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Hip-Hop artist Dessa has a heart to heart talk with her audience . Music .

Dessa - A Badly Broken Code (Full Album)

Dessa Wander [ citation needed ] born Margret Wander , May 23, , better known by her stage name Dessa , is an American rapper , singer, writer, and former record executive. She is a member of the indie hip hop collective Doomtree. Dessa was born to Robert Wander Jr. She attended the University of Minnesota , where she earned a B. Initially drawn to their raw aesthetics and unique sound, Dessa forged a friendship with Doomtree.

I was pretty one-track minded.

Pass the popcorn!

So there was a lot of pressure, most of it internal, to try to catch up if this was something that I really cared about, to try to refine my stage performance and percussive patterning. Even though, I had been working on the writing stuff in the years proceeding.

Was there anything that happened that made you make that decision and want to perform? When I was listening to your album, A Badly Broken CodeI was wondering which songs stemmed from actual, personal events and which songs stemmed from fiction. Do you write based on just personal experience or do you like to tell new stories?

But most of the stories are about me and my life [laughing].

A lot of your songs deal with personal issues. Do you find music to be a therapeutic outlet? Is that where a lot of your motivation comes from?

I know that is the case for a lot of other writers and artists because I hear them talk about it or because I hear critics talk about it. But I do my healing and getting better on my own time and art is art time. So I was probably more focused on like eking out my voice and trying to create a sampler platter of some variety, than I was about working collaboratively. And throughout, all of the collaborative projects got eaten up on other releases, like all of the most recent False Hopes and the self-titled one.

A lot of the tracks reference you as being a little kid or in your teenage years. And I like personifying ideas and values and that kind of stuff.

When you write do you attack songs from one of those angles first and then take it from there? Sit with it. Be there a blank page or some kind of scattered lyrics and then try to figure which presentation seems to best suit the beats.

In a lot of your album I feel like you could have a band backing you. Do you ever feel lonely on stage or want more behind you? Do you ever see yourself playing with a backing band? I do play with a backing band in Minneapolis.

Her name is Brynn Vice. A little bit yeah. Was that a kind of mini-dedication for the album to your family?

Dessa and pos dating

Yeah, I suppose in some way it was to provide like a character sketch of the narrator for the entire thing. So hey, this is where I came from and then to launch into the various topics of the album. It is but a lot of it was made sonically, so trying to not jar the listener too dramatically by going from a really, really aggressive song to a pretty low key one. How does that weigh on your shoulders? I worry about that a lot to be honest.

And so I think I stress honoring that enough and probably way more than I worry about being a good example. So your past album, Never Better, has seen lot of success thus far…. Is that lineup permanent? I think it is, yeah. So we started as a solid 12, and then as people decided to pursue different paths, we have become the seven that we are. I would be surprised if that number changed. I want to ask you one more question specifically about the big revelation.

You mention in the book that your lives are so intertwined here in Minneapolis that it became difficult to be here, and you wrote of hearing your song and his songs on the radio.

It made me wonder what it is like to express something like that in your work. But then to get up onstage every night and have to revisit these feelings —. The same is not true when I listen to his music.

That makes sense. But yeah. The hard thing is watching talented men who are professionally charismatic sing sad songs to break your heart.

Stefon Alexander (born August 18, ), better known by his stage name P.O.S, is a hip hop .. Koo Koo Kanga Roo". Koo Koo Kanga Roo. Retrieved ^ "Ninja Pajamas (feat. P.O.S), by Play Date feat. P.O.S". Play Date. Retrieved

The lucky thing is dating talented men who are fantastically charismatic and who also understand and give you access to their lives for art. Dating two songwriters here in Minnesota, we all said yes to one another.

Like if you make a good song, I will happily forfeit my little slice of privacy for that to be aired because the song is really more important than the blush that might have listening to it.

