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'Big Brother's' Julie Chen on Shane: 'knucklehead of the season' .

Shane and Danielle Tribute- Last First Kiss

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At the end of the day, that was his choice, and I respect that because I really want to see Jason do well. So his not trusting me kind of pushed Jason forward, and I just hope that they can stay aligned throughout the rest of the game. You went through a lot in this house.

Big brother shane and danielle dating

You had to endure a lot of bullying from Scott pretty early on in the game. What was that like for you?

Shane and Danielle broke up. Also Natalie is suing James com/r/BigBrother/comments/67k7aq/natalie_is_suing_james/?st. Survivor Sucks>Other Shows that aren't Survivor>Big Brother> Apparently, Sara was telling people on tweeter that Shane & Joe are For the last couple of days, Danielle was blatantly flirting with some of her followers. She's dating some other guy now. Danielle Big Brother 14 that Shayne and Steph were going to come out with their big annoucement after.

No, not at all. I was bullied my whole life growing up, so it has a really soft spot in my heart.

We were able to put it aside and play the game and I was able to leave him on a good note, but in that moment, I felt like he was attacking me personally and it was kind of upsetting. I am actually very, very surprised.

They kind of wrote us all off early on, and that really made our alliance closer. Tell me a little bit about that fake alliance you made last week with Jason, Shelby, and Morgan.

What were you trying to accomplish with that?

And do you think it hurt your credibility with them in the long run? It definitely backfired, definitely hurt my credibility, because up until that point, I was able to say that I had never broken my word to anyone.

He failed to see that he would probably get more respect, votes from the jury sitting next to two relatively non-aggressive, non-scheming players. But he was blinded by the potential physical threat of Shane in any challenges that require a little brawn or stamina.

Was he overly confident about his safety or just being a colossal knucklehead? She strikes me as one of these people who likes her power and can get drunk with it when she has it and as long as you Dan tell her to do what she really wants to do anyway.

She gladly says okay I will do whatever you say. She is not dumb.

Okay are Shane and Danielle from Big Brother14 still dating or no?

But she can be weak when it serves her to be this way. She is afraid to stand up for what she wants and believes in and I think the coaches twist allowed her to play that card. It would have forced her from day one to be a bigger gamer.

Instead, she is a hider, hiding behind Dan. What were your thoughts about the Britney versus Frank argument in the Jury House?

Who were you agreeing with more? She was right.

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BB14- Shane Being Mean To Danielle

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Big Brother: Over the Top: Danielle talks eviction, Shane

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former big brother houseguest IG: daniellelickey SC: misslickey I . I had my first gf when I was in high school and I was dating a girl before I went on the show oop you too can pass right out my mentions . So Shane showmance was fake?. The third placed Big Brother contestant on her fatal flaw. 'Big Brother' USA Danielle Murphree talks Shane romance, Dan, more. The third. In the most shocking eviction of the season, Danielle booted her showmance Shane on Thursday's episode of Big Brother. So.

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The latest Tweets from Shane Chapman (@shanepchapmanBB). Big Brother Over the Top | Snapchat: shanepchapman IG: shanepchapman. Another Houseguest was sent packing this week on Big Brother: Over The Top, as one of the Late Night Jamboree's own, Danielle Lickey, got.

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