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Traits of Paranoid Personality Disorder

Delusional disorders involve holding fixed beliefs that are definitely false but remain plausible to the sufferer. Moreover, the sufferer believes in them very strongly. Having a delusional disorder is not a form of schizophrenia, with which it is often confused. Instead, delusions involve situations that can actually occur for the individual for at least a month or more in duration and these beliefs generally appear normal for the sufferer. Overall, the person's behaviors are generally normal apart from the delusional element.

Other than behaviors related to delusional content, they do not appear odd. When hallucinations do occur, they are part of the delusional belief. For example, someone who has the delusion that internal organs are rotting may hallucinate smells or sensations related to that delusion. If functioning is impaired, it is usually a direct result of the delusion. Therefore, the disorder may be detected only by observing behavior that is a consequence of the belief. For example, a person who fears being murdered may quit a job or stay home with all the shades drawn, never venturing out.

Since people with delusional disorder are aware that their beliefs are unique, they generally do not talk about them. Delusional disorder is diagnosed much less frequently than schizophrenia.

The main symptom is a persistent delusion or delusions a fixed belief — for example, about a situation, condition or action — that is not happening but may be plausible in real life. Types include:. Since delusional disorder is rare, a doctor should evaluate the possibility that another major illness, such as schizophrenia, a mood disorder or a medical problem, is causing the symptoms.

Medical causes should be considered, especially later in life. People who develop dementia for example, Alzheimer's disease can become delusional. Making a diagnosis is more difficult when the person with the disorder conceals his or her thoughts. Because the person is convinced of the reality of his or her ideas, he or she may not want treatment. If the person allows it, conversations with supportive family or friends can help.

A general medical evaluation is useful. In a few cases, when a medical or neurological problem is suspected, diagnostic tests such as an electroencephalogram EEGmagnetic resonance imaging MRI or computed tomography CT scans may be suggested.

How long this illness lasts varies a lot. Some people have a persistent delusion that comes and goes in its intensity and significance. In some, the disorder will last only a few months. Treatment for this disorder is challenging, especially if the delusion is long lasting. Antipsychotic medications can be helpful, but delusions sometimes do not get better with pharmacological treatment.

Since patients may not believe they have a mental disorder, they may refuse all treatment, including psychotherapy. I was beginning to think that I was crazy and all alone. I am searching for ways to learn how to live with my boyfriend who is suffering from delusional disorder…extremely paranoid!!!

Many many days and nights have been a complete nightmare and everyone says I need to just leave him…but they just do not understand. He can be the most wonderful caring and loving person in the world at times but other times its pure hell.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not being accused of being planted in his life to conspire and ruin his life. His family has abandoned him and he has even stopped all contact with his kids because he believes they are involved in this scheme to ruin him. Its so sad. He does not believe he is ill…everything he says and knows is real to him. I have tried to get him help but it did not work out very well.

I myself have tried therapy and it did help a little and probably will continue but it can get expensive. Thanks for this blog…hoping that maybe we can help each other thru this! God Bless You!

Nobody understands why I stay either. Its not all bad and they are not bad people. I actually started this blog because I felt alone.

I was hoping others like us could connect. How do you deal with this? My boyfriend truly believes that I have done everything from cheated on him with people, tried to poison him, was paid to be with him, and I do not know what to do.

I try not to take it personally, but it is so hard. Currently, we are separated because of this. He believes that he is not safe around me. Its very sad we love each other alot, its not all the time. This started 6 months ago, when he believed for 4 days people were following him, we lived together up until a month ago, when his delusions went from me cheating on him, to me trying to harm him, and I just do not understand.

He was addicted to drugs for along time; However, it has been over a year, and he has no prior history of ANY of this, so he associates it with me, since I came in his life, and all this started a few months later. I did lie to him about him about something stupid, but I admitted it after a month, and these were full blown delusions. I have never seen or dealt with anything like this. The more I try to tell him that something is not right, the more he thinks Im trying to manipulate him.

I miss him everyday. He is the love of my life, and everyone tells me I should feel lucky he is away, but I do not. I feel sad we are 32 and finally found this great love, and its being torn apart over things that are not really happening, How do I cope with this? How do I deal with this, what do I say when he says, I know you did this or that, I have proof. He does not believe anything is wrong.

