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2NE1 Bom Crying During "Roommate", Showing The Problem With Shipping : News : KpopStarz

[CUT] Seunghoon With Park Bom

Bom is umma, Dongwook is appa and Chanyeol is son. Idk but I like it XD. Okay guys, so this episode of Roommate has me wondering about Bodong. It was weird how annoyed he got trying to prove that BomWoo was fake. He could have tried to prove it without being so mad.

Park bom and dong wook dating

During recent 2NE1 performances in the Philippines, it was noted that there were numerous Bodong signs within the audience. Whether she is more interested in Lee Dong Wook or Park Min Woo as a man, the fact that Park Bom shed real tears imparts reality on the situation of scripted reality programming and shipping.

Shipping often makes for great ratings, commercial CF opportunities, and in the case of music, album sales. However, the celebrities involved experience the impact of having to act out relationships with people who may often be far from their ideal type. Endorsement Breaking News Imma ship it!

Park Bom on Dong Wook: Maybe I'll really choose him Bom, who had her dating ban lifted by her talent agency YG Entertainment two years. “Please take a look at Park Bom's dating fortune. “I like Lee Dong Wook oppa,” admitted 2NE1's Park Bom, who couldn't hide her giddiness.

They look so good together. External image.

I hate the waiting game. Something is fishy. And she told Dongwook about them too!

Posts about Lee Dong Wook written by writernim. I think Park Bom and Min Woo's fake dating plan was suggested by the Roommate staff. Park Bom cries in the upcoming episode of "Roommates". to ask which of the “ Roommates” cast would she be most interested in dating. Whether she is more interested in Lee Dong Wook or Park Min Woo as a man, the. As a member of 2NE1 Park Bom was banned from dating until two years ago, but even though the ban was lifted, it's not easy for a star of her.

Best thing…That smile that was displayed on his face! I love it!! Only saw pics and gifs and is alreay shipping Bodong!!! Sorry TOP :. Sometimes, reality shows can be disheartening because of the fact that there is a probability of it being scripted.

And right now, I am having a fear of BoDong being scripted. Log in Sign up.

On SBS' variety program “Roommate,” 2NE1's Park Bom and actor Lee Dong Wook's marriage compatibility will be revealed. On a recently. Park Bom mentioned a boyfriend in both Strong Heart and 2NE1TV. Is her Roommate cast member Lee Dong Wook the unknown boyfriend?. Together, Park Bom and Park Min Woo pretended to be dating, 2NE1's Park Bom blurted out a sudden confession to actor Lee Dong Wook.

Kind regards, A hard shipper. Thanks to "Roommate", now I got "Love is an open door" stuck in my head.

The reader said that while their relationship had not yet started, when it does it will be very comfortable. Park Bom has in the past had few dating rumors.

[ENG SUB] 140516 SBS Roommate - Who Is Park Bom's "Soulmate"?

She was rumored to be dating Big Bang's T. Lee Dong Wook recently spoke about his dating life, saying that he had a couple of long term relationships but never came close to getting married.

He said that he needed to meet someone he is interested in but there are not too many opportunities.

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