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SM confirms Taeyeon and Baekhyun are dating ~ Netizen Buzz

SNSD Taeyeon and EXO Baekhyun are DATING!

Article: [Exclusive] Taeyeon and Baekhyun spotted on an open car date They can't even deny it with the picture proof right here!!!!! The absolute worst sasaeng battle. A 'what if' turned into an actual thing. Not one member they haven't dated. The days when talent was never the issue.. Ahh those were beautiful days, their music was absolutely amazing.

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[+, ] I never congratulated them when they first started dating but they Taeyeon and Baekhyun both have an innocent image to them so. Article: Taeyeon gives statement on dating Baekhyun but fan Article: Taeyeon's dating the reason EXO Baekhyun's fans are crying more. Pann: Why the hell is Taeyeon dating the guy who called her ugly? Baekhyun's supposed Cyworld statuses from Sept ~ April

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Ailee looks colorful in her purple hair. Article: Ailee, surprises everyone with her skinnier body Source : Newsen via Nate 1. Disclaimer Just a friendly reminder Comments on this blog do not represent the majority opinion of Koreans and should not be taken as an example of Korean sentiment on any of the topics presented.

It makes me speechless! Goose bump inducing, really. Have a fun life to the of you. And screw off, lastly. Talk about betrayal! I can't even shield this, I've just lost all respect for them. Baekhyun's obviously at the height of his popularity right now and has a strong 'boyfriend image' with the females. It looks like she wanted to show off that she's dating him. If she really loved him, she'd recognized that he's at a stage in his career where he can make the most money and that dating news would hinder that Baekhyun-ah, you're no different.

You were so crazed to make it obvious, little codes hidden deep within your Instagram everywhere. Happy 35th birthday. It's not our position to tell you to leave the group but don't you dare act so wise in your interviews from now on. Rock bottom. Fans shielded your disgusting past to the best they could and you betray them like this? I was the fool to shield all of that.

Wake up to reality and apologize. I cannot see his face in this current state. You shouldn't have done this.

Date all you want, but why create codes with your girlfriend in a place meant for you to communicate with your fans? I wouldn't want to see his face either. EXO fans are not leaving the fandom because the illusion is shattered or whatever They're leaving because he made a fool of them.

People need to stop releasing stuff like this, they're just adding fuel to the fire.

Taeyeon and baekhyun dating netizenbuzz

I just don't get it. So they left hints for each other. So what? I really dont get whats so morally reprehensible about it. Wow, I wonder how much time those two actually took to come up with these codes There are so many it seems they were trying to tell fans about them.

The fans don't care about her dating they just upset because they feel like she used them to protect her relationship, that her IG was there to interact with her boyfriend rather than make memories with them. It's been a trying day today, I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding. If we're talking about 2-faced and betrayal, then aren't the ones leaving the fandom for a non-sensical excused the ones?

A lot more fun to diss about than Kris leaving If the Jia shopping cart scandal didn't exist, this would easily be the stupidest overblown scandal in KPOP history. I feel so sad reading what Sones have got to say. The part that they got hurt just to protect their idols is really saddening. Ironic but true, in the end they will start to forget who brought them up.

I don't know we've got a kiss picture in a rag top. It's almost as fun as a Kdrama I'm not even mad that they're dating anymore. I'm getting pissed at the fking stupid conspiracy theories that are floating around rn.

Article: Taeyeon and Baekhyun, broke up and got back together [+, ] It's hard for women to go from dating an older man to a younger.

I just I guess maybe the fact it was done in secret is agitating but This is more scarry than one of Thai horror movie I've watched in my life. Korean celebrities dating scandal is such a nightmare. I welcome myself to Kpop. According to some fans' logic, their favorite idols owe them for supporting their releases, help them win music shows, defend them when scandals come up, etc.

In return, they should stay single and not do things that would show that they're ungrateful to their fans' hard work. By breaking a promise to fans Baekhyun and sending secret love messages on a social media account that was created solely for fans Taeyeonthey show that they don't give a shit about their fans' feelings.

It's kind of dumb, to be honest. This is way they say fans make the worst anti-fans. They know everything about you plus they feel the hate more. Taeyeon has a convertible, and the top was down. I'm wondering how they expected the public to react though. I can totally understand fans being hurt since both of them were so messy and childish about the whole thing. SONES especially have done a lot of protect the girls this year and have dealt with so much, to have the leader just be so blatant about everything and use something she said was for fans to flirt with her BF Though, I hope the other girls feel better now about their scandals!

I know Yoona especially felt really guilty, when there was never any reason for her to at all. True, but naive fans take it as fanservice to them. Not totally blaming the fans though, but yeah this is starting to blow up really bad, and it's not a good thing.

