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I've been out of the loop with Cry for a while, can someone ELI5 who Angel is? : ChaoticMonki

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Last time I watched his streams was a while ago and I never saw her so I imagine she's someone new. I'm watching their Doki Doki stream and she's fucking hilarious, I love her. Is she just a friend or did something happen with Cheyenne? When did they meet? Does she have her own channel? When did she start streaming with Cry? I don't remember if it was on twitter or tumblr, but Russ explained he met Angel first when I think she did a small youtube video on his Amnesia custom story, and they became friends basically.

Cry corrected Felix and Ken that his eyes are blue. The stream originated as a way for Cry to play with his fans throughout the night, but after a series of complications, it just became a way for Cry and his friends to entertain their fans with humor and video games. A depiction of Cry by artisticalassassin on tumblr, displaying the common belief that he has brown hair and blue eyes.

A common trait with these drawings is the depiction of Cry having blue eyes, and ear length or slightly longer brown hair. Less common depictions see him with blonde hair. In a video he made together with PewDiePie and CinnamonToastKen, Cry said that he doesn't have brown hair and doesn't own a green hoodie.

He also said that "Green isn't even my Cry's color! He does, however, adore plaid. Despite this, fans still use the name "Crybabies" on occasion, and Cry will express he thinks the name is dumb, or he just generally dislikes it. The Crys are seperate personas representing Cry's moods. Some personalities are silly and fun, much like Cry usually is, while others are a bit more dark or malevolent.

Certain personalities, such as Mad or Virus, are represented in fanart as cold or evil versions of Cry. The most known Crys in the fandom are these 5 personas he "changes into":. MadCry : One of the most known and infamous of Crys, Mad is personified by a bloody mask with the mouth of the mask opened, revealing sharp "teeth".

He is also personified as Cry's evil twin of sorts, shown in some drawings fighting against his malevolent doppleganger. While he is very rarely unleashed, when he is, Mad is known to use violent methods against NPCs, and uttering a laugh only attributed to an asylum patient. VirusCry : While he is a bit like Mad, Virus is actually one of the more mysterious of the personalities Cry "controls".

It's to be noted that while Virus may not posses Cry himself, he does posses the main tool Cry keeps at his disposal: his computer. He is believed by some to be the main cause of why most of Cry's games crash in the middle of his recordings. It doesn't give you a free pass to be a bitch to people. I feel bad for her mother passing away. And I get it must be tough being Cry's gf with all the crybaby creepo female fans, but the only thing that she makes herself to be is cry's gf, likes swimming, lives in las vegas.

That's it. And being a mega bitch to his friends. I've heard from elsewhere that she has a rep for driving away female mods for the streams. I can't recall where the link came from though. But I was never made aware of my actions.

Not once was I ever told about how you felt. Not once. You spoke to Cry once and then left. You gave him an ultimatum and expected him to be a miracle worker. I have no idea who these people are, but that Chey's reply link is fucking vicious. How can anyone defend this bitch? Cue people defending her because they have been blinded by internet culture. Time and time again she gets involved in drama and they still defend her. Now she's twitch partnered and she calls the people who criticise her "haters".

Who wants to date?

She's doing quite fine for being an ass to others. What he looks like, what his house looks like, his accounts, his family, his pets. She's got so much knowledge that she could destroy him if she wanted. Heck, I think some of his closest online friends don't even know his face or name. I mean he has to constantly pay websites to delete his information. No events. No invites. Refuses any sponsorship or offer with a company if it means showing his real identity even a little.


The guy is super invested in his privacy, even if he was just ugly. Really popular, but never really releases any information about his name, face, family life, etc. Its good because it builds mystery and I think it draws a lot of people in, but then you end up missing out on a lot stuff. He's been invited to events and interviews for the game, but end sup turning them down and shit. Maybe that's just because he was cute tho.

