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21 year old dating a 17 year old, wrong?


Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. So theres this girl i like, and i know she likes me. Iv been told by numerous people plus i can sort of tell anyway.

Author Topic: 21 year old dating a 17 year old, wrong? Read times. Recently met a girl through my job; She's great and we get on really well.

Thing is, she is 17 and im Alot of my mates think that the age gap is too big?

every teen needs to hear this.

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Im 21 and dating a 17 year old

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Recently met a girl through my job; She's great and we get on really well. Thing is , she is 17 and im Alot of my mates think that the age gap. Thus, sexual relations between two year-olds would be illegal, as would relationship between a year-old and a year old would not. I'm leaning towards the category that if I like her and we get along, age is just . their are 17 year olds who are more mature than 25 year olds.

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Recently met a girl through my job (she is a student nurse) She's great and we get on really well. Thing is, she is 17 and im Alot of my mates.

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That makes it Besides, if neither of you thinks it's wrong, it's fine. People do way worse stuff everyday.

I've been crazy inlove with my 23 year old boyfriend. I'm currently 17 years old. I know with law stuff thats its illegal for 23 year olds to date would be fine, but the 4 years between 17 and 21 are a big 4 years. Plus you're (most likely) dating a high schooler. You're probably. Is it legal for a year-old to date a year-old You two can date. Just remember the While I'm not saying that would happen, it often does.

At least in the UK the age of consent is In most states in America she would be off limits sexually for another year. Date - no problem Sex - will have to wait. Quote from: Aristotle on March 28,AM.

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So, misc Long story short, met this cool chick, text her back and forth for a while, she met up with me at another BBQ one night, then kept texting and talking for a while after. We were supposed to go out just us for the first time last week but I had to cancel. Yesterday, I was at my little brother's HS graduation and I got a text from her "look right" and I see her standing there.

I was 17 and had a 21 year old boyfriend (way back when I was that age) . I'm 33 and I'd quite happily go out with a frisky 17 year old:). 0. Since you are 18 years old, you are allowed to date a woman half your age plus seven. What about if your year-old looks at you and says, "I'm ready to date, Dad"? Do you You're 20 years old and, under this rule, you can date a year- old. 21 Spot-On Tweets That Capture An Introvert's Thoughts. In Florida a 16 or 17 y/o can, legally / lawfully, consent to sexual relations with A 21 and 17 year old can date and have sex in Florida.

I text her back, "your not graduating with your friend"? Found of later she is only now going to be a senior and is only I would have been cool with it if she was 18 and graduating, but now I don't know. Problem is I kind of have a crush on her now having hung out and talked with her a lot recently before knowing how old she is. But, thats only a year difference from what I'd be okay with.

It's just hard to walk away from someone I actually like not that often because she's a little young and it's somethiung nobody has control over. But in reality, I'm still in the time period of my life where I'm just going to school during the week and partying during the weekend, just like her.

Any opinions to help me out? If u actually catch feelings for her then u need to grow up. Do it for lulz.

Do You Date Age-Appropriately?

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