My goodness. But seeing the same reaction I guess this is really blowing up. It's like the two committed a crime or something Their fans are too emotionally attatched to them. It's touching, but at the same time creepy how invested Sones and EXO fans are.

Like they own them. And then there was this part SNSD is just an idol group. Are they saying that her own happiness should be put aside to please fans first? That she's not entitled to do anything unless it benefits SNSD. Jeez I feel bad for Taeyeon and Baekhyun. Fans are having meltdowns left and right. This is so cute and creative. He actually managed to combine two very precious things in his life together in three letters.

Those birthday flowers are romantic as well. I guess they shouldnt have used their fan given gifts and meaningful slogans for their personal relationships. For me, as an adult in her twenties, its just laughable, but I kinda feel for teen fans who used their pocket moneys to buy those gifts.

Hope these chaos wont lead to break up.

It means they want them to be celibate or perhaps a little bromance will be tolerated. Nothing with a girl, it's really pretty kinky for young girls.

Baekhyun Bias here I think it's a cute way for a couple to talk back and forth publicly. I get cute pictures It's not just Korea who has this overreaction to dating news. Any country with singers with a young audience gets everything blown out of proportion. I don't what my bias getting screwed over because some child thinks that they have some right to him and his personal relationships. Im a SONE and im not leaving the fandomI'm a little diss apuntes bc I tought my girls were ninjas and experts in dating.

But I'll just show more and more support to them. About exo I feel sad for them. I need a proper timeline for this. I'm one of them that's okay with this. I'm not sure whether Taeyeon is using secret code or not to communicate in her IG coz in the end even the great CSI can make a big mistake from over analyzed. But even if it's true, i can totally understand her but i can understand those who's feeling betrayed. Tho i need to say this, get a grip please.

Imo, Taeyeon did open it for fans, to share her feeling and everyday things with fans, she's showing she was sad and then she's showing she's happy, but there's no way she can tell us the exact reason why and being direct about it. If one of the post, she's showing that she's happy but she's also indirectly saying thank u to him then okay.

Wow these fans are entitled. Do they think they own these idols just because they support them? This isn't one sided, the idols are giving you music, performances, etc in return. They don't owe you anything more than that. Idols just need to create a personal SNS account that they can make private. GD just recently did it on Instagram and he must be so happy that he can post and like whatever he wants without his fans breathing down his damn neck.

Seriously it's like I'm watching a K-drama. It's not even funny anymore how over dramatic they're being. They post things on their instagram for fans and each other. It's not morally reprehensible, but those fans do a lot to protect them, get called names and get hated on to protect the SNSD and EXO name. The only real connection they have is SNS and everything they thought was for them was actually coded messages to each other.

[+, -7] Regardless, Taeyeon and Baekhyun won't last long 8. [+, -3] I bet there's tons of dating going on ?? Lee Joon said so himself. Article: Taeyeon and Baekhyun break up, from lovers to SM senior and all over her Instagram, you think she could date him peacefully at all?. Pann: Baekhyun stays still when Taeyeon passes ? He couldn't really greet her but then couldn't ignore her either since he's dating her so.

Fans just need to realize they are just singers and they don't like you as much as they pretend to. They are all too emotionally attached. Harsh lesson to learn though, but I'm sure they'll calm down eventually. Idols make money because of that.

Idols need to learn that there are rules and they accepted it since the beginning so just take all the responsability of your actions. I toally agree with the fans being hurt Taeyeon was trying to be cool about her relationship like Sunye, but somehow she failed terribly. I hope she at least has the decency to ignore the negativity and just live her life like Sunye.

Both leaders get criticized and called out for being irresponsible, but they shuoldn't bow down to fan pressure and change anything because that's pathetic. K-pop is interesting again.

Although, i feel hell bad for the both of them. The hate is insane! Be happy anyway! Yes idols appreciate their fans and all they do for them, but idols have a personal life too! So what if they flirted with each other on IG?!

Leave them alone!!! So basically, during the Kris scandal, they expected all the boys to just stop having a life and mope around about the Kris issue All I see is a bunch of people overanalyzing Instagram pictures. I think what at least the sones are upset about is how Taeyeon used sones as 'shield' to send hints to Baekhyun.

They repeat multiple times that they don't care about the dating but only about how she's used them just to send some hints to her boyfriend which could've been done privately lets be honest.

I don't think they deserve any hate but I can understand why sones are upset. I think they'll calm down in a few days. Taeyeon is such a selfish and irresponsible leader. I pity the rest of the members.