And you can't blame that on BPD. Looks like a bird…. Glasses and face full of pimples. Basically the picture of the ideal nerd. Just look at his homely ass girlfriend. I think he's mainly avoiding posting his face because he has batshit crazy fans who will all leave him once they see his ugly mug. I know Cry is pretty sensitive too, so he probably took that to heart even if he tried to play it off as a joke.

He was nice, generally chill and laid low. And he's said himself that he's heavier, and likes heavier women. I asked him once how he feels about all of the fan art depicting him as some skin and bones 15 year old bishie-boy and he said something along the lines of, "it doesn't make me uncomfortable, because that's cry.

That's the person they see as their friend, which is fine. I'm not Cry, the character so I don't feel offended, but I do feel like a big portion of my sub count would stop watching me if they knew what I looked like. I haven't tried approaching him since maybe years ago, so I don't think he'd answer, but I assume it's because he thinks he's not good enough to have a healthy relationship. Someone posted his image onto Tumblr and his fans mass reported it until it was taken down.

He's not cute at all, in fact he's also obese. But at least his fans had his back even all those years back then. Where are his eyebrows? I mean, I've always expected him to be ugly since he doesn't show his face and since his gf is also ugly as fuck but damn…. The ONLY thing that I don't really like about him is the fact that he is really sensitive…way too much imo; he gets butthurt very easily even on constructive criticisms.

He had a lot of proof but it was a total invasion of privacy. They did this because after finding pictures of Cry, he wanted to spite his fangirls and expose them as being shallow. Cry didn't deserve this at all. Try "cry exposed" or "cryexposed". On the wayback machine, I could only read recent pages off of the Tumblr blog. That's the photo that was circulated there. THIS is Cheyenne. If you actually looked for Chey's photos online and verified that girl and Chey were the same person you'd see they'd have that big mole on her face.

But Chey doesn't. Unfortunately, his gallbladder had a gas explosion and he urgently needed surgery. All proceeds go to, well, obviously, the bill.

We all truly appreciate it and wish the best for Cry's recovery. He was exposed on a livestream? He was not physically present at the time. Damn, I'm pretty sure the guy is putting himself down enough already.

Give him a break, goddamn. How are you a moderately successful youtuber without health insurance? Cry is an idiot.

People will shell out money for anyone on youtube, won't they? Cry said he'll donate any excess to the hospital he was in. I kinda hope that she would actually take the extra money and then spend it all on a plastic surgery, because she really needs it.

Cryaotic is a YouTube star whose real identity has remained a mystery to his fans . he was 21, as such, she was considered a minor when they began dating. Even though she does not make many videos, Cheyenne got to start her own. When did she start streaming with Cry? Cry and Cheyenne broke up a long while ago, and Cheyenne is doing her own They aren't dating. Cheyenne says that Cry's editing and vids are not particularly I didn't know that they started dating when she was 16 though, that's kind of gross. .. They did this because after finding pictures of Cry, he wanted to spite his.

She comes off as a entitled twat, and she should take care of that BPD of hers. That shit ain't cute, how is she popular in any capacity? Maybe she's still in her bitchy teen phase and has a chance of becoming a better person later? It was his birthday just a few days ago. Not in a girl next door way, but chubby nerdy girl way. So its not just a phase then…. Glad to read not everyone thinks she's ugly.

Honestly it made everyone here sound like a fat jelly fangirl buttmad that she stole their man. She still seems horribly abrasive though, no different opinions on that. I don't think she's ugly, but it's her attitude that is off. Check out onwards. I think pic related was from an other time chey acted out, but it seems cry is okay with it?

Idk I try to remind myself cry is an adult manbaby, but still an adult and he knows what he's doing and getting into. I don't follow him very closely anymore, but I hope the guy gets out of this somehow. Cry doesn't want to be called by his real name, and enforces it hella seriously.

