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How to Wire an Alternator and Starter . It Still Runs

Starter Motor Troubleshooting Tips DIY - How to diagnose starter problems

Most vehicles use a starter-mounted solenoid that functions as a high power switch to connect the starter drive pinion gear with the flywheel to start the engine. Most on-starter solenoids are easy to wire as you mount the starter on the engine. Other solenoids--mostly on Fords--are remote mounted. These solenoids are located in the engine compartment close to the battery, which makes it much easier to wire. Whether you have an on-starter or remote-type solenoid, follow these steps to wire the unit in a matter of minutes. Raise the vehicle using a jack and support it safely on jack stands if necessary.

There is a large red wire, a cluster of wires, and a small wire that obviously goes to the small post. The other two posts are large and could fit either, but I am certain the large red one fits on the upper post when installed.

I removed starter then forgot what wire went where. There are two large studs and more big eyelet wires with the large fat wire that goes to. Most on-starter solenoids are easy to wire as you mount the starter on the engine. the engine compartment close to the battery, which makes it much easier to wire. Connect the starter cable to the large bolt located on the right-hand side of. This long span of time, however, leaves me wondering if it is only two wires that I need connect up to the starter, or three? Why?, because I.

There is a small wire coming out of the starter and I am certain that that one is on the lower post. I just cannot remember if the cluster is on the lower or the upper. Small purple wire goes to solenoid small connection all the others go to large top post place small fuse links behind larger positive battery.

There are no ground wires in the harness that goes to the starter so if you somehow mistook a ground wire in the vicinity. I took starter off to clean connections and forgot where all wires went.

Ensure you jack the vehicle up on firm, level ground. The starter will have a wire running to it from the battery or fuse box, and looks like a large .. Anywhere from hours depending on how much of a tight squeeze it is to.

I am sorry, I did not hear back from you about this. There should only be the big battery cable wire and the little ignition wire. There may be a third big wire but that goes to the same connection as the big fat wire. Is there something you did not understand?

How to Install a Car Starter

Roy Was this answer. There are two studs and two other large hole eyelets besides the large big one that goes to battery. The one on the solenoid is the one or the upper of the two big studs.

All the wires with big holes go on that stud. The little wire, purple, I believe, goes on the little stud on the solenoid closest to you. Thanks, I will check that out. Good luck. Six cylinder front wheel drive automatic. I just placed a used starter solenoid in my car, and I do not know how to wire it correctly.

Small purple wire goes to the S terminal of the solenoid the rest goes to the starter battery terminal. Place the old starter side by side with the new one on a table and compare them for similarities and differences.

The two should look nearly identical and the holes for the starter retainer bolts should be in the exact same place.

New starter solenoids often come with four terminals, but can be used with only two. Slide the starter into place.

How many wires hook up to a starter

Insert the starter into the same mounting location you removed the old one from. Depending on the vehicle, you may need to do so from above or below the engine. You may need to snake the starter down and around other components of the engine to place it properly. Insert the starter retainer bolts. With the starter in place, slide the two retainer bolts through the bracket on the engine and the starter. Connect the wiring to the starter solenoid. With the starter secured in place, reconnect the wiring you disconnected from the old starter onto the terminals on the new one.

If your new solenoid has four terminals but your old one had two, only utilize the top and bottom terminal on the new solenoid.

If your old one had four and the new one does as well, connect them to the same terminals they were connected to on the old one.

Reconnect the battery. With the starter installed and wired, reconnect the black cable to the negative terminal on the battery and tighten it in place. Insert the key into the ignition and attempt to start the vehicle.

Check to ensure all of the wires are securely connected at either end, then start the vehicle again. Listen to the vehicle as you attempt to start it. As you turn the key in the ignition, listen for the sounds the engine makes to help determine if you have an issue with your starter.

How to (voltage drop) test a starter motor circuit

If the engine does nothing, the battery may just be dead. Ensure the battery terminals are clean and secure. Check the battery terminals to ensure there is a strong connection between the terminals and the cables. The cables should be securely held in place and should not be able to wiggle or be removed from the terminal without loosening the nut on each cable. Clean corroded battery terminals with a steel toothed brush to ensure a strong connection.

Wear gloves when cleaning battery terminals to avoid getting battery acid on your skin. Sign In. What happens after you join the wrong wires of a starter to a motor? Update Cancel. You can't secure what you can't see. See what's lurking in your cloud.

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How a car starting system works: system diagram, starter motor, why it's connected to the battery with thick (large gauge) cables (see the. The process for wiring a starter and an alternator on a car is divided into two parts . the job is easier to understand, and the results are much more predictable. As long as the negative cable is connected to the engine block, the starter will. Once you connect the positive wire from the battery to the negative of the starter which is difficult to do - You make a short circuit and better.

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