The fact that they kissing and open the window. Like they want attention So I just want to say that before allkpop forum turn into mess so I like to read some so called "rumour" like personal life but I am focus on "debut or promoting rumour" and suprisingly that's really accurate I read that at and hoe EXO promote until now at that time I just believe half hearted but in that so called rumour said that they will promote along snsd and hve dating rumour with one member idk it's one or two member of exo.

Many people speculate luhan and seohyun etcbut it come out baekhyun and taeyeon. Butmit become grey for me because i kno baek is taeng's fans since predebut or debut. And this kind of pattern always exist. Dating scandal after one member of group. I am not say they fake because taeng so pretty and talented and baek fan of her but the way media push them like I think this is win win solution for sm to push this relationship so both group will receive more more attention.

That baekhyun instagram post with the fan project banner made me feel like being lied on though.

Article: SM "Taeyeon-Baekhyun, close friends with recently developed interests in each other" confirms dating. Source: OSEN via Naver 1. Article: [Exclusive] Taeyeon and Baekhyun spotted on an open car date birth of an SM couple. Source: Dispatch via Nate 1. [+, -9] Hul. The day before the dating news broke out, Taeyeon posted up a picture of an oreo on her Instagram. Obviously Baekhyun's name stands for.

The first concert was a memorable one and the fanproject was a success and exo fans are really happy about it. But it turns out it didn't mean anything to baekhyun huh.

Exo Baekhyun and snsd taeyeon moment

He just find it as a a platform to show his affection to his girlfriend. I wish they the best for the relationship, I hope they don't broke up soon because they risk a lot to be in relationship so make it worth it. Fans can only be upset at themselves, to put so much into someone who can only reciprocate with music and fan meetings and to expect them to give their whole life to their fans is ridiculous.

You shouldn't even feel the need to shield them all the time, who cares what antis say, they know nothing and only want a reaction. If anything I think all the secret codes are cute, like, when Taeyeon saw a light she thought of him, if a fake couple within a group had codes fans of that ship would love it. NB seems to be a huge fan of snsd always on time when posting about them. Anyway doesn't the car scene look so fake to you?

Why would they suddenly show it when they dated secretly all this time? Do you think dispatch got some worse picture of them lol even the condom company congratulated them looool. I thought KPOP fans would've been more accepting with the influx of their idols dating over the years being out in the open. Well, I guess they still aren't. This is why being an idol is scary as heck. According to them fans, you "belong" to the fan, at all rights.

I'm still all for idols to date openly, and to heck with those restrict them. Idols are human too okay? I really don't understand the "betrayal" and "being fooled as a fan" aspect of this. I believe something similar happened with myungsoo and people got pissed. Oh no!

This pic of an oreo wasn't for ME? And apparently all other the posts Taeyeon has ever written thanking the fans are not enough, but a few posts that are suspected to be directed at Baekhyun instead really hurts you that much.

Does everything an idol does have to cater towards the fans? And this is Korea we are talking about If they wanna do cute secretive things about each other As a huge fan, I really do not mind and kind of find it a bit sweet hmmmbecause i already know snsd love sones Korean fans are like this and everybody knows it.

I totally agree with them, they must be really hurt since they're not saying dating is bad otherwise what they did was so wrong. They don't really need to make it public, you have to know it's obviously painfull for their fans. Conclusion: I understand why they are hurt by them. That's why ifans don't get why fans are so upset. They should get paid with all the work they do to protect their images, all while being called cockroaches and other names.

But instead they get made a fool of. It's pretty sad. And Taeyeon and Baekhyun should absolutely feel sorry about it tbh. Honestly, as a fan, I do find this slightly annoying. But because they were being secretive, it is kinda hurtful. But in the end, it's the fans fault for BaekYeon for not going public. So ah For all you fans who are hurting, here's the healing unicorn.

Do you feel better now? I know I do. And seriously kids It's her account. It was up to her. This honestly did make me tear up. I'm thinking of all the efforts of Ksones keeping quiet about what they may or may not know while also battling against the public hatred of their girls I think it's a lot of hard work and I think it hurts and it sucks to know that they can't absolutely shield all the hate when it keeps on coming If these comments and upvotes really represent what majority KSones think about this thing then as International Sone I am really really disappointment to them.

I really hope these things are just from from vocal minority of Sones. SM releasing dating news every month while YG stans are waiting patiently for one. Wonder how dispatch never caught any YG artists dating properly. I know what you mean but you know as a fan i am not a sone or exotic but still it would feel really weird for me to read messages that i think are directed to fans only to find out that they were for the partner.

And you know as a fan i would be mad. It's funny how few days ago I tweeted " SM I'm tired of whole Kris Issue that seems like no ending, I need your next scandal please" and bam! The news a bout dating SM idols broke up. Are they really read my tweet? And why this korean fans become "overacting" because you can't compare your kind of "fan" to them.

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