Iirc cheyenne has also gotten mad at viewers before for calling him Ryan. What does she tag fanart of both of them on tumblr? I hope Cry can get out of this relationship without too much drama happening. She does seem like a vindictive person, possibly on the edge of abusive. But they married before he started the channel iirc and she had a different career path as well a degree in chemistry, I think?

If you compare them with all these other youtube relationships you can see how toxic a lot of them are. It's such an out of the blue thing to say that I can't help but view it as some sort of bragging like her overweight boyfriend is a prize. Call me prude, but it's inappropriate and I don't want to imagine two chubs rubbing against each other in bed.

With that being said, the rest of her blog is creepy. Nearly every post is about her boyfriend or her being extremely negative and sperging out at people. She's kinda cute wtf…. There are a lot of comments here saying they're pretty, cute, et cetera.

Chey is kinda cute too, but only on her selfies, and only if she does that silly thing with her mouth and covers her nose a bit. On other pics she's ugly. Cry is a fatass. Poor guy lost genetic lottery in many ways. He doesn't scream all the fucking time, he doesn't cover up the voices and intense moments in games with dumb comments, he has a nice voice… I couldn't care less if he was a fat uggo. I just want him to stop dating this bitch and go back to provide sweet entertainment.

I feel like its pretty fucking impressive to edit a video everyday and out out those videos everyday. Wtf does she do? I'm a fatass and even I'm swimming in a 4x. You're all acting as is people cannot lose weight?

Cheyenne is obviously not fat in her recent twitter pictures. Unless you DO consider that fat, in which case what the fuck? It most definitely looks like size L and I don't even know why it matters. So even if the pic with the glasses IS Cry, we stil don't know what he looks like today.

The picture didn't even show his eyes for god's sake. And another example, look at Russ. He lost so much weight during these few years it's impressive. It's also possible that Cry likes his shirt baggy, but why???

What is wrong with you people? She looks like she's a healthy weight. Some of you don't understand that being healthy and not having rolls of fat on your stomach is what makes people NOT FAT. Meat on your body is important, anorexic-loving fucks. And I am not a salty "fat bitch" who is trying to draw a line of justice here. No, I'm a healthy M sized man. And we do not call Cheyenne's body what it's not. Call her ugly if it's your taste. We know she's a bad person.

But Cry's shirt that is hanging on her body is L sized. That's all, folks. Summer is now here. Take it from someone who used to always wear man clothes. I thought these people here at least knew a thing or two about how unimportant that is. Also I am not defending her actions; There is just no need to call her fat next to all this, it can bring down girs who are thicker than her…even though that body is perfectly healthy.

You can make other people feel insecure by being a little shit. She's not fat. She is ugly, however. A really ugly one. She's the whole package of shit. I'm not one to throw around the potato meme but she really does look like one giant potato. Or at least a comment? Posting some random ass photos with nothing else is fucking weird. Oh lord. I know you want to justify that second mountain dew, but she is fat. She is fat. You can control weight you know, fatass. Her personality is really scummy.

Why does Cry put up with her?

When did cry and cheyenne start dating

Whether Chey is fat or ugly is pretty much subjective subjective fat because ana-chans are everywhereher behaviour is not. Best case scenario is her breaking up with him so she won't be a vindictive bitch with his sensitive information. Does anyone know where Cry lives and whats the age of consent there? This is what google came up with for the age of consent. To qualify for removal under "Romeo and Juliet," the victim must have been at least 14 years old and the offender no more than four years older.

So if she was 17 and he was 25, he's screwed, right? Girl has BPD, she will probably use that shit against him if he dumps her. Either way I don't think legally she can hold that against him. I don't think it would hold up because A they've been together for a few years B She's never hinted that anything was not consensual C It's kind of just the standard "crazy ex can't deal with break-up" shit.

Scott Jund? That guy hates her and Cry is like, back off bruh. Nobody cares about that as long as you are a nice person. Diet and exercise are always good though! He's mentioned before on his tumblr that they don't get along well she's actually the only person on the lnc he doesn't get along with. If you're the common denominator in all these scenarios, chances are you're the problem. The fact she continues to get into this bitch fits with other people sort of proves that she's a bitch and unlikable.