Q&A With Dessa & P.O.S. of Doomtree

This book talks about many of the different relationships in your life, and I love the way you write about your father and his glider plane. That chapter is so beautiful — and it suddenly makes so much sense why we hear about kites and wings and birds in your music.

Can you talk a bit about that, thinking more about that relationship and the way that it applies to all these metaphors that you love to use in your art? My dad looms pretty large in my life and in my imagination.

He embodied a lot of the things I wanted to be. He was very involved in a lot of passion projects, so sometimes his attention could be hard to get, which made me want it all the more.

A candid conversation with Dessa about her powerful new memoir, My Own I used to date P.O.S before I was in Doomtree, and then joined. Yesterday, Dessa officially dropped "Call Off Your Ghost," the second a nod at P.O.S., who she's dating, and how the new album evolved. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

Despite being only fifteen minutes long, it was listed as one of the top local albums of the year by Minneapolis Star Tribune. The singles from this album were "Dixon's Girl" and "The Chaconne".

MK Larada also designed the album art.

InDessa released Castor, the Twina remix album featuring new arrangements of songs released on previous projects, primarily A Badly Broken Code. The original production in the remixed tracks was replaced with live instrumentation. InDessa released her second full-length album Parts of Speech that made its debut in Billboard's Top On February 23,Dessa released her third full-length album Chimethat made its debut in Billboard's Topand at 3 on Billboard's Independent Charts.

On March 26 and 28,she recorded concerts with the Minnesota Orchestraintending to release a live album later that year.

At the fourth annual Doomtree Blowout inand via Doomtree Press, Dessa released Spiral Bound a seventy-page collection of fiction and poetry. Dessa's work has also been published in periodicals, including a poem in Ars Medica [24] and a article about visiting New Orleans as a tourist in The New York Times Magazine. Dessa is a founding member of The Boy Sopranos, an almost all-female a cappella group, with frequent collaborators Jessy GreeneAby Wolf and others.

Inshe partnered with the "artisan cosmetic house" from Minnesota, Elixery, to create her own shade of lipstick, all of the proceeds of which were donated to CARE relief agency. She was a contributing artist on the Saint Paul-based "Plume Project".

Dessa - A Badly Broken Code (Full Album)

A public art installment in which images and colors were projected onto steam rising from a smokestack in downtown Saint Paul and music and spoken-word pieces could be accessed by calling a phone number. Dessa read her poem "Circle Games".

Rapper Dessa is a member of the indie hip-hop collective Doomtree, off for years flashed across caller ID; they weren't dating any longer, but. Minneapolis MCs Dessa and P.O.S. have been injecting the music I was able to catch up with both of the artists at the Philadelphia date of. P.O.S, famous for his work with the DIY collective Doomtree and for his own brash, heady solo records, is in the midst of a comeback that makes.

Dessa has been involved with the popular fiction podcast Welcome to Night Vale as both a contributing writer and musical guest. In Aprilshe headlined a show with the Minnesota Orchestrawhich featured new arrangements of her songs as well as a story performed in prose. In AugustDessa traveled with the Minnesota Orchestra as they went on a two-week, five-stop tour through South Africareportedly the first tour of an American orchestra to the country, and helped document the trip for Minnesota Public Radio alongside MPR journalist and cultural critic Euan Kerr.

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Hip hop alternative hip hop. Rapper singer producer writer record executive.

Doomtree · Cecil Otter · P.O.S · Mike Mictlan · Sims · Paper Tiger · Lazerbeak · Gayngs; The Boy Sopranos. Website, Dessa Wander (born Margret Wander, May 23, ), better known by her stage name Dessa, . will be recorded and released at a later date in collaboration with Doomtree Records. As the lone female in the Doomtree crew, a Minneapolis collective helmed by rapper P.O.S., Dessa has never been shy about asserting herself. Dessa was born Margaret Wander, the daughter of parents who met at a Duluth in addition to once dating fellow collective member P.O.S.

Doomtree Cecil Otter P. See also: Doomtree Discography.

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