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These Women Got Pregnant After Only A Few Months Of Dating


I'm pregnant with a man I love. I'm 26, he's I already feel like we are a family. We are both financially sound and he has a down payment saved up so we'll be searching for a house soon. While we weren't exactly trying, we also weren't preventing it with birth control.

The best thing to do is take small steps to a long term goal. Number 1 being seek help and advice from a professional about your abusive relationship. Advice on housing, financial and emotional support. You can do this! In 5 years time you will have a young son or daughter that will look up to you and see a strong mummy who did the best by them.

No kid deserves that.

I know how it feels to feel alone, to justify things that are not normal in your life and blame yourself and punish yourself rather than take action. I have felt bullied in work and at home and the only thing that can stop it is your reaction. Just get the right support. You are so much stronger than you think. Little steps remember. I'm 2 weeks pregnant and I have told my bf he want me to do abortion and I have been dating he for a year now he said he doesn't want a child now he have 3 child with his baby mom and I don't know what to do now because I have feel good about abortion the child.

9 Months Together, 8 Months Pregnant! - Baby Changes Everything

He lives in Florida moved before he found out and I live in Oregon. Abortion is against what I believe for a while I cut him out of my life and just made a decision to do things on my own since he was not supportive my decision to keep the baby.

He has come around and made a decision to compromise and do whats best for the baby and us. I think in the beginning things can be said and done out of fear, I feel if we go with what our hearts tell us and do whats right in our minds then thats what matters.

Hormones have a big play in pregnancy especially early on. I am grateful i did not have an abortion and make such a important decision based off of fear.

I pray you go with what your heart tells you and do not make a decision out of fear. I've been with my partner for 5 years. We have a 10 month old son and baby girl on the way. He's been very distant towards me since I've been pregnant with the second baby. I try to tell him that he worries me by staying out late and drinking to he passes out.

She's 5 months pregnant but wants to date someone who isn't the father of her child. The father wants to do right by her and the baby. He wants to stick around. Your lady friend just told you she's pregnant. Don't panic. Here's how to they hug real close, and voila! Nine months later, a baby is born!. The first whisper reads, "I got pregnant after only 2 months of dating.. We are madly in love 5. We've only been dating 2 months and now I'm pregnant. This.

I asked him does he wants to leave and co parent I'm just fed up with him and ready to call it quits. Turn out to only be a scare. This year I tried to talk to him about starting a family but he said he rather break up then us try for a baby. As I rather raise my child alone with my family than be stuck into a unhappy situation and see my child suffering everyday.

My first pregnancy ; I was with my boyfriend for a year when I was 16 and I wanted to break up; so we did. He told to come watch a movie as friends; when I come over; he encouraged me to take drugs and get high; he then raped me in the bath, I woke the next day and had no recollection of what had happened. I continued partying and taking drugs unaware of my pregnancy.

Until one of my friends told me I looked pregnant. I went to the doctor and I was 4 months! So I decided to end it and I did. I went the doctor and he told me I was 3 months.

And I should have come in sooner. Everything was fine and we went for the 20 week scan and found out I was carrying non identical twins; a boy and a girl. We was so happy til a few days later when I went into preterm labour and had a miscarriage at 5 months.

It was the most devastating thing in my life; We found out that I had caught an infection from our cat and there nothing we could have done to prevent the miscarriage; we tried to get through it but we became distant and then we broke up. I urge any women reading this to empower yourself by removing yourself from an unhappy abusive situation, find a safe place; move house; move town, change your number; build your strength and confidence and find a man willing to commit and accept you a unit.

What hurts more than tears is wasted years! Great advice to all the women who are going through situations like these or similar ones. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that and your mom. God Bless You. I have been with my partner for three full years moved out everything.

I never knew I could get pregnant as I had several harmonial problems. One day I took a test as I missed my period for five weeks, on some cycles this was normal. Test came positive and things have just been upside down since then. My partner is all about money. All he wants to do is buy a house so a day to day relationship enjoyments and dates are never there.