Cry, I wish you would wake the fuck up soon and leave this condescending bitch because she's toxic. Imagine her as a housewife nagging you the whole time.

Cryaotic – Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Real Name Of The YouTube Star

Right… If you could date a fan like her, then you can find another fan who's much nicer. Lose the weight. There's no reason to be a fatass. Chey is a massive cunt. I'm pretty sure she is his first serious gf and he's afraid to lose her and the fact that she could go nuclear is not helping, I guess.

I think even if the person in the picture above with glasses and all is Cry, he probably changed a lot by now. He doesn't seem to have self-esteem issues when it comes to his looks. I know we can't say this is because we don't know what he looks like but many times over he's been saying: ''Look in the mirror, compliment, and hit life hard. Also: ''A good feeling when you drop on your bed after a long day of jogging'' Also: ''I had so many people tell me 'come on, what are you so afraid of?

And from hearing him jump around and run in his room during streams makes me think that he's in a healthy weight. Another thing, he took a picture of a brand new shirt they made on tumblr and surprisingly enough it was size M. So there's all that. Now when it comes to his relationship with her, I really can't say. I always made myself think 'I can not like Chey all I want.

But Cry is happy. But it's really none of our business, we have Cheyenne-free content on his youtube channel anyway. So that's the shit I know. So it still would be possible to blackmail him with a face reveal. You don't just shut down like that without being a little bit sensitive about what others think of you.

So even if he doesn't have self esteem issues about his looks, he probably does in other areas. And being that she insulted his video editing, which is something he's the most proud of, is not helping. I really hope that he will realize how fucked up his relationship with Cheyenne is.

How exactly does her math work? She was born in Is it common in 'Murica to graduate at… 19 I think? I don't think she was born in I was born in and I graduated in She might have been held back a year or two. It is so much easier to lie about your birthdate on the internets than to fail HS that badly. Generally I don't really care about youtuber drama aside from Onion's greasy ass but I actually liked Cry back when I watched his videos. I don't think he deserves to deal with someone like her.

She's clearly unstable and manipulative, and I can see her doing that just to be an asshole. Just my two cents on this whole mess. I think it's more common to be held back there instead of high school. That is suspect. For some reason I was thinking she graduated innot Now THAT would probably mean she's lying about her age.

About being held back one year is somewhat common. Back when he had to replay TWD since it didn't save on his computer and he did the whole…12 hours thing. There was a break time where he actually got up and went to do pushups…with his mic on.

People were saying 'fap count? I mean does it seriously matter? It has to be an overall lifestyle change that includes a better diet plus exercise and I doubt Cry is doing that. We're pretending we know too much about him when actually, we know jackshit. Only what he lets us know. So that's already a lot of healthy choices, right?

And they dated for a bit, while she was 16 and then started dating again Evidently, she did not get along with the other crew members and played a . I used to love watching Cry & LNC but imo Cheyenne just brought along. Cryaotic (born: June 11, [age 29]), formerly known as ChaoticMonki, is an American Let's Date Joined on his Tumblr what it was, and this is how he responded: "I used to draw, and it was a drawing I did way back when. The stream usually lasts around 8 hours, starting at 11 PM to 6 or 7 AM in Eastern Time. Learn all you need to know about the YouTuber, Cryaotic, one of the leading names in the YouTube commmunity Regarding his girlfriend, her name is Cheyenne Avila. According to available information, they started dating when she was 16 Who is Zack Snyder's Daughter Autumn Snyder, Why Did She Commit Suicide.

Tumblr post. Picture of Cheynne. I do not see a problem. Come on, not even "She's not fat, she's pretty" or "I love her" or something else like that? Instead he just goes and jokingly tells everyone that basically he's with her because he'd fuck anybody.

