmers pride themselves on thinking things through. The people who deal with clarifying and understanding specifications sometimes think that they can walk into any situation and solve it without fully understanding the problem or who is impacted by it because they feel confident in solving problems.

The industry demands that they show confidence in being able to solve any problem. Just take a look at any of the puzzle-based interview problems that they've had to face not so long ago. People also tend to think of the problems that have the greatest impact on themselves first, and you shouldn't expect programmers to be any different until they realize that your problem is also their problem. Programmers also love abusing highly abbreviated and less readable syntax.

Regex, Perl, and combining address-of and value-of pointer syntax because it was convenient to do so are just some examples.

Start moving toward your dream signing up on programmer dating site, meet the love of your life, build long-term relationships and make new friends all over the. We recently launched Color Dating for iOS and Android about a month ago. When programming, so much time is wasted rewriting the same. There's been a discussion on Quora about whether a dating site for programmers would ever work out. One of the contributors, Eugene.

They leave out comments in their code even though their favorite software editing program is displaying all sorts of visual prompts to fill it out, even offering to do it for you! SInce programmers are often trying to optimize everything, there's a chance that they've already considered the problems you are facing and have written them off as inefficient or, "stupid". Not all programmes write great UI or have user experience in mind.

Many released products have issues like hidden buttons that only become visible when you mouse-over them, poor layouts, lack of attention focus, hard to find information, and lousy workflows that add unnecessary layers. My own work is never released externally, so my description of these problems may not be exactly industry standard explanations. Internal tools written by developers for other developers tend to be worse.

Some of those tools see a public release without getting polished up first. There's still a lot of niche tech jobs or tech jobs working with very specific technologies that can go away tomorrow in this ever changing field. Today's programmer living in well paid comfort can easily become tomorrow's obsolete has-been that can't convince keyword focused HR types that specific technologies and implementations matters less than experience in understanding concepts and designing logic.

Programmers tend to change jobs or positions every few years, either pursuing knowledge to remain employable or looking for the next great project high to get excited about before getting burned out and looking for the next great project high. I find it ironic that this article cites garbage collection in Ca managed code language that cleans up after you for you.

written by a programmer of course(what were you expecting?) As true as these reasons are, let me tell you, dear future potential Programmers'. Are you looking for a guy to date? Don't look any further! A programmer is the best guy for a serious relationships and we'll make you sure that all guys that have. Dating for Programmers: Why Never Having a Girlfriend Is Bothering . the application of knowledge toward solving problems, then allowing for.

I've seen very few modest-sized C programs purposefully invoke garbage collection. Programmers tend to put in over 40 hours a week. They take their coding problems home with them.

They're thinking out data structures and logic in the shower, during meals, and in the quiet hours while going to sleep. They can be called upon outside of work hours to fix their errors at 2 AM, especially where production infrastructure is concerned. This may result in a lot of other things around the house only getting cleaned up or maintained periodically. No one wants to hear it. Many programmers, unlike many other jobs, love what they do, and they want to share that joy with others who start looking for the nearest most convenient exit.

They may find themselves explaining everything to everyone as a courtesy and being hated for it.


Fixing is great. Problems get fixed. Some things can't be fixed, and there are times when you want someone to talk to and just listen instead of someone who will try to offer up suggestions on how to fix either yourself or your problems. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Programmers get rated on being feature complete by deadlines even if it requires an unknown amount of time researching how to implement the desired feature.

This pressure discourages over-engineering, and coding for possible future requirements, compatibility, or accommodating different ways of invoking that logic. It's only a requirement if it's a specified requirement, and not all programmers are developing web applications. Ha ha ha. Where's points of my rebuttal? Those features got cut so I could finally ship this and move on! I've got a lot of things I want to do today, including some personal tech projects, and I've grown impatient completing pointing out exceptions to your article.

Martin Boyd Cofounder. Don't discredit white label solutions. They may be what you need to get started and validate your concept. Then as your site grows and you start gaining the resources you can then start slowly building up a custom solution. Steven Heron Ideas person, successful content marketer, Clickbank vendor. Thank you everyone for the responses! They've been most helpful. To clarify I do know how to program, however I want an experienced web developer who's sole focus in life is programming and is intimately aware of security issues such as SQL injections, and stays up to date with the latest PHP exploits and the like.

An amateur programmer such as myself working on a project that relies heavily on a database backend that contains very personal customer details and messages is a terrible idea and a data breach just waiting to happen.

Programmer dating app

I do very much respect programmers and have hired many in the past for my past ventures, and I'm familiar with the work that goes into it. I've kindly received some great JV offers and will proceed with one of those shortly, thank you again for your inputs.

It really depends on the complexity of your idea. You could probably get away with creating a small MVP yourself to test the market or, if your idea is more complex, I would advise you hire someone with enough experience to help you out. David Jeba. Toggle navigation. Remember me.

Forgot password? Log in. Don't have an account? Hide my real name optional. Already a CoFoundersLab member? Dejan Dejanov A curious soul May 29th, Hi Steve, I kind of agree with Sheldon that partnering with random programmers will rarely work. Mawut Mayen Euntrepreneur May 28th, Martin Boyd Cofounder May 28th, Steven Heron Ideas person, successful content marketer, Clickbank vendor May 31st, It determines your ability to concentrate, memorize information, and apply your knowledge to solving problems and accomplishing difficult tasks.

Emotional energy consists of your thoughts, feelings, attitude, and mood. It is heavily influenced by physical and mental energy, as well as the people in your life. Spiritual energy is your overall outlook, the meaning and direction of your life, and your overall view of yourself.

Dating for Programmers

It strongly influences the other three energies. Therefore, the solution to creating a more self-reliant you is to start practicing better energy control and thereby gain control over your life. Energy control is more of a mindset, not an actual hard science or health plan. But I still consider it the single most influential thing you can do to promote wellness, self-confidence, and self-assurance.

Energy control requires a balancing act between heavy use and sufficient, not excessive, rest.

You go all out, you rest and recover, and your energy returns more abundantly than before. Human beings evolved to behave this way: bouts of intense, all-out activity followed by idle rest. Think back to prehistoric times.

Human beings were generally idle and at rest whenever possible, with bursts of intense activity when running away from a predatory animal, hunting, or fighting a rival tribe. For example, exercising too much will make you tired and weak, but so will exercising too little.

You need to work to individually boost all four of your energies. The quantity of time slept is not nearly as important as the quality; four hours of quality sleep is better than eight hours of poor sleep. Maximizing sleep quality requires a few things:. Learn to rest intermittently as much as possible during idle moments like waiting for a file to download, waiting for class to start, waiting in line at a food stand, etc.

Rest by slowing your breathing. Breathing in for two seconds, hold for two seconds, then breathe out. If a thought enters your mind, relax and let it fade away. People allow their stress to destroy them.

Stress is a natural human response to dangerous situations. The problem is that you experience this same flight-or-fight response even during non-life-threatening situations. Most people let this energy build up pressure.

They expend valuable willpower to suppress this energy and let it writhe within them. Suppressed energy can easily become toxic and harm you.

As you breathe, imagine the energy circulating and spreading throughout your whole body, powering and energizing you.

Use this newfound energy to accomplish your goals: go to the gym and lift like a madman, put on some boxing gloves and wail on a heavy bag, or complete your work with absolute focus and commitment. I encourage experimentation to figure out what works best for you and to follow your common sense. The only important aspect of diet is to not eat too much. I recommend restricting coffee to one to two cups a day and to drink all of it before midday.

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