Any advise. Im currently 16 weeks pregnant, this wasnt a planned pregnancy so was a shock. When we found out i was 6 weeks gone and me and my partner had only been together 2 months. Before the pregnancy the relationship was okay, it wasnt perfect but we was happy. As this pregnancy progressed i found myself tired all the time, constantly feeling sick and just wanting to shut everyone out.

We live quite far from each other and was only seeing each other once a week. Somedays i could do without contact with him cause even the thought of going onto the phone made me feel really ill which frustrated him. Eventually we had argued about the same thing so much i felt like i was drowning and had to call it a day, this was around 3 weeks ago.

A week after the split he went out on a date and is still now in contact with this girl. I thought id lost some feelings for him but now im unsure, im really upset and angry over the date and just want to reach out to him but i know if i try it makes things harder for him. He told me he loved me but i hadnt got that far feelings wise so was frustrated i couldn't return the feelings.

The only contact we have is text as hes blocked me on everything. I understand i made him feel alone and wasnt there when he needed me but i felt like i couldnt keep my head above water and couldn't be there like he wanted. Now all the tiredness and nausea has passed im just constantly upset. I find myself checking my phone hoping hes messaged and then disappointed when he hasnt. I dont want to tell him exactly whats going on as im scared id just be leading him on if this is a want what you cant have.

His family feel like ive used him to get pregnant and to claim off him. I dont know what todo anymore and im so scared of whats to come. We've tried clearing the air and hes said i can text if i ever need a chat but I'm scared of causing him more upset. How can you tell if this is a want what you cant have or if i do still have feelings for him?

When i saw him last i felt so calm and relaxed even though we wasnt properly on speaking terms and i was feeling okay once i left for a few hours but cause i didnt hear off him ive been upset since.

Is this normal with pregnancy hormones? Im all new to this and have nowhere or anyone to turn to.

The only way to know whether or not you care for him is to have an honest and open relationship with him. You need to talk to him about your feelings and try to work things out. If he can't handle it, then at least you know that A. You did everything you could to make it work and B. He simply wasn't mature enough to handle a real relationship anyway. Because that's what a real relationship is.

It's having messy, complicated feelings and having life throw struggles at you all the time and being brave enough and close enough to always be honest with each other and help each other through it all. I've learned my girlfriend was pregnant we ended up breaking up because she felt overwhelmed by everything I try to be there for her but she gets mad and brings back the things I've done wrong I'm thinking i should stop trying I told if she needs anything she could contact me I believe your ex might be feeling the same way and telling him that you need help and telling the truth about your worries would be for the best because I think that's what he was waiting for.

My husband abuses verbally Hence I get so angry I just punch lightly is to my 25weeks pregnancy tummy Is it too dangerous for baby?? Is my baby safe? I am very worried about my baby because I had been in stress because of him for past months You need to leave you dont need someone around you or your baby think of you and your well being you dont want to ever have your child in a situation where he or she ever feels scared bc the safety of mommy is in jeopardy please leave go to your family.

Yes, that's very dangerous because you are tip-toeing down the road towards being an abusive mother as a way of dealing with your anger, sadness, and resentment towards your abusive partner.

You need to leave him and find a therapist and a support group for yourself. If you find that you can't stop yourself from taking your anger out on your child then you need to find your child a safe home. Justifying small abuses will lead you down a dark and dangerous path. Your post made me so sad : Yes that is dangerous!

As a previous reply said, this is going in the direction of being an abusive mother, please leave your partner and seek help for yours and your baby's sake as this is not a normal reaction and not your baby's fault! I have a 19months old and I'm nearly 30 weeks pregnant, when I was 7 weeks pregnant with my son 2years ago I was told by doctors to take it easy because they suspected I might have had a twin pregnancy and lost one, so my husband told me to stop working of which I did and then when my son was born and when he was about 9months o started looking for a job and I couldn't find Since the my husband and his family they been on neck over the issue, so this year I found out I was pregnant again and I got a job at the same time the job requires me to stand a lot, still his not happynow I need help with my other son coz I get pains and sometimes I lose strength, he does help anymore all he cares about is his work.