I'm starting to think that they are a perfect couple. Also Cry is not the type of guy who'll openly confess his love on the internet.

You never know what their private messages are like. I don't know, to me it seems weird to not give a fuck. What does Cry's size have to do with her own size? They were playing some pictionary like game and Cheyenne drew something that apparently should have been really easy for Cry to guess, but he didn't get it right. She proceeded to call him "fucking stupid" ask if he was "mentally deficient" and then called him "fucking stupid" again. Then on the next round, instead of submitting a guess for what the picture was, she just put in "cry is fucking dumb".

Everyone on the crew ignored her, literally no one acknowledged her weird tantrum, but as a viewer it was super awkward. She also shut down because her family didn't cook her anything. I think Russ had a backup person that was willing to take over while Cheyenne went to get some food. So Cry told her that it'd be okay if she dipped out for a while to get herself something to eat. And she started complaining how there was nothing to eat in the house I'm gonna assume she meant there was nothing in the house that she could eat without having to cook it herself and that she wasn't going to go out to get food either.

And when Cry asked if she really had nothing I think he said "You don't have mac and cheese or burgers? I'm glad that awkwardness didn't follow into the Phoenix Wright playthrough. I was wondering why she was so silent during Phoenix Wright. I just feel it's telling that you can jump in on any random stream it seems and at some point Cheyenne will insult or belittle Cry.

Also I found the part in the stream uploaded on youtube if anyone else wants to watch the cringe. Starts at about Cry then asked Chey ''did you write that? But like a minute later you could see everyone's answer and it actually was Chey who said it. So she tried to lie to his face, knowing he'd find out a minute later anyway. Kinda sad. Someone even asked ''who put just bitch as an answer? All the streams are uploaded to youtube.

Happens around 18 mins in. His little brother has darker skin and his older sister is blonde with blue eyes. She's pretty actually slim face, slim nose. So they're either all from different men, or they have that weird family thing where none of the siblings look related.

That makes sense. Thanks anon! Wanna share those pics with anons? Holy shit anon, how did you find all this? You're awesome! Also this is very fucked up since they are normal people and don't deserve to be spread around the internet.

Ffs is it that hard to respect Cry? Lower parts of their faces are kind of similar. They're not necessary in the slightest, I thought the real cow in this thread was Chey? Stop going after people who aren't relevant. We can see jackshit in that blurry-ass photo.

Besides, he's wearing shades! This is horrible. Shades do not cover that part of his face. Like, do they just save it on their phone or computer until they find a place like this to post it? Cause you'd think his family would atleast do that for him, since it's so important to him.

They don't really seem to care as much. I was hoping there would be some though lol. Saying 'they don't seem to care' is not valid, since he's doing it for them. And despite him making that so clear here are people exposing his entire family right on the internet. Let him have his privacy, this was supposed to be a thread about Cheyenne. Feel kinda bad for him. Guess she's done with people calling her out ; Btw when you're on her tumblr and you look at the tab you see the message ''I am I, and I wish I weren't''.

I feel like Cry doesn't even know what it's like to be in a loving relationship. Anything you post on here including photos, can only be deleted 30 mins after posting.

After that it's on here forever. So there's no point in asking the poster to delete it if 30 mins have past already. Report or ask the admins to delete the posts. He's in the middle of something that is important to him what the heck. And then people started fighting in chat, telling that person that they're not welcome here and how Cry and Chey's relationship is none of our business. Saying that Cry is a grown man who can make his own decisions. But truly Cry's just a big kid that doesn't know what's good for him.

So rip Cry. She wasn't very interested or anything, and I suppose something happened that made her super sour but even then; it just reminded me of that one girl who purposely goes out when really upset so people will ask what's wrong and then shout "fuck off," or "it's none of your business," when asked what's wrong. She was constantly being rude too. I've sat in on 6 or 7 streams now and in all but one or two of them, Chey was sour and pissed off.