What to do when someone close is in psychosis - (delusions, delusional)

There is no easy answer. I really have no idea how I deal with it. It took a lot of fights and breaking points hit before he could do that.

When it does slip out and he starts I try to avoid him. He will think about it a while and calm himself. Then he will apologize. He has a way of rationalizing to himself. Mostly I just weather the storm and wait for my more normal sweet boyfriend to return.

I did notice quitting drinking has helped. He used to let the delusions take over and would become irrationally angry at times when drunk. In a way you have to set boundaries and show him that you will not tolerate certain behaviour. For my guy this works because his biggest fear is losing me.

Therefore he will quit the crap and shove it down to keep the peace with me. As long as he is not coming at me its tolerable. Oh and I stopped counseling myself. I think she was trying to help me decide to leave which was not my goal.

I understand completely. Sorry it took me so long to respond…I can only read and respond to my emails when he is not around. And he says he is not jealous at all. But he is very nosey…I have no privacy what-so-ever…excessive paranoia!

Well I am hanging in there as much as I can…just got a full time job, beings his illness has put our 5 years of owning our own business out of business. Anyway, being away from him during the days does help some what…gives me some peace of mind. However, now our struggle is him making money to help cover our living costs and etc…but he just will not work for people nor in a public place.

He does have an associates degree in photography and wow what a talent he does have for it but again…. So, I have just spent every bit of my savings to get him a new printer, computer, camera, lens, ink for printer, paper, mounting board, frames, and glass.!

I do not know what this will amount to if anything but an expensive hobby but I some how have faith that something will work out. Every one thinks I am crazy and he is just taking advantage of me and the situation.

Delusional disorder is characterized in DSM-5 as the presence of one or more delusions for a month or longer in a person who, except for the delusions and. How to Recognize Delusional Disorders. Delusional disorders involve holding fixed beliefs that are definitely false but remain plausible to the. An example of a nonbizarre delusion is the belief that one is under police surveillance, despite a lack of evidence. Delusional disorder refers to a condition in.

How are things going with you? You can contact via email if you would like…debb yahoo. I am so sorry I did not see this before. I sent you a FB message a while back. I will go ahead and e-mail you since you left the address if that is the easiest way to get in contact with you.

I have so much to say but some of it cannot be said here. Let me tell you this, it could be worse! I will elaborate more when I e-mail you. It is so fucking hard. Like something,from a twisted sci-fi horror flick. It kind of is. Most people will never see this level of mental illness in their life. The worst part is mentally ill people like my boyfriend are able to hide it from everyone if they chose.

One form of paranoia that is particularly difficult to diagnose and treat is Delusional Disorder of the Persecutory Type. In DDPT, the sufferer is gripped by a. A person with erotomania has a delusional belief that another person is in love with him or her Erotomania is a type of delusional disorder. I decided to start this blog for a few reasons. First I live with someone who I believe to have Delusional Disorder Mixed Type. Though I later found out that he was.

They know what is socially acceptable. They reserve the worst for those closest to them. So then you look crazy. Sure he sometimes gets a little crazy but nothing like what I see at home. Wow, how many times have I said this seems like a fucked up movie. Yes, I have a secret lover in my mattress too! For a long time I wondered if psychiatry is a false system giving labels that condemn a person in our social structure. It seems that you are doing this and I applaud you for it. I, for one, believe you will receive many blessings and many good lessons that will make your life richer and more meaningful.

I work toward this…just love them, when I feel impatient or frustrated with someone. Thanks for being a shining example of how this lovingness can work. I send you both much love, light and a big hug, pat. This lack of insight is a physical medical condition caused by a head injury that damaged his frontal lobes. It is what it is. He is who he is. I love him even at his worst. I need to update the site because I believe I left off where we were separating for good however; that is not the case.

We are still together and still going pretty strong these days. It is extremely difficult at times. There have been many times I just wanted to give up completely and then I step away and let it pass. It always passes. I had to learn through trial and error how to handle each individual issue that arises and most of them are repeated over and over again which can wear most people down.

