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Will Quinn & Carrie Hook Up Before 'Homeland' Season 4 Ends? It's Down To the Wire

Quinn & Carrie - I Still Need You (6x11)

Showrunner Alex Gansa told me. It would be quite a cruel storyline. In a sense, I think his time had come. I had a slight of pre-sentience that his time had come up. He died making the ultimate sacrifice, giving up his life for the president-elect. Is it an act of patriotism? There is the act of protecting the office as opposed to the individual, which I think matters very much to Quinn.

Season 4: This was the first series which didn't focus on Sgt Nicholas Brody who was captured and hung by the Iranians in the last season.

Untrustworthy: Dar tells his old friend Saul that he wants to see him back in the CIA director's chair.

And with the CIA Director's position becoming free following the resignation of Andrew Lockhart, he urged Saul to make a bid to return to the post he once held. A reinvigorated Saul had earlier told his long-suffering wife Mira that he wants back in to the agency to repair what he sees as the catastrophe his kidnapping caused.

Unfinished business: Saul has difficulty settling into civilian life and tells his wife he wants back in to the agency. Doubts: Long-suffering Mira is unconvinced the agency will take him back because of the propaganda tape in Haqqani's possession. Tempted: Saul has his head turned by the notion he can reclaim the director's chair supported by Dar Adal.

Meanwhile Carrie's friendship with Quinn turns to romance as they ponder life in the outside world at the memorial service to her father. Frank - who like his daughter suffered from bipolar disorder - died from a massive stroke in the days after the embassy massacre in Islamabad. The pair spend an evening relaxing with Saul and Lockhart after the supercharged intensity of Pakistan. As she walks him to his car the conversation turns to a life of normality away from the CIA and the pair kiss passionately in the street.

I know how this goes Reunited: Peter shows up at the memorial service for Carrie's father Frank who died of a stroke during her time in Islamabad. Getting closer: The pair relax outside the high pressure cauldron that is life as a CIA operative.

As the two separate to consider a possible future together, Quinn is approached to join a dangerous mission with his unit. But a phone call to Carrie prompts a change of heart as she seems less than certain the two have a future together. Dealing with the news that she has a half brother she never knew and reconnecting with the mother who walked out on her 15 years ago, she tells love-struck Quinn that she needs time to think.

Taking this as rejection, he joins his former comrades as they leave for a top secret mission in Syria and Iran. A conversation with her estranged mother which makes her think she is capable of commitment comes too late. When Carrie dial's his number, the phone line is already dead. Distracted: Carrie's lack of certainty leaves Quinn feeling things are going nowhere between the pair.

Old team: The assassin is approached about joining his unit on a dangerous mission which he first rejects out of hand.

Will Quinn & Carrie Hook Up Before 'Homeland' Season 4 Ends? It's Down To the Wire

Mother's advice: Carrie's estranged mother assures her she is capable of having a committed relationship. Too late: But feeling rejected, Quinn is already on his way to join his unit on a Middle East mission. She storms around to Dar Adal's house to demand to know where Quinn is.

He reveals he has left on an open-ended mission to the Middle East and has no way of contacting him. Furious Carrie confronts him with the information that she saw him fratinizing with the terrorist who caused the death of dozens of Americans. Surprise: Saul greets a stunned Carrie in the garden as she realizes her former boss knows what the black ops director has been up to.

For Carrie, being back home has meant an opportunity to get to know her daughter Franny who she left in the care of her sister when she took up the post of Pakistan station CIA commander. Season Four has been the first with Franny's father Sgt Nicholas Brody on which the award winning show was based. Critics had questioned whether it could survive in it's re-positioned format, without the major character who was killed off at the end of last season.

Nov 3, - Two disclaimers to start out with: One, if you do not watch Homeland OR are not Let's Evaluate Carrie Mathison's Questionable Homeland Hookups: . and Brody had, ahem, extremely loud sex in a motel while Saul, Quinn. Oct 4, - However, Carrie — who was still grieving her father's sudden passing — rebuffed Quinn's advances. Spurned, he embarked on a dangerous. Dec 22, - Kiss of death: Carrie and Quinn's romance fails before it gets started in Season 4: This was the first series which didn't focus on Sgt Nicholas.

Bonding: The US spy has shied away from her role as mother, leaving her daughter in the care of her sister. Reconnecting: But back in DC she is turning over a new leaf and embracing motherhood for the time being.

Contemplating her future: Carrie wants to do a better job than her own mother did raising her. Single mom: But is carry cut out for the sedate suburban life of a stay at home mother.

Oct 11, - A quick refresher on Carrie's dramatic relationship history. Except Quinn is a black-ops agent, so his assignment was actually to kill Brody. The scene where Carrie gets all uppity about him being bare-ass naked and he when he fucks up those 2 guys talking shit about his plus-sized hookup. and why they wasted the relationship but what the hell do I know?

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HOMELAND SPOILER: Season 4, Episode 11

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I think Dar was certainly the orchestrator of using Quinn as a sexual pawn in order to store secrets, to turn agents, to secure assets. I think Dar himself may himself have tried the merchandise.

Did quinn and carrie hookup

Just makes me wish he had someone he could call his friend. I guess I can watch it again.

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Homeland season 4 finale sees Carrie and Quinn's romance fail before it gets started

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Apr 10, - The season finale of “Homeland” was a chilling one — and though Quinn this season about Quinn trying to say to Carrie, it's bigger than one. i think the point is to show that while Quinn and Carrie are both cold, . it's not its strength. i was kinda looking forward to a carrie/quinn hookup. Dec 14, - This season alone we've gotten Carrie/Quinn, Carrie/Aayan (though I'm not Besides, once Carrie was out of earshot, Quinn's contact rather.

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