Cheyenne is one of the bartenders at the Late Night Bar and is also Lord Cryaotic's girlfriend. TBA. Later on her life, she and Cryaotic started to date. donate hi. i'm cheyenne. i slept with a youtuber and all i got was this stupid blog. Grinds my damn gears when people think Cry and I were ever legally . some people and I'm slowly starting to realize it can actually hurt them. In no way, through text or through speech, did you try to get to me to tell me. Stop trying to start drama where there is none.8=D @CryWasTaken @_daaes Dude I get shes your girlfriend, but she @_daaes Every single person I've asked about this did not see it as a joke but as insecure bragging.

I don't understand why no one addresses it since she just pulls the whole stream down when she gets like that. Is she getting bored or was she always leaving earlier? I don't catch up on a lot of streams since my timezone is the worst so I don't know much D:. I'm pretty sure the amount of female friends has dropped to… zero?

Heck even Dodger who is engaged doesn't really chill with him anymore. Minx is married with a woman, aaaaaaand there's Chey.

Reading about Cry being a weak man-child or a teletubby in real life is pretty boring. Most of the drama he gets involved in is through tumblr weirdos or Chey. Before Chey at most the drama would be within tumblr boundaries and would eventually get swept away. Chey was in his chat calling him names for making her stream late, so he abruptly stopped streaming. Now you're telling me he stopped for nothing because she delayed her stream anyway?

You'd have enough material for the next couple of months xD. Cry would be all upset that some ppl on the interwebs are talking badly about his perfectu girlfriend and Chey would explode her head because we're "bullies", kek. She can control and bitch on her tumblr which she's sort of abandoned. But she can't control anyone here. And then she made a tweet about it saying it was Cry's fault. And the ironic thing is the stream they do together is called Couple's Therapy. Cry is a big part of my life…he IS my life.

I love him and, the thought of him…almost fucking dying is…so fucking scary… …. We're kind of talking about a person we don't know, she could be really mean on stream and all but I don't think she doesn't love Cry for real.

This was during the stream where she collected money for his hospital bill. I knew Cheyenne was a bitch, but I never knew exactly how much of a bitch. Cry isn't perfect, but nobody deserves the way she constantly drags him. She seems to really enjoy the control she has over him as well. Also, never knew Cheyenne has BPD. I really do feel for Cry.

I hope he realizes he can do better than shitchey. Sorry this is so long, btw. I think she loves him but it doesn't mean she can't be an abusive piece of shit as well. It's not healthy love. You don't act like that to someone if you love them in a healthy way.

You can still love someone and not realize how fucking horrible a person you are to them. Chey very obviously has hurt Cry multiple times in the past, and that's just what we can see on stream. People are generally always better behaved in the public eye than they are in private. I highly doubt Chey is such a massive dick to Cry on stream but a loving, devoted girlfriend in private. You do not call your boyfriend a fat fuck or an annoying asshole in front of thousands of his fans but then turn around once the stream is shut off and resume being a healthy, loving partner for him.

It doesn't matter how much Chey claims that Cry is her life or means the world to her.

She does not treat him even remotely like that is the case, and actions speak much louder than words, to borrow the cliche. She probably does love Cry, but that excuses a grand total of nothing regarding her behavior.

I guess I'm just trying to make myself think that Cry knows what he's doing. Sometimes I go to their stream and listen in what they're talking about just so I can say 'see? Just because you love somebody, that doesn't mean you can't or won't treat them like garbage one moment and be the sweetest thing to them the next. The good moments and strong feelings are sometimes the only glue that holds crazy, abusive relationships together. I'm a dummy.

But yeah, Cheyenne may have been all cutesy and emotional with Cry being in the hospital, but after that she's returned back to her "awful" self in my opinion. Emily in the game is extremely abusive with Matt. She insults him a lot, yells at him, treats him like an idiot, then when he's like "ok we'll do what you want then we can get inside and get warm?