The second is simply because I love him and am not willing at this point to give up on him especially when so many others have. Loving someone with a mental illness is not for the faint of heart or the weak of spirit. There are plenty of times where he is the most sweet, caring, loving, funny person who is just fun to be around. He is my best friend. So yes I take the bad with the good.

At the end of the day, he is worth it. Your love for his is very special. May you and he have a life filled with joy, lessons to grow and serenity.

Like Liked by 2 people. Its so hard when one moment everything is amazing and,your having a great day togetger and,the next,moment, he is,accusing you of,all sorts,of,untrue stuff, kicking me out of the house. I have been left stranded so many times with nothing because of,this disorder, it is unbearable almost,at,this,point,now.

I can totally empathize here. We could have the best night ever where everything goes great. We will be laughing and having fun and be all lovey and then suddenly everything changes and he is mad at me. I have no Idea if anyone is still on this blog but I can relate.

I had to leave my love, It went too far, so that she was making accusations against me to the police and I was in danger of ensuing criminal charges I did not commit. My heart is completely broken over this. She was everything to me. The sweetest soul I have ever known. How can I ever have her back? The delusions are all that seem to be left. I am starting to believe them myself. Was I wrong to walk away? We could not stop having conflict, and she would get violent.

I know she is just scared and she is just acting out on her fears, even though they are unrealistic. Does this ever get better? Did you do the right thing? There is no wrong or right answer. Does it ever get better? These disorders are not curable.

He is perfectly normal in his own mind. It is possible to get them to curb the behavior but it takes a lot of time and finess. Yes at times it can be abusive. I can relate to starting to believe the delusions. I almost went there last year but was able to pull myself back to reality. I began to doubt myself at times. However; I do know better. I know what I have and have not done. Though when dealing with delusions there is nothing you can do to convince them what they believe is not real.

Delusional disorder and dating

Only you know if you could go back. She is who she is and she really has no control over the delusions. At best she will have some miracle insight and decide to be treated not likely as they lack insightat worst the delusions continue and become more severe. It has been a long process.

I had to reteach him what I would and would not tolerate. He loves me so he tries but there are times where the delusions are just to much and plague his mind. The hurt he feels is very real and sometimes he cannot bury those feelings and it becomes a fight.

It is frusterating to know you did nothing wrong, yet they believe you did and nothing you can say or do will change their mind. They are just sick. You love her and feel compassion but you also cannot allow yourself to be at the mercy of her illness especially if it will do long term damage to your life.

I am bawlingmy eyes ut because this is all exactly my situation, to an exact t. He not only hears my voice calling my name and making insults but he actually sees my,mouth moving to say these things- that im not saying, but in his mind, he sees it,happen so there is,no telling him otherwise, its a sad sad sad situation. All of his other family wont deal with him anymore.

Im the only one left. I fear for our child who has been and invetiblity will be effected by this. I have let my life be torn to pieces by his illness, but I cannot allow,my childs life to be effected negitively by him and so something has to change. I know the feeling all too well. Even more the things he claims to have seen me do. Things he could not have seen because they did not happen but he honestly believes he saw and heard it.

We are dealing with the exact same disorder. My boyfriend is not in contact with his family anymore either. They washed their hands of him as well. So I too am alone with him and his illness. I hope you read it and find some useful information. I will also blog about this illness and children involved. I have a lot of blogging to do. Please keep and eye out for my post. Her year-old grandson has been diagnosed with this condition and I understand it can be genetic.

I have no way to confirm this, as she lives 80 miles from me. She does not sleep well, has lost weight, does not go to church anymore, and is self-isolating.

The saddest part is that I recognize her illness, however, our other sister and certainly not her children would be willing to accept this.

So I answer her calls, listen to her rant basically the same verbiage every day for an hour. She is now 79 years old, wants to die, and is unwilling to accept herself as a good person who has a mental illness.

Just need to talk to others who might be going through the same thing with a loved one. People only see what they want to see. Im opening comments so browse them and read other peoples experiences and maybe get some ideas on how to cope.

We live with our 31 year old who was diagnosed with this disorder 2 years ago although he has been suffering with this condition since his late teens. Without going into detail my wife and myself were wondering if there were any support groups in the North West of England.