He also don't tell the truth to his family about. I'm at a point where I feel like I leave on my own, even when I'm not feeling well he expects me to do all the house chores Right now I'm so stressed and I have headaches all the time. I don't what do. I am having a very tough time right now emotionally and mentally.

I have been with my boyfriend for a while now and I am 7 months pregnant.

After 4 months of dating him she became pregnant. He already has a That Was Fast: Carl Crawford Allegedly Has 5th Child With New Baby. A week after the split he went out on a date and is still now in contact with this girl. . 5 months pregnant he won't talk or think about anything other than his job. Just before my due date we went out for a really special 'last meal' also. Bookmark They got married when she was 5 months pregnant - with twins. Beautiful.

He already has 8 children but this is my first. We talked about having kids together but I didn't think it would happen. I have tried to get pregnant before. I've always wanted to be a mom and have a family.

These Women Got Pregnant After Only A Few Months Of Dating

He was kind of excited about it when I found out at 9. He doesn't work and keeps saying he will do anything to help me take care of our baby but he wants to act like a teenage boy playing video games all day and sleep all day and then be out all night.

I've been trying to hard to express my concerns and worries and my feelings to him but he never says anything back. Now he is saying that he doesn't know if he wants to be with me. I don't know what changed because I've only been trying even harder to make things good. What do I do? He hasn't changed my love but shown his true colours. He already has 8 children with either one or multiple mother's. I know this is harsh but a leopard doesn't change his spots.

He already has a 5 year old and is an AMAZING dad. My now husband and I were dating 6 months when I got pregnant, we married when. and this man have been dating for about 4 months and of that. so yeah that's all it took!now I'm about 5 weeks pregnant and. We dated for 4 months and mutually decided that we didn't want a long . But my mom was pregnant within 6 months of dating my dad.

Why did you think you getting pregnant would mean his behaviour would change when he has 8 children with other women? There's a reason he isn't with the other mums. Probably because he's a lazy, layabout who hasn't grown up. My advice if you were my friend - kick him to the curb, leave and make a life for you and that baby.

Be independent and strong and move on and next time you invite a man into your life be more choosy and look more carefully at his past behaviour and relationships. Please move on and find happiness with you and your baby and when your ready with someone who is a mature grown up who will treat you and the baby with respect.

Am married and pregnant ,am almost due now,since my 6 mths my hubby has change a lot,he doesn't care like before he chat all through the night when he comes back from work,even when I try to talk to him abt it ,he gets angry ,he stopped touching me for like 3 months now,I just found out that he has been chatting my second in the office and I can't take it anymore. I used to stay with my BF now ex, we have a 10months old baby and I last saw him when I was 5 months pregnant.

He has blocked me everywherehe just transfers money monthly into my bank account. I can't get hold of him in case of an emergency, only he can contact me and that's like once in 4 months. I am feeling suicidal. Dear Jasmine, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. Please do talk with your GP or midwife for support with how you are feeling. Take care, Tommy's midwife. Hi jasmine, i want you to know your not slone im 6 months pregnant and recently my partner left he was verbally abusive and totally unavalible.

I have two children and this ons on way. My ex doesnt bother unless hes drunk and i dont get any financial support now. I too felt totally suicidal and very abandoned and worthless. Its very difficult to process all these emotions but what i keep telling myself is hes the worthless one not me and that if i keep trying things will get better. I really hope your doing ok im semding u all our love x.

I'm almost 4 months pregnant,my baby daddy is very supportive and caring but since we found out I was pregnant,he has no sexual feeling for me and it was never like that before,I just want to know if that's normal.

She don't care about my expectation. He refuses to talk about anything that I may be going thru emotionally and has a physically uncomfortable reaction similar to that of a 13 year old being asked to clean his room by his mom I clean our room if I open my mouth of anything other than talking about his job and his interactions with his coworkers etc.