She's rude and awful on the streams and then later she's all "babe" and whatever. Obviously I can't know but she just strikes me as the kind of person that doesn't apologise and actually learn why she shouldn't do it again, she just says sorry to diffuse the situation and then keeps acting badly.

It's really hard and sad knowing that someone like Cry would subject himself to someone who constantly belittles and hurts him. He doesn't deserve to be treated like trash by her be in on streams or in private. I really want to be supportive and happy about their relationship, but it's really hard to when Cheyenne is constantly cruel to him.

It's not right, she acts like an immature child who blows a fuse whenever she doesn't get her way, and she's absolutely manipulative and toxic. I really hope that someday she gets her act together and starts treating Cry with more respect.

Frankly, she's should be really grateful to have him, even though he could do so much better than her. And yikes, all I see is "I, I, I. It was just my disorderso it's not my fault? Do people I loved his story time videos and I've saved a lot of his playlists okami, ib, and some others that aren't coming to mind.

I also used to be an avid watcher, and I watched all of the LNC streams from beginning to end if I remember correctly, their streams started at 11 their time, but for me it'd start around 7 p. I tried to like her but I couldn't and what made me hate her was when she hurt Ziegs and drove her and red off those two are my absolute favs from the stream.

I have BPD as well and it does not give you an excuse to hurt and bully people, and she should have never used her disorder as an excuse for what she did. Even though it is hard to control and at times unbearable for the person, there's plenty of websites online to help you manage your BPD when you can't afford help or medication.

I hope that things turn out for the better for him and the former crew, I really hate how she's tearing them apart.

Posted 2 Sep When I first found out,I was really happy for him cause he just seemed like a big ol sweetheart and hopefully he found his sweetheart,however as you can see Chey is just a bitch. Sorry for my vulgar language but come on,she started so many dramas, aside from the ones on the OP.

Not to mention, the way she acts is down right ridiculous. In many streams,she leaves if it doesn't go her way. When couples joke around,it's cute and sure at times it can also kind of be too much but sometimes Chey takes it too far and it creates a really awkward tension during the streams. She practically goes after any girls that become his friends,though it could be she's just really lacking self esteem as she didn't really go after Minx probably because of her sexual orientation so no competition?

She also just continuously has to state that Cry is her boyfriend,over and over again. Finally,although this is probably just a personal thing. Cry literally pays for everything for her.

I get that he's her boyfriend and he just wants to make her happy but he already has a lot on his plate since if I remember correctly,he also is the breadwinner for his family as well. I would be less harsher if she was like Cry,in terms of being a faceless gamer but we know how she looks like so she doesn't really have much to worry about.

Whereas Cry is extremely secretive to the point where he only goes out when there's barely any people,which is tough. Yeah I think that's it. Posted 4 Sep Posted 18 Oct edited. I don't remember her being toxic back then, I feel like I wouldn't have watched it if she was. When she returned, I thought it was suspicious how there was so much drama popping up out of nowhere.

Red leaving, Ziegs following behind. And it's very well known that Chey and Jund butt heads a lot. However, I think Chey is actively trying to better herself. From what I've seen, Chey hasn't been too catty around the girls. Long story short, Cheyenne has issues, deep ones that a lot of us may not understand.

BPD can be very hard to cope with, and adding Depression on top is a kind of cocktail you don't want in your glass. To say that she's abusive is a little unfair, considering that probably none of us know Cry, Chey, or anyone else in LNC personally. Anyway, it'd be great if we could talk about the other LNC members as well! Posted 18 Oct There's no way I can like Chey after what she did to Zieg, it was disgusting. She constantly said harmful things to Zieg and claimed it was a joke despite Zieg asking her to stop multiple times.

A mental illness isn't an excuse for being a complete and utter dick.

Chey disgusts me to no end no matter even if she tries to better herself. Wasn't Zieg a bit suicidal as well due to her? Posted 19 Oct I really like Cry's videos, he's basically the only gamer I still watch. But Chey You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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