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Hanna, Spencer & Caleb - Stone Cold

Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Oh my my. Now that they are back together, Hanna Ashley Benson and Caleb Tyler Blackburn are wasting no time falling back into their old routine. Sorry, Spencer Troian Bellisario , but while Spaleb was a fun tryst or, you know, the worst thing to ever happen to Pretty Little Liars it's all about the Haleb action once again. A new clip from Pretty Little Liars ' final 10 episodes, provided by Entertainment Weekly , proves that Hanna and Caleb aren't letting one another go anytime soon.

The feelings are obviously still there.

And as far as Spencer is concerned I mean, you can't just start dating your friends' ex, even if it's totally over and years have passed. It's a rule.

During the premiere, Spencer quickly avoided the ladies' questions about her love life. Caleb told Hanna that he was staying in Spencer's barn and she didn't seem to care. It does look like there is a secret romance happening that everyone's been able to pick up on, even if Hanna and Caleb are supposed to be together forever. A new clip from Pretty Little Liars ' final 10 episodes, provided by Entertainment Weeklyproves that Hanna and Caleb aren't letting one another go anytime soon.

The new episode is called "Playtime," but Hanna and Caleb are already done playing. You're supposed to pinch yourself to see if you're dreaming!

Sorry, Spencer (Troian Bellisario), but while Spaleb was a fun tryst (or, you know, the worst thing to ever happen to Pretty Little Liars) it's all. Sorry Haleb fans it seems like there may be a new it couple in Rosewood. In the Pretty Little Liars Season 6B premiere, Spencer and Caleb. Spaleb Pairing: Spencer Hastings and Caleb Rivers Status: Broken Up, Close Friends Started: A Hot Piece of A (friendship) The Gloves Are On.

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just Haleb? Unfortunately, Haleb reigniting their spark isn't the only thing that Hanna's concerned with. She's also worried about Jenna Tammin Sursokwho finally attempted to exact revenge on the Liars for their role in the accident that blinded her. Caleb has certainly come a long way from the guy who couldn't wrap his brain around Hanna's Devil Wears Prada dreams, and it seems he's now trying to meet Hanna halfway.

To be a fan of Pretty Little Liars, you need to be understand a few big things: 1) that what you think is going to happen is never actually going to. When Spencer asked to date Caleb, it obviously hurt her, but she again set her feelings aside and let Spaleb happen. This lead her to keep.

I say? I've missed these hot Haleb moments and I'm thrilled to have them back in the new season.

Warning: There are major Stranger Things spoilers ahead, so if you haven't watched season 3, turn back now. She was in denial, and anyone could see it. Spencer saw it and did it anyway, that's why she was so defensive.

I understand and agree that Caleb and Spencer were much alike in some ways of course. I am just wondering whether or not it was an A move? I am reading so many theories on here that I am thinking everyone is uber bad lol. Is there a picture out there somewhere on set that shows one Spencer on the stairs and the other standing?

Caleb and spencer dating pll

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i think the person who fall in love with caleb was spencer and not her would NEVER date caleb if hanna said no but the majority of pll fans. Spencer and Caleb have delivered the most powerful moment of Pretty Little Liars two weeks in a row. Why are we so eager to wreck this ship?. There are so many questions about this season of Pretty Little Liars but the biggest one of all (okay, besides finding a murder suspect.

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Are Spencer & Caleb Dating On 'Pretty Little Liars?' Season 6 Could Get Very Complicated

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Pretty Little Liars - Spencer and Caleb - 6x20 "Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars"

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