I still fully plan to go back to work FT after baby as I love my career and my paycheck still will pay the bills whether he makes bonus or not. He is all I have no family nearby and friends are few between. I need emotional support during this time more than ever and he refuses to try to understand.

I am only stressed out by him. He is so nasty to me whenever I open my mouth. I know we need counseling. I just do not know how to get him there. Please help? My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. I have known him since we were 6 years old. When our relationship first started, maybe about 6 months into it, I found out he was talking to multiple different girls, a week later, I found out I was pregnant.

We both thought it was best to terminate the pregnancy considering the situation we were in. We ended up staying together and things have been okay up until 2 months ago. We have been arguing over stupid things but he takes it much too far, calling me names like slut, lunatic, retard, bitch, manipulative, crazy.

When all I try to so is tell him my feelings and ask him how he feels and all he comes back with saying is just insults. I never call him names or raise my voice at him. Last month it got worse, I have had bruises on my legs and arms from grabbing my skin during anxiety attacks, I grabbed myself so hard it bruised my skin. He saw the Mark's and immediately thought it was from someone else, forced my neck down telling me to look at the bruising, pinching the back of it so hard I couldn't even look down.

He later apologized 20 minutes later. I'm 5 weeks and just told him about the news this morning, I'm pregnant. He immediately said it was all my fault, saying I dont take my contraceptive correctly and hes now tied to a ball and chain. He than blew up saying "out of all the guys you've slept with, why havent you gotten pregnant before, you've had so many guys nut in you, why me" than went on and said I was discusting.

I'm only 4 weeks and I have no idea what to do. I'm scared and I feel so alone. I have no friends that I feel comfortable talking to this about let alone my own family whom I'm not close with. Hey my name is Jennifer. I'm in the same situation as you I have nobody to talk to I'm lonely so if you ever need a friend to talk to im here. I would really like some advice, i have 4 month old baby currently and staying with my mum and dad atm as my partner is blacklisted becoz of his mum, idealy we need our own space.

His mum is widoed and has not paid her dept in years and also blacklisted my boyfriend her son. I am so frustrated as this is holding us back from buying a house together and she has no intention paying it, my boyfriend has also helped her a lot with bills ect and furniture for the house, i dont know what to do i dont want our relationship to suffer but i really need to focus on my babys future, as we have responsibility now our baby should come first and would like to concentrate on our future : what should i do?

He wanted me to have his baby so bad. And in the beginning of our relationship I had been told by medical professionals I could never have a child. Well, I found out about a week ago I was pregnant. For some reason I have free so mean to him.

I'm not sure why. And I said some hateful things. But I can't explain why.

Dating 5 months and pregnant

Because I love him and know he will be a good dad. Hello, my SO and I are a little over two months pregnant. She is constantly complaining about things I have no control over and it stresses me out. I'm working and she's almost finished with trade school. When she does I cherish every second of it.

Her libido went from 1, to 0 within a month and feels like it's getting lower somehow. Not having sex isn't a big deal for me because it can sometimes make me feel dysphoric. My mind tries to tell me she is rejecting me but, I know it's the hormones and pregnancy. So, anatomically everything is "normal". All of this is really hard on me though. I was about to start counseling and we found out we were pregnant.

It was hard for me to find someone that loved me for who I am in the first place let alone let me have children with them. I never thought I would have children due to the effects of HRT hormone replacement therapy on my body.

With that being said we've discussed surgeries. Everything is okay for the most part. We're both in between when it comes to the bottom surgery. The news of the royal baby came just five months after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tied the knot in Windsor on May This means Meghan is at least between five and 18 weeks pregnant, although it is thought she has passed the weeks point. A pregnancy announcement usually comes at the week mark, as this is the end of the first trimester and a safe time to share the news.

However, Meghan could be further along than previously thought, as Australian singer-songwriter Missy Higgins claimed the Duchess is four months pregnant. She was such a sweetheart. What a trooper. The Royal baby will become the seventh in the line to the British throne, after dad Prince Harry.

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