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Our Little Secret Chapter 1: Straight Out, a how to train your dragon fanfic . FanFiction

Astrid Jealous of Heather

Summary: Gobber brings up the subject of marriage between Astrid and Hiccup, and that leaves Astrid with some questions about a certain Viking wedding. Gobber and Hiccup both ducked before the dragons could run into them. Look around! Berk hasn't been this happy in years! Thank you for bringing this to my attention Gobber! Yer not getting the point! Hiccup had a confused expression on what Gobber meant.

However, we do have some that aren't so keen on the lifestyle but have accepted that the war is over so they will leave us in peace over it.

All the islands have an alliance with us; I feel that is due to the fact when I allowed Hiccup into the yearly Chieftain meeting following the defeat of Red Death, he warned them that they could fight us and lose as he rode a Night Fury and the dragons were on their side. Suffice to say; there were no arguments after that and boy, I had never been prouder of my son for how he took charge to prevent more needless fighting.

I believe that Bog-Burglar, Outcast, and Berserker Islands signed on with allowing dragons into their everyday lives. Dagur Lanvik and his younger sister Heather Lanvik of Berserker ride dragons. Camicazi Boggs of Bog-Burglar does too. Camicazi, from what I remember has a male Deadly Nadder named Poisonfire.

I'm not sure about Alvin, though, I believe Hiccup is still working on convincing him to start riding a dragon.

I was sure Hiccup could get Alvin to agree, he got Mildew, the crankiest old man I've ever known to ride a Deadly Nadder, male with the name of Sunwhip and the two were pretty good friends. The rest of the islands weren't convinced it was a great idea; I didn't care as long as they weren't waging war against us. Yes, life was very good for us Hooligans. Honestly, with what Hiccup did, it made my job as chief a whole lot easier.

Httyd fanfiction hiccup and astrid dating

At the moment, I was preparing to leave mine and Hiccup's house for lunch. As I opened the door, I saw Gobber standing there. Gobber the Belch was a very old and dear friend of mine, we met shortly after Valka and I married, but the man had always been like an uncle to Hiccup.

Astrid and Hiccup have been dating in secret, but their fathers' announcements of arranged marriages might force them to go public. A tale of. Hiccup doesn't like the constant flirting other boys give Astrid. He knew why boys still flirted with her, tried to get a date: they didn't believe. Astrid said turning Hiccup so he faced her, and gave him a you just slept with your girlfriend for the first time, and you can't even tell me how.

Gobber was family to us, though, I wondered why he was standing at my door with a rather serious look on his face. Okay, I wasn't sure I liked this anymore. Gobber was always known for being sarcastic and having fun, it was rare he got serious, so I know it had to be something big. I don't think you want anyone else hearing about this," he added.

I sighed and stepped back to let Gobber in the house, and then closed the door.

Of all the things I had to worry about, I had hoped what Gobber told me earlier wouldn't be one of them. However, my son was seventeen, going on eighteen shortly and as much as I didn't like to admit to it at times, I knew he was becoming a man.

I never ended up going lunch after Gobber, and I spoke about his concerns regarding Hiccup and Astrid.

I told Gobber I would deal with it and I have been wandering the village, doing my job, and trying to figure how exactly to deal with the information I'd been given. Hiccup was out flying on Toothless, and I had no doubts that Astrid was with him.

The two of them were always together nowadays; that's why it was time to sit Hiccup down and have a talk that I wished for so many years I wouldn't have to have with him. I sat in my chair wondering just how to go about this, Hiccup and I weren't ones for serious talks regarding other matters than dragons or Chief things, but I knew this had to happen. I heard two dragons land outside my house; the voices gave away that it was Hiccup and Astrid having returned from their day of flying for dinner.

The door opened as I saw Hiccup come in with a broad smile, his hand was linked to Astrid's, who also wore a smile on her face as the two were laughing and talking about the day together.

For a moment, I started believing that the two of them didn't know I was in the room because I saw Hiccup hook his arm around Astrid's waist, draw her close to him, and then kiss her deeply. Astrid brought her arms around his neck as the two stayed locked in that kiss for a good ten seconds.

HTTYD - Comic [By Ticcy from Deviantart]

Of course, this only confirmed my fears on what Gobber told me. I closed my eyes and cleared my throat, making it known I was there. Hiccup and Astrid broke apart rather quickly as Astrid blushed a bit and Hiccup rubbed the back of his head; a thing he did when he was nervous. I trust you two had an eventful day?

Well, best be getting to the Great Hall for dinner then," I said as they nodded and prepared to leave. I need to talk to you," I mentioned as he stopped. As soon as I heard she had taken off on Stormfly, I motioned to the seat across from mine for Hiccup to sit at. There comes a time in every father's life when he realizes that his son is no longer a child and becoming a man. You're seventeen now, established member of the Tribe with friends, the adoration of the people you will one day lead, and a girlfriend.

Honestly, I've never been prouder of you for all your accomplished in two years. That being said, I know at your age, with all you have going on, priorities can get a little…mixed up, and-," I started. If you have something to say or ask me, just do it," Hiccup sighed. It's just that I know you're seventeen and in love. I was a teenager once too; I know how certain feelings can come about.

Passion runs deep, and a couple will lose sight of things around them, get lost in the-," I began to tell him.

I watched Hiccup's eyes go wide.

This is a httyd story but with a twist, it has the same timeline as the first What if Hiccup and Astrid have always been a couple but no body knew? if Berk found out that the 'mistake' and the strongest girl were dating they. What if Astrid and Hiccup fell in love before the movie and not after? How would that effect Berk? Crossover from chapters If that bothers. HTTYD~. People were wrong. Astrid walked through town, axe . On their dates, Hiccup's attention was always fully on Astrid, no matter what.

Just where are you going with this? I sighed heavily; I might as well just ask him because there was no way this was going to get any less awkward for us.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies How to Train Your Dragon. After two years of dating, Hiccup Haddock and Astrid Hofferson decide to take their next relationship to the next level. When people start getting suspicious, the two young lovers come up with a cover story. However, by accident, Stoick learns the truth and end up arranging for them to marry.

Afterward; Stoick tells the teens he knew, and it remains their secret forever. How would that effect Berk?

Crossover from chapters If that bothers you DO Not read. AU Hiccstrid. Keeping Our love a secret prologue AU A tall blond women around her mid thirties was cleaning the kitchen by candlelight humming softly to herself as she walked around scrubbing the floors and cabinets of their hut.

She said with wonder as she washed the dishes. About how you and dad fell in love. Said Astrid sternly "Okay fine See you dear I will be back later". Said Astid dreamily "Oh this going to be good". Prologue 2. Hiccup's breaking point 3. The Night fury 4.

Healing Astrid 5. The unknown stranger 6.

I do not own any of HTTYD. there, and if it was our favorite couple thinking they were married unexpectedly. As Tuffnut walked away, cooing to his chicken, Hiccup and Astrid just stared at him before looking to each other. After two years of dating, Hiccup Haddock and Astrid Hofferson decide to take their next Disclaimer; I do not own the HTTYD movies or series!. SPOILERS FOR HTTYD 3 I HAVE WARNED YOU. Summary: Gobber brings up the subject of marriage between Astrid and Hiccup, and that.

Tension 7. The Darkness inside 8. I did not know what I had 9. The quest part 1 of 4 The quest part 2 of 4 The quest part 3 of 4 The quest part 4 0f 4 The true meaning of pain

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