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Vanessa Hudgens ADMITS She "Lost Contact" With Zac Efron

It is the final installment in the High School Musical trilogy. Joined by the rest of their East High Wildcat classmates, they stage their last spring musical, reflecting their experiences, hopes, and fears about the future. High School Musical 3: Senior Year was developed immediately following the success of its prequel. Upon release, the film received generally positive critical success, with critics noting it as an improvement over the previous two installments. Meanwhile, the film's soundtrack was also successful, as it peaked at number two in the United States.

During Efron and Hudgens' time together as a couplethey often vacationed together and attended many red carpet events, including the most prestigious one of all; the Oscars, in On Dec.

News that Efron and Hudgens had splitbut remain friends. When you don't have face-to-face time, it's just different.

Having an iPhone helped, but it just wasn't the same.

When did troy and gabriella start dating

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They reportedly begin dating about a year later. February Not only do the lovebirds hit the red carpet at the Oscars, they perform during. And seven years ago, they called it quits after dating for about four years, saw them play couple Troy and Gabriella and made them stars. Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez reunion, Vanessa Hudgens wants you Zac and Vanessa started dating for five years after meeting on the.

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High School Musical is a American musical television film written by Peter Barsocchini . Troy is left confused as to why Gabriella did not want to audition anymore and He likes the status quo and is a firm believer in it, but later ends up dating "Start of Something New", Troy and Gabriella, None, Mountain Ski Resort. Later at the after party, Troy and Gabriella discuss their unknown future and the short Kelsi and Ryan start out the show followed by a couple other numbers; . they do so with robotic efficiency, and sing in that decaffeinated high vibrato, . characters are underway but there hasn't been a release date for the film as of yet . As Gabriella and Troy find themselves auditioning to be part of the musical Channel, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron proceed to start dating right away. With Zac and Vanessa, fans did not have much to say about their.

Even nearly a decade later after the couple broke up, High School Musical fans are still insistent on hoping for the return of Zanessa. Despite not being an actual thing that happened in the franchise, many fans also had hopes for Zeke who was clearly in love with Sharpay to one day get a chance at dating his true love, yielding the Zepay couple name.

Ina couple of reports came out alleging that Zac Efron had proposed to Vanessa Hudgens while traveling together in Japan, surfacing engagement rumors for the couple. According to a particular report from Digital SpyZac had felt compelled to propose to Vanessa because of her mother, who had allegedly been putting pressure on them to get married. When those engagement rumors surfaced, Zac and Vanessa had just released High School Musical 3: Senior Year the first and only movie of the franchise that was released on the big screen rather than on the Disney Channel a few months before.

Troy and Gabriella's relationship

Despite the various reports, the engagement between Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens was never truly confirmed. In hindsight, many fans believe that Zac never actually proposed to Vanessa, and that those rumors were false. Then again, neither of them ever spoke on the matter, so there is no way to truly know what happened.

Zac Efron told Nightline that was trying to move past his High School Musical years and stay close to his family, who kept him grounded. That same year,Zac and Vanessa broke up. Infive years after breaking up with Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens opened up to the New York Times about certain facts regarding their relationship. Girls were running after him, and I was giving them death stares.

High School Musical turned Zac Efron into a breakout star among tweens around the world, prompting girls to fall in love with him and boys to imitate his looks. The reason why Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens broke up remains a mystery. Sure, Vanessa admitted to being jealous of the overwhelming attention that Zac received from fans, and long-distance was cited as a source of problems for the couple just like any other relationship that involves two actors or musicians.

However, the real reason why they split is still a point of contention that involves a couple of different sources and reports. According to a source that spoke to Radar Online, it was a mutual decision for the couple to break up.

It just ran its course. They are still talking and still friends. No one cheated. According to E! However, the report from E! Despite having spoken about the relationship in hindsight, neither Vanessa Hudgens nor Zac Efron have provided clear insight as to what exactly happened for them to break up and remain on bad terms. The world fell in love with Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron as a pair and, even nearly a decade later, Vanessa still gets asked about the status of her relationship even if it would now be a friendship with Zac.

Anatomy of a Breakup: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

However, because Vanessa and Zac have been so private about what actually happened during their relationship and after their breakup, it has been somewhat of a mystery to figure out where the two of them stand. But then came the infamous Access Hollywood interview with Vanessa Hudgens inin which a huge revelation was made about her relationship to Zac. Yeah, no.

Up until that point, despite not having been seen together, there was no indication that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were in such bad terms.

To be fair, Zac sent his congratulations to Ashley via Twitterand was indeed having a very busy year in between the releases of The Awkward Moment and Neighborsas well as shooting We Are Your Friends. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have done a swell job at avoiding one another at every turn and have not been spotted at the same public spaces at any given time.

Despite the fact that Zac Efron missed out on her wedding and that Vanessa Hudgens is definitely a much closer friend to her, Ashley Tisdale seems to feel no ill-will against Zac. Even nearly a decade later, Ashley has kept in touch with Zac, despite the fact he and Vanessa are not even on speaking terms anymore.

Maybe Ashley Tisdale can be the source of a possible reconciliation and friendship for Vanessa and Zac?

zac efron and vanessa hudgens - young and in love

Speaking of things Zac Efron did not attend due to scheduling conflicts, inten years after High School Musical premiered on the Disney Channel, the main lineup of actors was invited to come together and reminisce on their time together while shooting the film. Fans of the franchise became extremely angry upon learning that Zac, of all people, would not be available to appear in the High School Musical reunion. Lots of angry tweets were sent in his direction, enough to prompt the actor to record a video message to justify his absence.

I love you, guys. During the High School Musical reunion, the co-stars spoke about their experiences while shooting the three movies and the impact that the franchise had in their personal lives and careers. Additionally, they took a second to watch scenes of the movie and auditions, telling funny stories about what really happened in each of those moments.

Troy and Gabriella singing "Start of Something New". Troy and Gabriella decide to do the callback despite the resistance they are facing, so their The movie begins with Troy and Gabriella dating still and looking forward to spending the. The "High School Musical" couple welcomed by singing "Start of Something New. Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) where they did an impromptu karaoke duet to "Start of Something New for a sappy ending, Troy and Gabriella start dating by the end of the movie. But, when it comes to the Troy and Gabriella romance, young viewers really wanted it But, it seems that he never did call her back. . At the beginning of HSM2, we know that Troy and Gabriella have actually started dating.

Despite hardships such as long-distance, jealousy, and falling out of contact, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron had a long and successful relationship of five years. While promoting her new show Powerless ina short-lived DC Comics sitcom that aired on NBC, Vanessa Hudgens admitted to the fact that, even though she dated the guy and broke up with him, Zac Efron was undoubtedly her celebrity crush during her teen years.

Two conclusions can be drawn from Vanessa Hudgens saying that Zac Efron was her teen crush.

As BuzzFeed points out, people are starting to realize that the iconic Can't Troy and Gabriella do what they do on Glee and express their.

Firstly, Vanessa is now comfortable with the fact that, in hindsight, Zac was a very important figure in her life and she was madly in love with him despite how things ended between them.

After all, the actor went on to become an A-lister who is often seen in summer blockbusters, while Vanessa stayed grounded in more independent movie projects as well as Broadway plays. Born inAustin Butler is only three years younger than Vanessa, and shares her passion and talent for music. Inrumors surfaced online that Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler had become engaged. However, Vanessa took to Twitter to directly deny those rumors. However, Vanessa has praised their relationship for being great at communication.

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