Please can anyone suggest any help. I hope someone has an answer for you. Hi, just wanted to say thank you for this blog. I know someone whose Mother who they live with is showing the symptoms of DD so this is all quite new but everything here sounds overwhelmingly familiar and even knowing that will offer some respite I think.

Is the blog still active? I try to get on as much as I can. Its not easy because my man has issues with me being online too much. Thank you so much for sharing this! I do not know anyone else personally who has taken on what I have by being in the relationship I am in, and I no one seems to understand, so it sorts of feeds my own tendency to isolate myself from others my own issues.

It really IS just he and I against the world a lot of the time! Most of our fights stem from me engaging in the futile activity of trying to reason with him. The delusions can be pretty off putting at first. Strange as it sounds and I am sure you understand, you get used to them. I do the same thing.

I also learned to block him out when he starts rambling his delusional rants. He knows I do it and his okay with it cause he tends to repeat the same stuff over and over. I only engage when I have to. It is a lot easier.

I never argue a delusion anymore because it only causes a big fight. I might gently try to reason and sometimes it works and others not so much.

Being in this type of relationship you have to really learn how to let a lot of things slide. It takes a real thick skin to love someone and stick with them through it all.

I also felt compelled to share, because I struggle with Delusional Disorder and Schizophrenia myself. I recently realized my illness when I randomly landed on some articles on WebMD about both disorders.

What helped me accept that I had this illness, was reading a list of symptoms and even specific minor delusions that are common that I had personally experienced in the past.

The difficult part of my delusions is that some of them actually have a logical basis and are resultant of extremely bizarre experiences I have had in life.

Delusional disorder is classified as a psychotic disorder, a disorder No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a. there are different types of delusional disorder based on the main theme of the delusions experienced. someone with erotomanic delusional disorder. “I used to date Adam Levine,” she continued. “Is that right? Numerous mental disorders precipitate delusions, but the most common ones are.

I made my case very well. The only person who brought up the possibility of Schizophrenia was my mother. At the time I had already examined the possibility of my fears being irrational, and consulted friends and other family who agreed that the facts were too much to be coincidence. After my own personal reflection and taking advice from friends, I concluded that these fears were reality. So needless to say, when my mother brought that up, I saw it as insensitive to the things I thought I was facing.

And when she insisted that I had Schizophrenia, it only frustrated me and caused arguments. In my mind, for her to convince me that my fears were a result of mental illness, she would first have to explain how and why these bizarre experiences I had, could have been normal.

She brought that up, but it was just far too much for me to accept at the time. Not long after that time a friend had introduced me to a strange kind of meditation involving a symbol. We both were doing this for a while and started to feel tingling sensations on our foreheads. After that we decided to stop. That was when the hallucinations became horrible and extremely strong. After a while I began to believe that when I had meditated on this symbol that it allowed a demon to assume my actual body and that I was trapped in an imagined alternate universe.

I felt like through casual conversation people were dropping subliminal hints that were meant to inform me that I actually was trapped in this alternate universe.

Living With Delusional Disorder

I was seeing numerous stars frantically moving around in the sky. I even saw rivers that looked as if they were flowing uphill when in reality I was hallucinating this effect.

Along with all this were strange demonic attacks in the middle of the night that are too horrific to explain without pages of text. At this point I began seeking help from trusted friends to help me logically disprove my fears beyond a shadow of a doubt. Neither they, nor I could find any infallible disproof. Now my delusions had become so debilitating that I would prefer to believe that this was all a result of mental illness.

It was easier to live in a world where I was struggling with strong mental illness, than to live in an alternate prison universe where water flows uphill, stars dance in the sky, and demons attack me in the night. I began to realize that all of my senses had been severely altered. The demonic attacks as I call them were only for a month or so after I had first mingled with that meditation.

My symptoms were slowly declining as time went on. After seeing them write about symptoms and other minor specific delusions that I had, I realized that I truly am suffering with both of these illnesses. After all these experiences, finding a pin-point explanation for everything that had happened was probably the most freeing thing that has ever happened to me.

It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I still have times that I struggle with fears of alternate universes and what not. I have to fight that and tell myself that no matter how many facts and evidence I have to prove that they were reality, that somehow it is definitely my illness. I have mixed delusional disorder so it is a process of re-evaluating much of my life to see exactly how many circumstances and decisions this disease has affected.

