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Only Fools and Horses: Dates - Watch Only Fools and Horses Online . Full Episodes in HD FREE

Del Boy Teaches Rodney How to Flirt - Only Fools and Horses - BBC Comedy Greats

Sign in. Find out what critically acclaimed shows and highly anticipated movie the Spider-Man: Far from Home star has on her Watchlist. Watch now. After witnessing Trigger's unexpected success with his date from a local computer dating agency, Del fancies his chances of having some too. He duly enrolls, and sets out to meet his blind date at Waterloo Station.

At Waterloo StationDel waits nervously for his date. A policeman wonders why Del has such a huge bunch of flowers.

Del sees a woman with her back turned to him dressed in red standing a few metres away. Del asks if she is an actress and she says she has played a few demanding roles in her time. He realises she is not the blind date, but a prostitute. She mocks him and Del threatens to shove the flowers right up her A train horn goes off just as Del is about to say that word.

She says "You realise that will be extra" then walks off. Rodney picks Nerys up and goes for a cruise. He is smoking a cigarette in an attempt to look hard. Some of his punk friends see him and cheer at him. Rodney gives them the middle finger, trying to look hard in front of Nerys. Rodney takes her for a cruise towards the dual carriageway. Back at Waterloo Station, Del has been waiting for ages and his date has not turned up, she is late.

Del puts the flowers on the ground and then a young woman approaches him nervously. She asks if he is Derek and he realises she is his date. She is Raquel. He gives her some flowers and they walk off towards the taxi rank to go to The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane for lunch. Rodney is driving down the dual carriageway and saying how this area is his jungle and no one scares him, not even those punks.

But he soon realises he is being followed by them and starts speeding up, nervous. Nerys asks why Rodney is speeding up, saying she thought they were just going to cruise and he says he likes to cruise quickly.

Del has bribed Charles the waiter into saying that he has a call from his New York office to make it look like he is a rich businessman. But at the end of the lunch when Del is handed the huge bill, he almost chokes but has to hide his shock.

He says Rodney handles the business well when he is not there.

Meanwhile Rodney is being chased by the punks through the streets of Peckham. He runs a red light and almost crashes into an oncoming car.

Dating agency only fools and horses

The car quickly brakes and a police car crashes into the back of it. Rodney manages to escape the punks but the police see the yellow 3 wheel van. They say they will get him as there cannot be too many such vehicle owners in the area. Rodney quickly parks outside Nerys' house but she is a total nervous wreck.

Only Fools and Horses: x8

She is sobbing. A day or so later, Del is at Raquel's flat and says she can join a friend's Masonic Lodge and can bribe a TV director into getting Raquel into a TV show, so she can finally make the big time. Del phones Boycie but Boycie laughs, saying Del would never get into his Lodge. Del blackmails Boycie into putting in a word for Del and he wont say about the woman Boycie saw in Sheffield.

Del then speaks to Marlene on the phone and says that Albert wants an anglers knife made from Sheffield Steel. A few days later it is Albert's birthday.

Technomatch Dating Agency

He is singing and dancing and telling rude jokes. Mike is not pleased. Del then talks to Rodney about Raquel and how she is an actress and has talent and he has asked to join the Masonic Lodge. Boycie says that Del's application was refused, he was black balled. Del is unhappy but Rodney says Raquel's talent will win through. Two officers arrive and question Albert, saying that they are arresting him for causing the sinking of a ship in as the records have just been found at the Naval bases in Portsmouth.

In the Only Fools and Horses episode Dates, who can forget the Dating Agency scene. Darren Lovett has been on his travels in Bristol and will. David Jason and Tessa Peake-Jones in Only Fools and Horses. Only fools and horses dating agency cast - Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the.

The woman then says to wish him a very happy birthday, and it is not a officer but a stripper. Del is laughing, saying that is his birthday surprise.

But the stripper suddenly stops when she sees Del, and Del sees her, it is indeed Raquel. She is a stripper. Del runs out of the pub, upset and embarrassed.

Only fools and horses dating agency cast - Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Find a. Delboy meets an actress, Raquel, through the Technomatch Dating Agency; Rodney goes cruising (in a three wheel van) with Nervous Nerys; and Uncle Albert. "Dates" is the seventh Christmas special episode of the BBC sitcom, Only Fools and Horses, first broadcast on 25 December In the episode, Del Boy joins a dating agency and meets Raquel.

Rodney goes after him. Del walks up to his van and kicks it before damaging the wing mirror in frustration at being lied to about what Raquel did for a living.

Del gets into the van but Raquel comes out telling Del to wait. She then mirrors his anger at her by saying she has just found out his surname is Trotter not Duval, and he is a market trader, not a millionaire. Raquel then sarcastically indicated the 3 wheel van and says "I suppose this is the Ferrari".

Del meets Raquel for the first time via a dating agency. Dates was the Christmas special of Only Fools And Horses, airing on the 25th December with. Technomatch Dating Agency was a dating agency in Peckham High Street. It opened in and several local residents joined the agency for ? Raquel. After witnessing Trigger's unexpected success with his date from a local computer dating agency, Del fancies his chances of having some too. He duly enrolls.

Del says OK he told the odd joke but does not go round flashing his boobs at blokes. Raquel says she was a stripper at weekends to pay for her drama classes. Raquel asks if Del wants to see her again.

Del says yes but he will pay at the door like all the other punters. Raquel quietly walks back into the pub. Rodney says there was no need to say that to her. Del says he wish he hadn't, like most things in his life, too bloody late. Del gets into the van and starts the engine but the exhaust blows as does the engine. Del gets out and calmly says "I fancied a walk anyway". A few days later at Sid's CafeDel is wallowing in self pity over Raquel. Sid asks if the rumours are true about him going caso with some stripper.

Del denies this, saying he was just mucking around with her.

Raquel then comes in. Rodney says she can finish his tea and then leaves. As he leaves, he is confronted by Mrs SansomNerys' mother, she wants to know why Rodney upset her the other day, Rodney says it was some yobs. Raquel sits at Del's table. He Who Dares, Searches! Rodney Trotter. Trotter Olympics Script 2. White Mice.

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