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TV host was reading out MyDumbFight tweets when he revealed the mindblowing secret about the cartoon mice. It's a bit of a head scratcher but according to Jimmy, Walt Disney said that Mickey and Minnie are indeed married in their personal lives but are just like any other actors in a film. The TV host revealed the secret about the cartoon couple and said his childhood was destroyed after he found out that Mickey's magician character in Fantasia wasn't real. During a segment on his show where he reads out viewers' MyDumbFight tweets, one of them was about whether Mickey and Minnie were married. No he's an actor.

The caption reads: "The wedding of Mickey Mouse.

Haven't Minnie and Mickey been famously "just dating" all these years? We were able to get some more info from Walt Disney Archivist Rebecca Cline who explained more about the clipping:. It was put in to advertise a charity matinee being held at a theatre in Whitley Bay, Tyne, England.

User ThePeteLife tweeted: "My wife and I got in an argument over whether Mickey and Minnie were married or just dating. #MyDumbFight". Wayne Anthony Allwine (February 7, – May 18, ) was an American voice actor, sound effects editor and foley artist for The Walt Disney Company. He is best remembered as the voice of Mickey Mouse for 32 years, narrowly the longest to date, and was married In , Allwine married Russi Taylor, who has voiced Minnie Mouse since.

The children's charity matinee The Wedding of Mickey Mouse, was an event that toured the territories of our British film licensees throughout This particular charity matinee and stage show was held in the seaside resort town of Whitley Bay. We also have clippings describing the same event happening in other theaters in London, Sydney and New Zealand.

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From Archivist Rebecca Cline: "The company's position on Mickey and Minnie as a couple is that 'Minnie is Mickey's leading lady and best girl' and that although as actors they occasionally appear on film as a married couple, they are not married in real life. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. Minnie has also demonstrated that she can be quite independent when she wants to be.

Mickey retrieves said handkerchief, then promptly treats her to a Vaudevillian show. A little-known fact about Minnie is that just as Mickey has two nephews, she has two nieces.

Mickey and Minnie are actually a married couple. You'll frequently see Disney souvenirs with them in Wedding attire, geared towards tourists. In the September 30, issue of Film Pictorial magazine, Walt Disney addressed that very subject. “In private life, Mickey is married to Minnie. Mickey & Minnie Dating Since still not married.

Unlike Mickey, however, hers never appeared in a film or short. She has since made a cameo in a feature film, starred in more shorts, and has even appeared in video games. His Disney life started early, visiting Disneyland before turning one, and writing his very first book report on a Walt Disney biography for kids.

Haven't Minnie and Mickey been famously "just dating" all these years? and Minnie — Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor — were married in. Though Mickey and Minnie have never been married onscreen, Walt Disney said in a interview that "in private life, Mickey is married to. According to Disney, Mickey and Minnie are just dating. originally voiced Mickey Mouse is married to the woman who originally voiced Minnie Mouse ( Wayne.

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