I would say that the most effective way to help your loved one suffering with DD or Schizophrenia, is to convince them to research these illnesses extensively themselves. I would emphasize not to push it if they are not ready and sadly they may never be ready. If you push it you can embarrass them and seem insensitive to the horrific seemingly-reality that they are facing. I also agree that it is never good to confirm the delusions. If your loved one wants to convince you their delusion is real, it is good to establish this one rule.

Tell them that you will hear them out and consider their evidence, only if they will hear you out and consider yours. Use this time wisely to calmly and lovingly present information about symptoms and any common delusions that may be similar to theirs. However, if they simply want to vent about their fears and delusions, then it is best to just hear them out and show empathy. For simply venting, try not to argue against their delusions. Altered realities can be extremely traumatic and sometimes we just need to talk about it.

If your loved one is fully convinced the delusion is real, they will not vent if they think that you will just try to convince them of DD and Schiz. It helps to know that Schiz and DD are hereditary and often times mental illness skips a generation.

Also know that hallucinations involving any of the 5 senses are symptoms of Schizophrenia and not DD. However, It seems common that the two illnesses are co-existent as a mental illness.

A mixture of Schiz and DD is especially hard to confront because the hallucinations from Schiz strongly reinforce the delusions of DD. It is almost impossible to distinguish between what you are actually seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and what are hallucinations. It is terrifying how extremely real the hallucinations can be. In fact, they absolutely appear as real as can be. It can also alter memory in a very real form.

Whatever it takes to convince you of your delusions… It should also be noted that exposure to large amounts of marijuana have been linked to development of Schiz and DD. I myself used large amounts of marijuana starting in my early teen years up until shortly before I accepted my illness.

It is my personal belief that marijuana use will worsen symptoms. Anyways I figured I would share my story and thoughts and I hope it helps :. His delusions are a bit different than yours. No hallucinations in that sense. His is more like false memories or experiences. He will rewrite events and conversations. For example he claims to have caught me sleeping with his best friend. Says he saw it. Never said anything about it until 2 months after he supposedly caught us.

So its not like he thought he saw it and immediately reacted to it. His mind makes up stories that appear as memory. Another example: we met in kindergarten and knew each other casually until he moved in middle school.

Then years went by before we reconnected through mutual friends. He now says we have always been in love since we were 5 along with a whole false history to go with it. He also has extreme jealousy and paranoia. He often thinks people even his friends are out to get him.

He often starts drama with these people if not all on fights. He also has a tendency to falsely accuse people with zero proof. He immediately gets mad at the suggestion there is something wrong with his mind. He honestly believes he is the only one who gets reality. We are all wrong. We all live in our own reality not him. He has already been in a mental hospital.

He claims he was in Hell. He managed to get out after 2 months because he realized what he could say and not say just to get out.

Erotomania is listed in the DSM-5 as a subtype of a delusional disorder. It is a relatively To date, the mainline pharmacological treatments have been pimozide (a typical antipsychotic which was also approved for treating Tourette's .

Thank you so much for starting this site. My boyfriend and I just started dating, and when I first got close to him, he started sharing his delusions with me. It was hard at first because he was so enamored with me and put me on a pedestal, telling me I was this beautiful creature full of love and light.

Maybe energy is a thing, etc. That I think is the worst part. I appreciate this space. I can relate since I am also dating the direct descendant of not only Jesus but the Almighty Himself. It always starts innocently and it sounds like your relationship is fairly new. I can promise you it gets worse and unless he seeks help it will never get better. It sounds harsh but that is the reality of mental illness. Its a hard life if this is the path you chose. Be prepared for that. Its good to have a strategy for how you will handle hard episodes.

We are here for you. Feel free to read around and look at others comments since there is a lot to learn from others. My current situation: my husband and I are three weeks separated. The reason is because he was making daily accusations towards me that I simply could not handle any longer. This started about 6 months ago and has progressively gotten worse.

The accusations are endless. Of course, like most others have said my husband does not see a problem within himself or think anything is wrong with him, even when presented with evidence that disprove his delusions.

Instead, he thinks we all have the problem and he adamantly refuses to see a doctor.

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